Elegant Looking Suncast Deck Box

With increased instruments and equipment that we use in day to day life, there is always a shortage of storage spaces. It is always fruitful to have instruments and equipment stored in a place which is accessible and near the place of use.

What better way than to have a box on the patio which blends with the looks of the construction, the solution to this can be Suncast deck box? The utility of the box is just to provide better storage solution in weather-resistant settings.

Suncast Deck Box
Suncast Deck Box

The deck box is manufactured using resin and sturdy enough to face the weather condition for a few years. It just requires a simple no tool fitting or assembly, the process should take no more than 5 minutes for even a novice.

It is an ideal furniture solution for outdoor accessory storage and option for storage of small tools in the tray. This deck box is ideally suited for decks and patios for convenience and utility of storage through rough weather conditions.


The utility of the deck box can be questioned by several people as it is not a must-have for a common household but no closer inspection of the features and benefits it would all seem well suited. The decorative Suncast deck box provides a low maintenance durable design with plenty of storage room for outdoor cushions, garden tools, and décor.

Sturdy Design

The double-walled durable design provides a sturdy structure to the deck box, the resin plastic used in the construction is also good quality. There are several variants available depending on the storage space availability.


The construction of the deck box is done in such a way that the assembly does not take a very long time. It is manufactured in the USA. The built quality is such that it can stand the test of weather for several years with relative no to minimal maintenance.

Dual Purpose

The purpose of the deck box is not just only to provide storage space but also can act as an extra sitting option in patio. The design is generic so it goes with all patio furniture and fixtures.

Different Sizes

You get to choose from several variants available in terms of the storage, choose the best that can suit your requirement and space availability.


  • Warranty: 5 Years limited
  • Weight: 36 Pounds Approx
  • Material: Resin Wicker
  • Finish type: Brown Color Family Plastic
  • Dimension: 55X28X27 Inches
  • Capacity: Different storage capacity


The Suncast deck box is not only sturdy but also aesthetically pleasing, hence it has found a way to several decks and patios across the USA. There are numerous reasons people are opting for them,

  • It is an easy storage option for outdoor cushions, tools and lawn decorations. It makes them easily accessible and available at proximity.
  • The piston-powered cover lid is an important addition as opening and closing now have a good catch locking mechanism.
  • The design is such that it can be assembled and placed at the location of choice if you need to relate then the best option is to dismantle and perform the exercise again.
  • Long-lasting construction material has been used in the construction of this deck box. This deck box will last for a very long time if maintained properly.
  • Very less maintenance is required for safe keep of the deck box; all you need to be keep it moisture and dirt free. This is minimal maintenance that will add several years in the life span.
  • The design is contemporary which suits and blends with the patio or decks furniture.
  • To keep the storage unit secure you get an added feature of adding a padlock to it as well.


  • Portability: The deck box design is not made to be moved easily, you would need to dismantle the same and then reassemble at a location of choice. The sturdiness of the structure takes a hit when the built-up box is tried to be moved as it is made of resin, you might end up breaking or bending it.


Most of us have some or other kind of furniture, decor outdoors in lawn, and patio or on deck. There are cushions or tools commonly used in a lawn that needs to be stored in an accessible location so that they are easily available.

The Suncast deck box provides all these options bundled in it. Depending on the storage size requirement you can choose the size of this deck box; there are several variants readily available in the market.

The resin-based construction material ensures that the finished product is sturdy and provides a secure structure as a storage unit. Resin requires low maintenance effort for a long-lasting box.

The design is such that the stored items stay dry and away from the weather effect. It is easy to assemble as it requires no tools and within 5 minutes you will have a deck box. This is a unique indigenous solution designed and manufactured in the USA.

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