Ideal Gardening Tools and Garden Safety For Kids

Did you know that garden tools are not just for adults? That’s right. There’s now a wide range of kid’s gardening tools available on the market for the little ones to enjoy. The art of gardening can provide numerous benefits to any person, young or old, including children.

It Is Good To Have Kids Involve In Garden Activities

Getting kids active in gardening activities provides several positives, including the physical exercise benefits that gardening provides and the emotional benefits like stress reduction and the building of self-esteem and confidence that kids can gain by actually planting, nurturing, and being able to see their progress visibly.

kids gardening

Other rewards that can be reaped by gardening with kids is that you both can and probably will build stronger bonds, friendships, trust, and wonderful memories that will last for a lifetime. I, myself, am a good testament, as some of my fondest childhood memories are being in my grandmother’s garden some 40-plus years ago.

Before you begin a gardening project with your children, there are a few things you should remember:

First, you need to take into consideration how old they are. If you are an active gardener with small children or grandchildren, including them in your daily gardening activities provides an easy way to watch them while outside. And, at the same time, you get to teach them how things grow with the help of Mother Nature.

Purchasing their own garden tools is a good way to get them started and to hold their interest. Although there’s an array of toys that can be used as garden tools for kids, these are not generally recommended as they tend not to be very sturdy and could easily break.

Please always remember that kid’s garden tools, just like those for adults, should be strong and durable. They should also be made for varying kids’ hand sizes to accommodate both smaller and bigger children, and as your own tools, they should be capable of performing different jobs.

Although it’s not necessary to buy expensive garden tools for kids, one should never forsake quality for the price. Luckily, there are genuine kids’ garden tools on the market that are designed and created for the purpose and are seen as relatively safe.

What To Consider Before Buying The Tools?

Before making that garden tool purchase consider these things first:

First, ask yourself what part of the garden will be theirs and how big space will you give them? If possible, try and let them choose. Can you picture the delight a child will have knowing that, and I’m sure telling others, that not only do they work in the garden, but they got a chance to pick and choose their own spot?

Another thing to consider is what kind of garden the child will plant (i.e., flowers, vegetables, fruit). Although some basic garden tools are required no matter what type of garden you have, some types of gardens may require special tools.

kids gardening tools

Also, when making your purchase for them, make sure that their tools fit comfortably in their hands, as so should yours. However, if they are old enough, some metal garden tools should be fine for them to use.

Kids gardening tools are usually available as individual tools or in sets. Kid-sized garden trowels and cultivators can be purchased separately and in sets, including knee pads, gardening gloves, hand shovels, cultivators, and/or trowels, all of which have wooden handles with stainless steel ends come presented nicely in their own garden toolbox.

I hope these tips will help you decide what type of garden tools to purchase for them. And for real learning and teaching experience, let kids plant their favorite vegetables and watch them grow, or flowers they think are pretty or maybe a little of both. Then enjoy the delight as they watch their gardens grow with pride and then pick the fruits of their labor with joy when it’s time.

Garden Safety for Kids

kids safety

Do you keep your home safe for your child? Well, keep them safe in the garden as well. A flower or vegetable garden of its own can be a wonderful thing for a child, but if left unattended or unsupervised by an adult, it can become dangerous. Keeping your child safe in the garden is just as important as keeping them safe in the house.

Once children start eating fresh vegetables they’ve grown in their own garden or picking fresh flowers, they don’t always understand that some things are not to be eaten, smelled, or even touched.

Even when older children understand, they don’t always listen, and toddlers are just naturally curious and should always be supervised when in the garden.

Many plants are poisonous such as Foxglove, Larkspur, Columbine, and Yarrow, so if you plan on planting a garden with your kids, find out what is safe to plant and what can be potentially dangerous.

Child-sized gardening tools are available, are not expensive, and are made just right for a child. Teach them how to pick up, clean up and put away their tools when they are not being used, and by all means, never leave your sharp tools lying around unattended in the yard. Children love to run barefoot.

Listed below are 10 helpful safety hints for Garden Safety:

  1. When pruning, keep kids out of the way. Never leave cut stalks at their eye level.
  2. Keep all sharp tools put away after use.
  3.  If you stake plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.), make sure stakes are tall.
  4. Fence off potentially dangerous areas.
  5. Pointed tools should always be face down (pitchforks, rakes, shears, etc.)
  6. Avoid using chemicals in the yard where kids will be. Check for sharp stones, glass, and other objects they may cut themselves on when running and playing.
  7. If you have a riding mower, never let them ride or drive. Never leave it running and unattended or leave the keys in the ignition.
  8. Keep all chemicals stored in original containers under lock and key.
  9. Children love water, especially when it’s hot. Always keep a watchful eye if you have a water fountain, fish pond, or water garden in your yard.
  10. Bees are good for pollinating but have been known to cause serious reactions if stung, be watchful and careful.

Always Remember Kids are Kids:
A turned head or back for a split second can be devastating.

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