Know About Soil Moisture Meters

Soil moisture meters are devices used to measure the percentage of water found in the potting or ground soil. They determine whether crops require watering or if their soil is over-saturated and requires drying out period to maintain the health of the plants.

They are not expensive and can be found at home and in garden shops. Typical readouts on the meters range from 1 to 10 or give a color indication of red, yellow, or green. These readings correspond with the humidity of the soil is measured.

What is a Soil Moisture Sensor, And How to Use It?

The use of soil moisture sensors is very common for gardening nowadays. Soil water content is the amount of moisture that is found naturally in the soil.

The degree to which a particular piece of soil becomes saturated can help geologists determine the causes of soil erosion and recommend irrigation management methods to promote higher crop yields and prevent environmental stress. A soil moisture sensor is used to measure the moisture content within the soil.

In addition, it measures the loss of moisture due to evaporation and the overgrowth of vegetation. Environmental Scientists and agriculturists use it extensively to evaluate the moisture content in the soil and determine proper irrigation strategies for various plant species.

Choosing The Right Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor

Within the field of Agricultural Science and Horticulture, the practical applications of soil moisture sensors are huge. Scientists rely on this tool and probes to determine irrigation management methods.

This task is not as simple as it may seem. The decisions made based on data gathered from the probes will help establish more effective irrigation methods to promote better and healthier growth of crops while reducing the stress experienced due to over-saturation or extremely arid conditions.

Soil moisture plays a significant role in ensuring the high quality of crops such as potatoes and fruits. These staple crops are vital to our economy, so improving the irrigation methods to yield more produce is beneficial on several different levels.

Soil Moisture Sensor Suppliers

Soil moisture sensors also provide suppliers with a record of environmentally friendly practices about growing crops. Not only are the crops damaged by over-saturation, but the impact on the environment is costly.

Oversaturation causes erosion, disease, and wildlife displacement. The data compiled from the sensor readings help farmers use more intelligent and environmentally sound methods to grow crops reducing the bad effects caused by overwatering or under-watering.

Critical data can also help to establish contingency plans during times of drought. Crops such as potatoes and fruit suffer dramatically during a drought. With a contingency plan, you can deliver sufficient water at the right time to avoid losses.

Scientists and horticulturists depend on sensor data to make decisions concerning our food source and the impact certain crops will have on the market. Measuring soil moisture with the high technology soil moisture sensor has efficient uses. If more farmers used this technology, it could increase their market share and ensure a healthier yield of crops.

How do Soil Moisture Meters Use Electrical Resistance Blocks?

soil moisture meter

These devices are usually portable sensors inserted into the soil to measure a physical property related to its dampness. The most common sensor used for this purpose is the electrical resistance block that operates on the principle that since water is an electrical conductor, soil with high water content will have low electrical resistance.

The two types of blocks that are used for moisture meters are granular matrix sensors and gypsum blocks. Gypsum blocks are usually buried in soil for regular readings to be taken. These readings are taken from either wired data loggers or, in limited cases, hand-held monitoring devices. Gypsum blocks are significantly used in commercial farming.

Soil Moisture Meters and Thermal Dissipation Blocks

Soil moisture meters can also use thermal dissipation blocks that contain heaters and temperature sensors. The blocks are porous, ceramic, and work on the premise that wet objects heat slower than dry ones. These sensors are normally buried in the soil, and commercial farmers use them.

Soil Moisture Meters and Tensiometers

A tensiometer is a tube filled with water with a porous ceramic tip inserted into the soil. The device has a vacuum gauge at its end that extrudes from the ground and displays the water tension measurement. These soil moisture meters are easy to install but work best in soil with a zero to 80 centibar rating.

Tensiometers require regular servicing because their tubes have to be filled with water. These are most commonly found in orchards and cultivated fields.

Buying Guide

Considering buying the digital moisture meter is a must if you want to get it to help measure the moist level of the soil of your plant. Many different options are greatly available out there, and you can always come up with the perfect choice as long as you know about the right way to get one.

The best recommendation you should always remember is never jumping too soon to buy one without knowing its features. It is best for you always to compare first and get the one that best suits your needs.

The device is a great investment that will offer you great help. By being more knowledgeable of several different products, you will understand the functions of various products, assess the capability of that product, and emphasize what that item can do for you. So, you should be careful in choosing them.

Sonin 50218 Digital

Now, what is the first product you can look at? The recommended item is called Sonin 50218 Digital Moisture Meter. It can measure the moisture level from 5 to 40-percent. The replacement probe is included as well, besides the protective carrying pouch. It is great for those who need to measure the moisture content in wood. Besides, you can also use it for sheetrock, carpets and many other things.

Furthermore, this digital moisture meter is compact and lightweight. These features are great things to support the daily use in the shop, take on a job, or buy materials. It has a large LCD which will ease your reading. Definitely, you can find out the potentially damaging excess moisture. You can use it to check surfaces before painting, wallpapering, or laying floors or tiles.

What about the idea of choosing a digital moisture meter from another brand? Do not worry, since it is both possible and acceptable. All you need to do is find the information about several different products and then observe their pros and cons.

PSI MMETER2 Digital Readout

The next device you can take a look at is called PSI MMETER2 Digital Readout Moisture Meter. This equipment is completed with a large digital display instant readout. The accuracy will be up to one percent.

This will measure from 0 to 40 Percent relative moisture. The On/Off switch is convenient indeed. This product will come with an attractive zippered protective case. To operate this one, a 9V battery is needed.

If the two products mentioned above cannot meet your requirements, you can still look at another product. One comes with an LCD and is ideal for construction, farming, and painting needs.

It has a wide measuring range and will be very helpful for you to test the moisture content of the wood before buying them. Those features are enough to let you assess what the product can do for you. What is the name of the product? It is called General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter.

Various Tramex Moisture Meters of Your Choice

Tramex moisture meter is a great choice if you want to have a great and trusted device. There are various types and models available in the market to fulfill different requirements. So, you can always get the best one to support your jobs and duties.

You will find the tool can provide you with precise measurements of moisture levels. Most of the products are available at an affordable price, so you will save more money to spend on other necessities. Since this brand is also famous in the market, you can easily find this product in many gardening and hardware stores.

Tramex MEP Moisture Meter
Tramex MEP Moisture Meter

Are you interested in getting a Tramex moisture meter? Here are some popular products that you can get in the market. Read the brief information and make a comparison by yourself. Then, once you identify the one that best matches your needs, you can just buy and make use of it.

Tramex Encounter Plus, Non-Destructive

The first one is Tramex Encounter Plus, a Non-Destructive Moisture Meter. This product comes with accurate reading, so you will have total satisfaction in using it. Since this tool is also designed to be more versatile and faster for its operation, you will be more efficient by choosing it. This product is ideal for you to have if you want to have a nondestructive feature.

You can use this meter to assist you in analyzing wood, plaster, drywall, block, as well as brick roofing safely. In addition, you can also use this device to measure the moisture level of any covering materials, such as wall coverings, ceramic tiles, PVC and CPT tiles, and even carpet. In checking moisture levels for the entire building, you can always trust this device.

Tramex Concrete Encounter

The next option that you can have is Tramex Concrete Encounter Moisture Meter. This product works well in measuring the moisture level in concrete floors and sand. This product is completed with parallel co-planar electrodes mounted on the base of the unit.

This product is also designed specifically to be a non-destructive tool. It can give you instant reading with easy operation.

Tramex Professional

You can also take a look at Tramex Professional Moisture Meter as your next choice. This device offers accurate reading on wood and wood-by product using advanced technologies. This is a handheld tool with an ergonomic design and convenient shape to improve your comfort in using it.

You can easily read the result of the measurements on the large and digital LCD screen. Since it also offers a wide range of moisture measurements from 6 to 40% of wood, you will have total satisfaction in using it.

Wagner Moisture Meter – Humidity Instrument

The Wagner moisture meter will bring you the idea that it is a worthy investment you should never miss. This idea is based on the fact that you will get the ultimate benefits from something you would have paid and exchange for its great function with a certain amount of money.

Wagner MMC220 Extended Range

The first one you can see is called Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Moisture Meter. There will be several features you can have with this product. You can enjoy the digital display instantly, and it can accurately measure the moisture content of rough finish-grade wood. The measurement will be from 5-to 30-percent on moisture content. Besides, this meter can scan up to .75-inch depth, and it has a press/hold feature.

Wagner MMC220 Extended Range
Wagner MMC220 Extended Range

Besides, this device allows you to select specific settings. You do need to correct the table after taking the readings. It is virtually unaffected by either temperature or surface moisture. This instrument is ideal for flooring manufacturers and installers, furniture and cabinet makers, contractors, lumber suppliers, builders, engineers, and architects.

If this is not the meter that you are looking for, what should you do? The answer is easy. You can look at the other alternatives since many different types and brands are provided on the market.

The unlimited possibilities will enable you to look at more products and have a wide variety of choices and feel free to determine the one to take.

Wagner MMC205 Shopline 5% to 20% Pinless Digital Wood

We would love to recommend the next one for you is Wagner MMC205 Shopline 5% to 20% Pinless Digital Wood Moisture Meter. You can select the species settings of this equipment based on your needs. You will not need manual correction.

Wagner L606 Proline 5% to 30% Pinless Analog Wood

Another product you can see when the two examples above cannot meet your needs is called Wagner L606 Proline 5% to 30% Pinless Analog Wood Moisture Meter. This device features with compact and portable design. You will find the electromagnetic wave technology and also the pinless design.


Rapitest Moisture Meter From Luster Leaf

Rapitest moisture meter is a gardening tool that can be very effectively helping you to identify the soil moisture of your garden. With the use of this meter, you could easily get information about when is a great time to water the plants and prevent over-watering.

In addition, most of the meters that Luster Leaf manufactured are reliable in informing the moisture of the soil and capable of giving information about the pH, light condition, and the fertilizer of the plants in your garden. Even most of the designs of Rapitest meter are simple, but they would be pretty easy to use.

Rapitest Digital Plus

You can use Rapitest Digital Plus Moisture Meter to measure the accurate moisture of the soil of your plant. It is a professional device manufactured by the popular factory in gardening tools, Luster Leaf. One of the features that most people like it is it can offer them information on the time of their garden watering routine.

Rapitest Digital soil moisture meter
Rapitest Digital soil moisture meter

It is also very effective in informing the accurate moisture content of the root in the soil as it has an easy-to-use built-in watering guide. Also, this device is having a database of over 150 plant moisture preferences.

Luster Leaf 1820 Rapitest

The next device that you can use to measure the soil moisture level is the Luster Leaf 1820 Rapitest Soil Moisture Meter.

It has a handy flexible cord that lets you hold the meter while you insert the probe. It is lightweight and portable where you could carry it anywhere you go. The probe of this Rapitest moisture meter is separate from the meter so that you could monitor the hanging plants as well.

Luster Leaf 1810 Rapitest Mini

The next choice that we will introduce to you is the 1810 Rapitest Mini which can provide you with high technology features to maintain your garden effortlessly. It is a special moister meter for you because it is a lightweight but powerful device that you can use to measure the soil moisture content accurately.

Rapitest Digital

Another recommendation would be the Rapitest Digital Moisture Meter, an innovative product that can provide you with digital results from 0 to 9.9. This device would be an effective solution to handle your garden situation.

It is the kind of device that absolutely reliable to handle for over 150 plants. This versatile meter not only transfers the accurate result but is also capable of informing the sunlight your plants are receiving.


A Few Cool Delmhorst Moisture Meters

Delmhorst is one of the trusted moisture meter brands available in the market. You can find many different types of meters available from this certain brand, and you can always find the best one to fulfill your requirements.

Just visit some of your local hardware stores, and you can find this device is available there. If your nearby local store doesn’t have it, you can simply find this handy tool online by doing a little search.

Here are some models that are most people’s favorite, and you may find you will want to have one of these devices as well.

Delmhorst J-LITE Model

The first one is the Delmhorst J-LITE Model Moisture Meter. You can get many advantages from this device, and the best thing is its ergonomic design with many useful features.

You can enjoy the durability of the product, and you can also have easiness in measuring or checking any moisture problem with this tool for a long time. This meter is also completed with an easy-to-read LED display to show you the precise result.

Delmhorst J-LITE
Delmhorst J-LITE

The display is also bright enough, so people will not find it difficult to read the result in a dark area or direct sunlight.

Delmhorst Moisture Check Dual

The next choice will be Delmhorst Moisture Check Dual Moisture Meter. This one is specifically designed as a multipurpose product, so you can use this tool to scan and locate the source of the moisture in a certain object. Simply do a quick scanning, you can identify the moist condition in a large area. You need to use the pin and pinless meter together to get the fastest and the most accurate performance in reading the result.

You can find many useful features such as integral contact pins on the top of the meter, external electrodes connector, and an on-screen reading with the ability to store up to 1400 readings. With so many features incorporated in it, this Delmhorst moisture meter will be a great choice for you.

Delmhorst BD-2100 Wood Package

If you need to have a meter for wood, you can have Delmhorst BD-2100 Wood Moisture Meter Package. This product gives an accurate reading in checking the moisture levels of wood. However, you can also use this meter to analyze the moisture level of concrete, EIFS, sheetrock, and some other materials. You can also find a digital readout that easier for you to read the result without any complicated system.


Cool Things About Extech Moisture Meters

Extech is one of the popular companies that manufactured moisture meter devices.

Some devices that the company designed would provide users with versatile instruments to handle large varieties of materials that need to be tested. The Extech Company would offer you some cool moisture meter choices with different functions based on your needs.

14080 Extech

14080 Extech Moisture Meter is the device that can provide users with quite an accurate measurement. This device is specially designed for the woodworker. It can work well to handle the measurement of wood, sheetrock, concrete, and more. If you buy this meter, you will get two separate ranges, LCD with bar graph. Also, it is completed with auto power off and impact-proof housing.

Extech Heavy Duty

The next option of the high-quality meter would come to you in powerful features that make it really efficient to handle your heavy-duty materials. As its name suggests, this Extech Heavy Duty Wood Moisture Meter is manned for heavy-duty. It is designed with a built-in RS-232 PC Interface for optional data logging functionality.

Extech heavy duty moisture meter
Extech heavy-duty moisture meter

In addition, this Extech moisture meter can give you an easy-to-read and accurate result through the LCD. Many people like some additional useful features, including the 2 pins remote intrusive sensor, 0.8 sampling rate, auto shut off, data hold, and many more.

Extech Moisture Meter – Pinless

Pinless is another great device that Extech is introducing. It can be really useful to measure the materials for a quick test. It provides electromagnetic testing technology. This feature is exceptional and useful to indicate the moisture content of the tested materials quickly.

Also, this Extech meter would allow you to get non-invasive measurements to monitor the moisture in wood or any other materials with no surface damage. It is perfectly designed with an automatic internal test, calibration, and LCDs. It uses a low battery indication. You will get a free 9V battery and case if you buy this product.

Extech Wood

The Extech Wood is an amazing device to give you an accurate measurement of the moisture content of wood range from 6 to 44%. It is designed with a dual Measurement Scale LCD Display and Bar graph to make you read the measurement result easily.

The other great features of this Extech Wood moisture meter are self-contained, pocket-sized meter with belt clip, Auto Power OFF, Impact proof housing, etc.


Is Lignomat Moisture Meter Right For You?

Lignomat is one of the leading gardening tool and equipment suppliers on the market. You can get many great products from this company, and one of the products that many people are looking for is the soil moisture meter. If you want to get one of such devices but have no idea of which one to choose from, you may look at our recommendation to get some ideas.

Lignomat Mini-Ligno S/D

This equipment comes with a wide reference scale, from 0 to 99. It is very suitable for measuring the moisture level of materials like gypsum, plaster, drywall, etc. It has a built-in calibration for wood which makes it suitable to be used in wood materials.

Lignomat Mini-Ligno SD
Lignomat Mini-Ligno SD

The accurate readings for this device are between 6-45%, and you can read it by using the bright digital readout indicator. It is very suitable for inspectors, architects, contractors, painters, and homeowners.

The Lignomat moisture meter is designed with a green cap to ease your easy probe and insertion handling. It can also cover the pins during transportation. The longer pins stored inside the meter are useful for you to measure thicker material.

How can you obtain the readings? All you need to do is push the pins into the wood and then turn on the switch between the pins. Simple and easy.

Lignomat Scanner SD

Another device is called the Lignomat Scanner SD Moisture Meter. The measuring range will be between 5% and 99%. It also has a built-in calibration. The S/D will use the relationship between the dielectric properties and the moisture content of the wood.

It is useful to produce a moisture reading based on the average value of the area between the surface and the maximum penetration depth.

Lignomat MINI-LIGNO E 6 to 36-percent Pin LED Wood Moisture Meter.

If the Lignomat moisture meter above is not the best for you, there are still many other models that you can choose from, like the Lignomat Mini-LIGNO E 6 to 36-percent Pin LED Wood Moisture Meter. It is small in size, but it has no problem providing you with accurate measurements.

The bright red light indicator is incorporated in this device to help you measure both hardwoods and softwoods. The weight of this Lignomat moisture meter is only eight ounces, and it can easily fit in a shirt pocket.


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