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Saving Water With the Right Landscape Watering Systems

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You can avoid water wastage with the use of the right landscape watering systems for your gardens and landscape. There are in fact many landscape watering systems that can be looked very simple even you can still find some that can be quite complex. Picking proper plants which can grow well in your garden can be highly depends on the wisely use of proper irrigation to distribute the water to all the area in your garden.

4 Types of Landscape Irrigation Systems

You will find 4 major types of landscape irrigation systems that you can choose to implement for your garden. To figure out which system is best suit your garden needs, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration such as the type of the grass, the species of the plants, and the size of the area that you want to irrigate. Besides, you need to identify the disadvantages of each system to know which one is the most efficient for you to install. You may refer to below table for different reviews on the pros and cons of these 4 irrigation systems.

Micro-irrigationGives water directly to plants’ root systems, using only as much water as needed.Best for dwarf fruit trees, shrubs, groundcover; it’s not a good option for lawns or turf.Tubing can be damaged easily by dirt, freezing or vandalism because it remains above the ground.
Flood SystemFloods the ground rather than spraying plants. Comes as jet system, bed sprayer, or bubbler.Some plants — ground covers, fruit trees, and roses, for example — are prone to mold and disease from overwatering, which can result from other systems. Ideal for adobe or clay soil.Often requires abundant water, and land must be flat so that water flows evenly and does not run off, wasting water and causing erosion.
Rotary SprinklerSpray head that rotates in a circle.Can cover as many as 100 feet (30.5 m) from sprayer, which is ideal for turf or landscape.Needs higher water pressure to function best. Rotating head may stick; requires checking as part of regular maintenance.
Spray Irrigation SystemTraditional sprinkler head is most common form. Pop-up heads come up only when in use, which helps to prevent accidents.Adjustable, covering from one to 15 feet (4.6 m). Works best in smaller areas that are regularly shaped. Performs well even with low pressure.Sprinkler heads need to be replaced if water is full of minerals.

Not precise, so can waste a lot of water.

[source: LandscapeNetwork.com]

Landscape and Garden Sprinkler System

When you want to spray water for your garden, more often than not you will have difficulty to do so as water can be kept on spraying and some areas of your garden will leave an ugly brownish color which can be very hard to get rid of. Thus, it is good for you to install landscape sprinkler systems to solve the problem.

A sprinkler head that can rotate 360 degree and running on most households water pressure that have a circuit adequately configured, is able to perform the spraying job with a circle of approximately 12 feet in diameter. If you have proper plan, you are going to know just how many sprinkler heads you need to cover the entire area of your garden.

You could make use of 1 inch T-shape sprinkler to join with the pipe with adequate length that can moving upwards to meet the ground level. You have to mount them at ground level because some sprinkler heads can pop up at the time they’re turned on.

You can install as much as 6 of these sprinkler heads per circuit if you are starting to install landscape sprinkler systems for your garden. You can then start to adjust the quantity when you start watering and observe the water pressure and how they push the water and spray the area. By the time, try to reduce the size of the pipe from 1 inch to 3/4 inch, and further to 1/2 inch. In general, pipe with 1/2 inch threads is the standard size of most sprinkler heads.

It is advisable for you to use an automatic drain on the bottom of each sprinkler head particularly if you don’t want to blow the landscape sprinkler system out during the freezing climate or fall season. It is best for you to experiment various sprinkler heads to finally come out with the spray pattern that best suit your need.

A Brief Review of Mister Landscaper Drip Irrigation System

Mister Landscaper
Installing a drip irrigation is the most effective way to manage only the appropriate amount of water are rightly use to water the garden without any wastage. You can find many landscape irrigation supplies anywhere including online that offering garden irrigation supplies.

One of the suppliers that is highly recommended by many people is the Mister Landscaper. Most people are satisfy with the products as the products that provided by Mister Landscaper tend to last for a long time.

You will be able to discover yourself the difference between manually hand watering and with the use of Mister Landscaper drip irrigation. You will get much more efficiency to have the job done that can save you a lot of energy and time. It can be a great way to water the roots and the veggie in your garden will love to being watered in this way.

If you find there is lack of some parts after you purchase the products from Mister Landscaper, you can just go get the additional parts for the company without hassle. The company is well known for it prompt shipping and they simply have all the stuffs that you need to expand your irrigation system. What can be even wonderful for you is that if you bought your Mister Landscaper system 10 years ago, you will find that you are still using many of the original parts even after many years. Even if you have reconfigured your garden for few times, the parts still can just perform to meet your requirement.

Some people also find their emitters are excellent as they can perform up to 10 GPH compare to some other companies that only provide the 1-2 gallon emitters that just not enough to perform the task.

Overall, Mister Landscaper is a great watering supplier that you can trust in. The company has supplying drip irrigation kits and been in the market for many years. The other good thing is that the company is having a good website with an excellent help feature that readily to answer all of the questions you have.

After all, by installing landscape irrigation systems, most people have found the systems are very helpful for managing their garden watering. If you want to ease your watering job and saving more of your precious hours, you should installing one for your garden as well.

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