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How to Grow Your Own Vegetables

Something To Do

Many people begin gardening and specifically, growing their own produce, as a hobby, which then leads onto other great benefits. Benefits include healthier eating (if you have grown them chemical free) and an opportunity for the whole family to get involved in this gardening basic. Growing your own vegetables can also help reduce your shopping bill, always helpful in today’s economic climate!


First Steps

The first thing to do is decide the space you are able to dedicate to growing vegetables. A common misconception is that you need masses of space. You don’t, as vegetables can be grown in relatively small plots of land and even in pots if you so wish. If you are looking at smaller products such as runner beans or cherry tomatoes, this can be done easily from a pot or grow bag in your garden, and produce enough product to last three or four months.

Larger Scales

If you are looking to grow vegetables for consumption the whole year round, then you will either need to dedicate a considerable garden space, or look to take on an allotment. This will leave you able to grow a wide variety of vegetables all year round. Look into the harvest time and growth of certain vegetables to help you establish a pattern for planting and harvest.

Consider the climate of where you live as this will help establish what you can and cannot grow. If you live in the United Kingdom, for example, you are unlikely to be able to grow produce which requires a hot climate to thrive. That said, as the UK in particular gets warmer and many parts of the country are subject to hosepipe bans, you may need to consider how you are going to provide nutrition for your vegetables and enable them to grow healthily. If you have the patience to continually fill a watering can then you are in luck, if not then you may need to reconsider!

Other Tips

To aid growth, look at a way of creating a natural composting process within your garden. A product such as a wormery can be a great tool, which will not only provide a natural and nutritious meal for your growing vegetables, but also make your household more eco-friendly by providing you a natural recycling solution.

Growing your own vegetables is a fun and very rewarding gardening basic, if you have the time to dedicate to producing tasty, fresh vegetables I recommend you try it this year!

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