How to Choose the Right Greenhouse

With so many greenhouses on the market, each with different dimensions and materials, and some better suited to certain climates than others, how do you know you are getting the right one for your purposes?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when browsing through the greenhouses on our site. But with a bit of research and a clear understanding of what you need from your greenhouse, you’ll be able to narrow down your search and pinpoint the exact greenhouse model to fit your needs – and your budget!

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STEP ONE: Determine the type of greenhouse gardening that you want to do

  • Are you mostly interested in raising beautiful orchids?
  • Or perhaps you would like to raise delicious food plants.
  • Or maybe even a little bit of both?

Are you considering a neighborhood co-op greenhouse, where everyone shares in the cost, maintenance, and utility expenses? Understanding how you will use the greenhouse and the needs of the plants that will be housed (warmer vs. cooler; dry vs. wet) is a good idea and helps you plan well, both for space and materials considerations.

STEP TWO: How much space do you really need?

This is not a veiled pitch for a bigger greenhouse. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with your purchase, and if we sold you a larger greenhouse than you really needed, we would not be serving that goal. In fact, we regularly talk people down from larger models if it makes sense to recommend a smaller unit. So how do you know what size you need?

Are you planning on keeping larger, more mature, or taller plants, such as fruit trees, ficus, etc.? (These take up more space since you cannot place starter trays above them on shelving, etc.

What about hanging baskets?

Consider the possible need to keep plants segregated for easier maintenance; for example, it is a good idea to keep moisture-loving plants grouped and away from those requiring less water, so the task of watering is simpler, or perhaps can even be automated.

Consider the possible need to keep certain plants warmer than others. Some species can tolerate cold fairly well and still thrive, while others blanch at the thought of near-freezing temps. When considering the size of the greenhouse, keep in mind it is always cheaper to heat one end or corner of a large structure than to try to heat the whole unit evenly.

If growing food, what size is your family or neighborhood co-op? Will it be necessary to divide space among multiple families?

STEP THREE: In what part of the country do you live?

If your area only gets below freezing three weeks out of the year, but you have regular stretches of 90+ degree days in summer, your insulation needs will differ from those experiencing snowy, sub-zero months and short, mild summers. When shopping, keep an eye out for snow load, insulation factors, and ventilation/shading options.

STEP FOUR: Determine your budget

Beyond the initial cost of a greenhouse, there are maintenance and utility costs as well.

We represent the best greenhouse kits on the market from a wide variety of manufacturers who all stand behind their products with generous warranties. There are many materials options available, and some may be more desirable or cost-advantageous than others, but not every material option is right for every job.

Up-front savings on some models might be less appealing for your geographical region if you need to heat or cool your greenhouse space.

Hobby Greenhouses Are Great For Everyone

If you are looking for something for you and your family to get involved in, buying a hobby greenhouse might be the thing to do. This is a great way to ensure that you get all of the best veggies and various other plants.

You will save a lot of money in the long run, and you will be able to grow all of your favorite plants all year round, no matter what the weather is outside.

Also, this would prove to be a great opportunity to learn all about plants. You might find yourself having so much fun with the greenhouse that you want to expand to a larger greenhouse or an additional one.

hobby greenhouses
Easy Grow 8′ x 12′ Greenhouse

Consider to Buy A Greenhouse

Don’t be afraid to look into the purchase of a hobby greenhouse. You might not be in a position or even have an interest in the super huge greenhouses, and that is fine. You will find that there are many different sizes and shapes to fit the needs of just about everyone.

When you ensure that you are glancing through all of the different options for hobby greenhouses, you will have a much better chance of getting exactly what you need.

Of course, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to get a hobby greenhouse from a company that has a great reputation for providing people with the greenhouses they need.

A simple online search should give you everything you need to determine which company is worth it and which companies are not. This way, you will not have to worry about finding yourself disappointed with the purchase that you make.

Get Reasonable Shipping Cost

You also want to ensure that you are getting the very best deal possible on the shipping cost. This way, you will be able to have the best deal possible, and you will certainly have a much better time with your hobby greenhouse, for the sheer fact that you are not going to be spending an overload of money on the purchase of it.

All you have to do is make sure that you are getting started with all of your options. There are many out there, so you want to ensure that you are looking over all of your possible options.

The more you look around, the better deals you are bound to find. So start looking around to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want and need.

8 Reasons To Build A Greenhouse

If you know anything about gardening, you’re likely to have heard of the benefits that come with owning a greenhouse. Unlike traditional gardening, in a greenhouse, you control the climate.

You don’t have to worry about sudden frost, unexpected drought, or dreaded pests. You can plant what you like when you like. And more importantly, you can know that provided you put in the work, you’ll be rewarded with a garden that’s both beautiful and, in the case of vegetables, delicious.

F you’re serious about gardening, here are eight reasons why you should get serious about owning a greenhouse.

1. No More Seasons

Arguably the primary benefit of owning a greenhouse is that you’re no longer at the mercy of the seasons. You control the climate. You can grow what you want when you want.

While there are exceptions, a surprising number of plants and vegetables can be grown year-round inside a greenhouse. This means that if you’ve got your heart set on planting something out of season, you no longer have to wait.

2. Wider Selection of Plants and Vegetable

Another perk of controlling the climate is growing a much wider selection of different plants and vegetables. If your garden is dry, you can create a humid, tropical greenhouse.

If your garden is more tropical, on the other hand, you can create an arid, dry greenhouse. In doing so, you’ll no longer be restricted by your geographical location when deciding what to plant. Just because something doesn’t grow in your state, that doesn’t mean that it won’t grow in your greenhouse.

3. Protection from the Pests

When built correctly, a greenhouse can protect your plants and vegetables from pests. Provided the doors are kept closed and all vents/windows are fitted with screens, you’ll no longer have to worry about squirrels, moles, or rodents.

And while harmful insects will occasionally find their way inside, they arrive in such small numbers that you can usually take care of them with ease. Needless to say, plants kept inside a greenhouse are also far less likely to succumb to the disease.

4. More Exposure to Good Insects

As well as protecting your plants from harmful insects, a greenhouse can help you expose them to the helpful variety. Unlike a traditional garden, when you add ladybugs to a greenhouse, they don’t fly away once they’ve depleted their favorite foods.

The walls and roof keep them contained, and as a result, they stick around, helping to protect your plants from aphids and mites.

5. Indoor Gardening

If you do most of your gardening at the weekend, like many people, you’re likely to have noticed that the activity is very much weather-dependent. That Saturday spent in the garden can come crashing down as soon as the rain does.

If you have a greenhouse, however, this ceases to be a problem. Come rain or shine, your plants and your mind can enjoy some much-needed replenishment.

6. Surprisingly Inexpensive

Contrary to popular belief, a greenhouse doesn’t need to be an expensive investment. Provided you’re not after anything too fancy. You can build a DIY greenhouse for under a hundred dollars.

Portable greenhouses are also known for being decidedly budget-friendly, usually retailing for less than five hundred. Whichever option you choose, neither exactly break the bank.

7. Potentially Profitable

Another financial perk of greenhouses is that when used correctly, they can be great money-savers. Thanks to superior climate control, you can use a greenhouse to grow all manner of vegetables year-round.

It follows that if you eat a lot of vegetables, or you’re willing to start, a greenhouse can greatly cut the cost of your weekly grocery bill. Needless to say, greenhouse vegetables are not only free, but they also taste better too.

8. Surprisingly Easy

Finally, a popular misconception about greenhouses is that you need to be a gardening expert to make the most out of them. The reality, however, is that if you can handle a garden, you can handle a greenhouse.

Outside of heating and humidity control, there is no advanced knowledge required to run a greenhouse. In fact, greenhouse gardening is almost identical to traditional gardening, albeit for the superior results.

5 Greenhouse Improvement Ideas

While the winter is officially over, it might not be warm enough to kickstart your outdoor gardening adventures. If you have a greenhouse, it’s time to start planting your seedlings while making any improvements to your greenhouse in preparation for outdoor fun.

Whether building a greenhouse or improving your existing structure, here are some ideas for making your greenhouse a useful part of your backyard:

  1. Location: If you think of implementing a greenhouse into your garden, think carefully about where you want to place it. Placing your greenhouse in a sunny open part of your yard will give it the optimal amount of light, but remember, the internal temperature of your greenhouse will automatically be 20-30 degrees warmer than the air around it. If you live in an area where temperatures soar, you might want to factor this into your decision. Remember, water and light are the two most important contributing factors to a successful greenhouse. If you already have a greenhouse, check to make sure it is properly lit. If not, you might consider moving or adjusting its location.
  2. Water: Drip irrigation is perhaps the easiest to layout, but some gardeners prefer to hand water their plants. You can also use capillary mats that slowly bring water up from underneath or overhead watering. Drip irrigation is a cost-effective watering system that allows you to set levels and monitor your plant’s growth. It’s also less wasteful since there isn’t much excess water, and it keeps plants consistently moist.
  3. Flooring: Depending on the type of greenhouse you have, be it glass, fiberglass, or rigid plastic, you will use different kinds of flooring. Most kits recommend a concrete foundation, but you don’t have to keep a permanent floor. You can use gravel, stones, even broken down wine boxes to create a non-slippery floor that allows any excess water to drain into the ground.
  4. Heating: If you are looking to maintain a greenhouse through the winter, it’s in your best interest to look into getting a heater. And not just any kind of heater, but a large electric or oil heater. The kind you get depends on personal choice, but you’ll want something large and powerful enough to withstand the cold temperatures and adequately heat your space without leaving any cold pockets.
  5. Organization: While it can be easy to get into a gardening project chaotically, it is difficult to maintain a garden without some method to your madness. Keep a wall in your greenhouse just for garden tools. Add hooks. Consider making a potting area next to this wall. Rakes, shovels, clippers, gloves, and rubber boots can all be stored next to each other for quick and easy access before entering the rest of your garden.

Greenhouse From Different Suppliers

Most of the medium and large greenhouses that you can find in the market are made of plastic designed for home greenhouse gardeners looking for a good sturdy backyard greenhouse. Some are made for a great enthusiast greenhouse with good UV ratings and options for bells and whistles.

For amateurs, it is recommended to choose hobby greenhouses so they can get a wide variety of sizes and an array of materials, including plastic, glass, and polycarbonate panels with frames consisting of PVC, metal, and aluminum.

The greenhouse kits are easy to assemble and can be placed on most level surfaces without much prep. They all come with detailed instructions to help you get up and growing in no time at all.

EasyGrow 8×10 Greenhouse

Though finding the right greenhouse can be fun, and at times challenging, we believe you will find the EasyGrow 8 x 10 Greenhouse to be a great choice for any application. The supplier understands what a big purchase a greenhouse can be. So all the greenhouses will go through multi-point quality inspections before the suppliers ever offer them in their store. The easy-to-build Easy Grow greenhouse is a great value, it’s made very well and goes up incredibly easily, and we like easy!

EasyGrow 8×12 Greenhouse
EasyGrow 8×12 Greenhouse

Though this is a small to medium greenhouse in the Easy Grow greenhouse line, it still includes amenities only in bigger grow houses. Other than this 8×10, EasyGrow also has other similar greenhouses available, including EasyGrow 8×12 Greenhouse and Easy Grow Black Line 8×12 Greenhouse.

EasyGrow 8×8 Greenhouse

The EasyGrow 8 x 8 Greenhouse is perfect for many potential greenhouse gardeners starting out or for a seed propagation greenhouse. Because it measures only 8 x 8, most people have a space that can accommodate this size.

Garden Greenhouse 6×10

The Garden Greenhouse 6 x 10 is made specifically for the budget-conscious gardener looking to harness the power of greenhouse gardening on a readily affordable budget. Perfect starter greenhouse or “expansion” greenhouse for prepping more of your crops for planting season.

If you have thought about trying your hand at greenhouse gardening but have not wanted to spend a lot of money to get started, please consider the advantages of this portable model.

Solexx Garden Master Series

Coming from a family with several master gardeners, the Garden Master Series of Greenhouses is awesome! You know there is a difference between someone “throwing out a few seeds” and someone dedicated to the perfect orchid or feeding their family year-round organically.

If you don’t just enjoy gardening but can’t live without it, the Garden Master Greenhouse Series by Solexx might be the right fit.

Solexx Garden Master

These greenhouses are spacious with a gable roof peak of 8’9” that gently slopes to the 6’6” outer walls. This not only lets you house your larger plants but gives you ample room for trellis plants like tomatoes or cucumbers.

There are four bench frames for your potted plants that can hold up to 500 distributed lbs. each. For your hanging plants, two rods run the length of the greenhouse, opening up the rest of the area for ample room to grow your favorite flowers and vegetables.

The Master Greenhouse Collection greenhouses are freestanding and can be placed on level ground with no other site preparation. They also come standard with a large louvered air vent and are covered with the advanced Solexx double-walled paneling. This greenhouse is one you will enjoy for years to come. Just pick the size you need, and you’ll be on your way to the garden of your dreams!

All parts are covered by an 8-year warranty and are ultraviolet (UV) certified.

Solexx Gardener Oasis Series

There is nothing like nature to ground you to the earth. That’s why you will feel so at peace in your Gardener Oasis Greenhouse by Solexx because it allows you to be in your garden any time of the year.

Afterward, you feel fully rested and ready for the rest of the world. You also have a maximum growing area with 2 double-tiered, built-in bench that provides over 76SF of bench area in the 8’ x 8’ unit.

Solexx Gardener Oasis

With all this space, you will enjoy your special gardening place for year-round peace and rejuvenation while attending to your favorite plants. With an 8’ high ceiling, you can easily house your tall plants and small trees through the harsh winter months.

The Oasis is a freestanding greenhouse that can easily move and requires no special foundation or site preparation. You will need to place it on level ground, and it comes with a large louvered air vent and is covered with the Solexx advanced double-walled paneling.

All parts are covered by an 8-year warranty and are ultraviolet (UV) certified.

Rion 8×12 Hobby Greenhouse

You owe it to yourself to take a good look at the Rion 8 x 12 Hobby Greenhouse. Over the past few years, Rion has become the best-selling greenhouse in America, and there’s a good reason: Rion greenhouses offer affordable quality, and they’re made to last!

Rion 6x8 Greenhouse

Treat yourself and your plants to a beautiful new space in which to flourish. There is so much room in these greenhouses. You’ll be increasing your crop yield in no time.

Rion 8×12 Prestige Greenhouse

Making a greenhouse into a beautiful centerpiece of your garden has never been easier or more rewarding than with the 8 x 12 Prestige Greenhouse by Rion. Step up and into a truly luxurious greenhouse.

Rion 8x12 Greenhouse

Rion 8×16 Hobby Greenhouse

You will understand why Rion greenhouses have become some of the best-selling greenhouses in America once you look at the Rion 8 x 16 Hobby Greenhouse: A Rion greenhouse gives you a quality grow house that is affordable and built to last!

Treat yourself and your plants to a beautiful new space in which to flourish. There is so much room in these greenhouses. You’ll be increasing your crop yield in no time.

Rion 8×16 Prestige Greenhouse

Time spent gardening should be life-affirming and rejuvenating. The 8 x 16 Prestige Greenhouse by Rion aims to make your gardening experience even better than a day at the spa. Step up and into a truly luxurious greenhouse.

Rion 8×20 Hobby Greenhouse

If it’s the size that matters, take a look at this beautiful 8 x 20 Hobby Greenhouse by Rion!

Rion Greenhouses have become one of the best-selling greenhouses in America, and the reason is: A Rion greenhouse offers affordable quality that’s made to last!

Treat yourself and your plants to a beautiful new space in which to flourish. There is so much room in these greenhouses. You’ll be increasing your crop yield in no time.

Rion 8×20 Prestige Greenhouse

The Rion 8 x 20 Prestige Greenhouse is for the gardener with refined taste and a need for the best quality in a greenhouse. Step up and into a truly luxurious greenhouse and find out for yourself what a grow house like this can do for you and your garden!

Rion 8×24 Hobby Greenhouse

In the world of greenhouses, you would be hard-pressed to find a bigger, more beautiful greenhouse than the Rion 8 x 24 Hobby Greenhouse! It is a fantastic selection for those looking for a greenhouse with plenty of room to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers.

Rion 8x24 Greenhouse

Rion 8×24 Prestige Greenhouse

Step up and into a truly luxurious and large greenhouse. Rion’s 8 x 24 Prestige Greenhouse is everything you could hope for; spacious, inviting, beautiful, and crafted to last. Oh, did we tell you it was a large greenhouse!

The Quality of EasyGrow Greenhouses

If you are looking for a great addition to your yard and a perfect greenhouse to grow the plants you want, the EasyGrow greenhouses are just the ticket. This barn-styled greenhouse will enhance and make anyone’s yard look like a place out of a fairytale.

You will have professionals put up this greenhouse in no time at all, and with it comes a 7-year warranty in case of damage. The EasyGrow greenhouses are one of the best options for anyone looking for their perfect greenhouse. They are quite within a person’s moderate pay range, and you will get the whole package shipped to you for free.

EasyGrow Greenhouse

But, of course, you can’t pick any old greenhouse. You have to know what size you need and what materials you need so that your greenhouse can help to aid in the growth of whatever plants you have.

You must know what conditions your plants need to grow happy and healthy because if the environment is not right for them, they won’t mature to their full potential. So, you must be sure to check out the different sizes of the EasyGrow greenhouses to find which one is the best for you.

The Easy 2 Build 8′ x 8′ EasyGrow Greenhouse is trendy and will make your neighbors jealous. It comes in a beautiful forest green shade, and the way it is designed is so that it can fit more than one full-sized adult, along with the plants.

It is 7’2 inches big so that the plants have enough space to grow and enough space for you to walk between the plant rows. Because the frame is made from aluminum, this greenhouse is the robust, durable, and highest quality.

The covering made from polycarbonate is thick enough to block out UV rays, as well as high resistance to damage. It takes less than a day to set up this greenhouse, and it comes with a manual so that you can do it yourself. The only tools you’ll need are pliers and a screwdriver.

The Easy Grow 6′ x 8′ Backyard Greenhouse is another favorite of the gardening populous and is a very luxurious and spacious greenhouse of its kind. This also comes in the forest green shade and has a polycarbonate covering, blocking the UV rays from harming the plants.

You won’t have any problems with putting it together because of the innovative push and click connectors. Because it is simple to put together, it also means a money saver for you. The instructions are step-by-step and are easy to follow- even for the inexperienced.

According to reports, it is one of the safest and most reliable greenhouses. It also comes with shelving, which helps the greenhouse be even more sturdy than without the shelves.

The EasyGrow greenhouses are a good route to go as far as greenhouses. The buyers and users have proved them to be some of the most superior greenhouse brands.

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