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DIY Vegetable Garden

Gardening can be a relaxing and fulfilling pastime. Growing a vegetable garden can ensure self-sustainability and save a few dollars on grocery shopping by being able to supply yourself with your own delicious veggies. Bonus? You’ll know that your veggies are free for any pesky chemicals or pesticides that are often found in vegetables bought from the grocery store.

vegetable garden
vegetable garden

It doesn’t matter if you have a spacious garden or a tiny windowsill, you too can start a vegetable garden. Read our handy tips, and get growing!

1. Find some space

It goes without saying that the more space you have, the more vegetables you can grow. Perhaps you recently purchased some land for sale (Aberglasslyn properties often have plenty of space for a lovely garden) or you just live in a small apartment with a balcony or even just a window box. The amount of space you have available will dictate what you can and can’t grow; but don’t see this as a restriction, see it as a way to force some creativity into how you grow your garden.

2. Choose your vegetables

Choosing which vegetables to grow may depend on how much space you have, and how much time you have to tend to your garden. Tomatoes and radishes are perfect for small balcony-gardens, as they need little space to grow and only need plenty of sunshine and watering every few days to flourish. Onions can be grown indoors and in shallow pots, so they’re perfect for growing inside your kitchen, and the added benefit here is that you’ll have easy access to them when you’re cooking up a storm. Herbs are also nice to have around the kitchen, provided there’s a good patch of sun for them to grow in.

For larger garden spaces, you can get a little more adventurous. Cauliflowers, cucumbers, potatoes, and even fruit like cantaloupes and watermelon, are just some crops you might consider planting. Consult your nearest plant nursery for ideas and tips on how to best nurture your garden.

3. Use Your Vegetables

Now that you have your own personal vegetable garden, what better way to reap the rewards than to learn how to make the most out of your crops? There are so many wonderful things you can do with vegetables; dig up your old cookbooks and see what delicious vegetarian meals you can whip up. If you’re short on cookbooks, the Internet is a veritable treasure-trove of recipes. Try The Post-Punk Kitchen (theppk.com) for an impressive collection of vegan and vegetarian recipes.

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