Getting the Right Tools for your Garden

Upgrade Your Lawn Care Tool Arsenal by Adding a Backpack Sprayer.

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are upon us. If you’re a homeowner or if you live in a house with a lawn, you know that means you’ll spend plenty of time outdoors working on your gardens, trees, and shrubbery.

right gardening tools

You also have to mow, aerate, power rake and fertilize your lawn. Your gardens and lawn will also require weeding because weeds are unsightly, and they can ruin your lawn and destroy your flower beds and vegetable garden.

Get New Tools at Hardware Stores

In early summer, many people venture to the hardware store to buy new tools and machines for tending to the greenery of their homes. They buy new zero-radius lawn mowers, leaf blowers, edgers, and hand tools. One of the most useful items you can buy for your lawn work is a backpack sprayer.

With a sprayer, you can handle the worst weeds like pig thistle, dandelions and crabgrass without having to bend over to pull out the weeds. You’ll avoid any sort of stooping or kneeling to apply insecticide or herbicide because you can easily handle it while standing.

If you have a bad back or just hate working hard in the hot sun, sprayers are a dream come true. They reduce the amount of time you’ll spend working on your lawn so that you can kick back and enjoy the summer instead of dreading it.

Simple to Load Backpack Sprayer

These sprayers make it fast and simple to load whatever you need into their tanks. As you walk around your yard, just point and spray the solution directly onto the problem areas. You can blast an ant nest, treat outbreaks of weeds or spot-water your plants without having to drag out the hose every evening. You’ll save money on water by not having to use a hose to water a small garden.

You can also hit your veggies with pesticides so that your harvest is abundant. Sprayers are leak-proof and cannot spill, so you won’t have to worry about getting soaked with liquid fertilizer or having water seep out of the tank and onto your clothing.

Lawn-care products are always being updated to make them more convenient and easy to use. Just like the string trimmer replaced the old-fashioned clippers, sprayers will replace getting down on your knees with a shovel to dig out the crabgrass.

Once you buy one, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy it years ago. Don’t hurt your back or waste your time and money. Backpack sprayers are the best thing to happen to lawn care since power lawnmowers.


gardening tools
gardening tools

Garden Product Guides

Domestic and international consumers can differ slightly when selecting garden products to buy online. After researching this audience group, it is interesting to see how these markets actually do differ; it seems more focused on what products are suitable for their lifestyle rather than the most current trendy watering solution.

How the UK and global online markets differ?

One of the most interesting elements of marketing to a Global or British audience is how online stores like Amazon vary in how they categorize watering products. If we look at we can see around 10,000k watering equipment products are available for consumers to purchase yet on there are only 1,300 hose and reel products for purchase.

Even looking at basic terminology, the global site segments its watering equipment category under “patio, lawn & garden”, while the site segments their product offering under of hoses & reels equipment under “garden & outdoors”.

The Global audience interest in watering equipment is also different. The most popular garden products in the market include high-tech garden hoses, motion-activated sprinklers, watering bulbs, hose boxes, drip watering systems, and high-quality hose connectors.

The UK market, on the other hand, seems much more focused on practical items such as outside tap frost covers, insulating tap covers, hose storage products, heavy-duty hose, and water timers.

Also, typically in older UK housing estates, homes don’t have high water pressure, therefore, automatic watering systems aren’t able to work without the addition of expensive and noisy water pumps, thus hand watering systems are the most cost-effective options.

Key differences in international retail markets?

Highlighting key differences is an important process when considering marketing to individuals. When individuals shop via online channels, the country and it’s climate will determine the different watering solutions required,

The UK garden market appears to be more focused on dealing with unsteady weather conditions than other countries, for example, their products may include frost covers and insulated taps but can also vary for those in the UK who are able to hand water their gardens with multi-spray guns due to their homes traditional build on smaller blocks of land.

The US markets are also influenced by extreme weather from the cold and wet regions around Seattle to the drought-prone areas around Arizona and Nevada, it seems homeowners are much more focused on more practical ways of gardening using effective watering systems.

drought monitor

Typically watering systems are drought-friendly as they waste less water and are often configured to deliver water to parts of the garden that need it most. Advanced watering systems have the ability to determine when to water the lawn based on existing weather conditions that could see the lawn waterlogged, often it all comes down to your budgetary preferences.

Common Watering Systems

  • Watering Can
  • Garden Hose
  • Diffuser Watering System
  • Drip Watering Systems
  • Automatic Watering Systems

Garden Equipment Storage

One of the biggest issues for larger homes with an abundance of equipment or smaller homes with no space is storage. Typical storage solutions tend to include sheds, barns or utility buildings that too often become dumping grounds for everything you no longer require in the house.

It’s more effective to make use of smart storage products such as garden storage benches, pool boxes or vertical cabinets than just filling up the shed with everything and anything that fits.

It’s common for UK homeowners to look at the most compact or space-efficient products because of their smaller property sizes. Based on the online research the US market seems to be more focused on ease of use with automated hose reels and any storage solution adding visual appeal to their gardens such as storage benches and deck boxes.

Safe Storage of Chemicals/Fuel

It’s important to consider using lockable and fire-resistant safety cabinets when storing chemicals, flammable liquids, and toxic substances in your shed. This ensures that these substances are safely kept away from children and animals but also reduces the chance of things going wrong. The safe storage of any vast amounts of flammable materials may also be regulated by local government legislation or municipal laws.

Organize the hose, please

Using a hose reel is one way to keep your lawn organized and your garden looking neat and tidy. Apart from appearing cosmetically better, having a garden hose ensures the hose is untangled and ready to use every time.

There have been several cases where citizens have been fined for leaving items such as hoses on their lawn. The most popular options in keeping your hose organized and manageable include:

  • Self-winding hose reel
  • Smart track hose box
  • Portable hose reel
  • Mounted hose wraps

Just like watering systems are becoming more popular as people get busier, garden storage products are also a fast-growing segment of the market as consumers buy more equipment for specific gardening tasks.

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    landfill waste. Evergreen shrubs can bee conifers, like
    dwarf pines, and arborvitaes, or broad leaved like holly and rhododendrons.
    It is important to choose plants tht you know will flower or ive colour all year.

  2. Gardening is continuing to grow in popularity, the baby boomers are aging, and research is being done into ergonomics. As a result there are more ergonomic garden tools being developed.

    While ergonomic garden tools are still very much a specialty niche and may be hard to find locally, online you can pretty much find and purchase any tools that exist.

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