Mantis Rotavators – 2 Stroke, 4 Stroke and Electric

Mantis is a company that has developed over years and now supplies a great range of garden rotavators to small gardeners and allotment workers. The Mantis is small, low cost, and very easy to use. There have been over a million of these machines sold all around the world.

Their machine has become extremely popular due to its quality and reliability as well as not forgetting its function ability. So if you opt to buy one of these then you will be joining a long list of extremely happy gardeners who have done the same.

The mini-series of the rotavator is the best selling range from Mantis and within this range, there are 3 different models. These models are the Mantis 2 stroke petrol or gas-powered cultivator, Mantis 4 stroke Tiller and finally the Mantis Electric Tiller.

Every model of the Mantis has been specifically designed and manufactured with the home gardener in mind. They do not cater to the large professional market.

Mantis 2 Stroke Gas-Powered Cultivator

This particular model is a very lightweight rotavator that will make your gardening job so much easier. Even though it is incredibly lightweight, it still packs a powerful punch to till through both sod and compacted soil.

mantis 2 stroke rotavator

Originally it was designed for landscapers but has now been modified to suit most gardeners. So if you are looking for a tiller to take out the backbreaking effects of cultivating your garden then this model is perfect for you.

The serpentine tines are strong enough to break through any new ground if you’re planning to start a vegetable garden or to allocate a new part of your garden for planting. These tines are capable of turning the soil into a fine texture for you to plant your crop onto it.

And the use of this machine does not stop there. When your garden is fully established you can still use the unit to weed your garden. You can use this 2 stroke unit to create vegetable patches, flower beds, maintain your garden, etc.

You can use it to dig planting holes for shrubs and trees. This is a lightweight machine where it only weighs 20 pounds. You will find it is rather easy for you to carry to your garden shed. You can load it in the car or even carry it around to your neighbor who may wish to try it out. It is perfect for both young and old alike.

Mantis 7924 Fast Start Tiller

Features Of The Mantis 2 Stroke Rotavator

1- Engine. The engine is a commercial standard 2 stroke that comes with a pushbutton priming to give you a quick and easy starting every time you need to use the machine.

2- Clutch. The tines on the Mantis 2 stroke will only operate when you squeeze the throttle. This feature gives you more control over the machine as well as providing an excellent and required safety feature. There is no way that the machine can run away with you. It is you that is in total control of the tiller.

3- Design. Because of the compact design of the 2 stroke, it can easily be operated in tight places where a larger version of the rotavator could not go.

4- Lightweight. This tiller only weighs 20 pounds. It is one of the lightest models you can ever find and is so easy to use for both young and old alike. And despite this lightweight, it has more power than many of its bigger rivals.

5- Tilling Depth. The tilling depth on the powerhouse of a machine is 10 inches. This depth will give you better soil which in turn will give you better gardening.

6- Speed. The machine has a high-speed operation. It revolves at a very fast 240 rpm which means many of your gardening jobs can be done in a very short time indeed. Something like a 30 x 40 foot patch can be turned over in just approximately 20 minutes. How’s that!

7- Tines. The tines are a patented serpentine tine that can be reversed. This allows them to dig deeper even in very hard soil. They do not bounce around like on certain other models.

8- Handle. For your comfort when using the machine and safety as well the handle grips are comfortable and very easy to keep hold of.

9- Guarantee. Mantis is so confident about the quality of this product that they actually give you a lifetime guarantee. If one of their tines break they will replace it for free.

Mantis 4 Stroke Rotavator

The Mantis 4 stroke rotavator is lightweight but powerful enough to cultivate grass turf and any compact soil. The engine is very easy to start and because it is a 4 stroke you do not need to do any fuel mixing to operate it. As with the smaller 2 stroke, this 4 stroke version has serpentine tines that can break through any new ground whenever you are ready to start a new gardening project.

These tines also come with a lifetime guarantee and if any of them should actually break, then Mantis will replace them free of charge. After you have established your garden, the 4 stroke can be used as a tool to maintain your gardening by being able to be used for weeding.

The 4 stroke version has all the attributes and specifications that the 2 stroke possess. But it is a little more powerful and 4 pounds heavier. In our opinion, it is not worth the extra expense, to be honest. But which version suits you is down to personal preference.

The Mantis rotavator can cope with your cultivating needs in the garden and even turn over the toughest of soils to allow you to plant your seeds and plants in. When you buy a Mantis rotavator it will come with a 1-year guarantee and if you do not like the model after a year you can return it to Mantis who will give you a full refund.

Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Gas Powered Cultivator

Mantis Electric Rotavator

As well as making the petrol-driven rotavator, Mantis also supplies an electric-powered version. So if a petrol-powered version is not a unit you wish to own, then this electric version is an excellent alternative for you to own.

This unit weighs 21 pounds and is still powerful enough to cultivate even the hardest of soils. Again this version is fitted with the serpentine tines that can be reversed to give you better and deeper digging. It operates in much the same manner as the petrol-driven versions but is a machine that requires a lot less maintenance.

If you do not mind the fact that you have a power cable attached to the machine to power it, and you do not find working with this cable and do not find it an inconvenience that it is a very good gardening item to own and use.

Features Of The Mantis Electric Rotavator

  1. Starting. The unit is incredibly easy to start. All you need do is plug it in, squeeze the throttle, and then off you go.
  2. Speeds. The unit has 3 speeds for you to choose from. All you have to do is click which speed you require. The 3 choices are cultivating, tilling, or digging.
  3. Engine. The unit is very quiet because it is electric and quite powerful. The 540-watt motor spins the tines at 240 RPM. The motor has a built-in circuit breaker to protect the motor from any chance of overloading.
  4.  Weight. The unit is lightweight just coming in at 21 pounds. This makes it easy to lift and work with. There is also a built-in carry handle to assist you in any lifting.
  5. Tilling. The depth of tilling this rotavator is capable of is 10 inches. You can also reverse the tines to shallow cultivate at 2 to 3 inches.
  6. Storage. For easy storage, the machine has fold-down handles.
  7. Design. It has a compact design allowing it to go places bigger machines cannot. It has the ability to till a 9-inch path.
  8. Tines. They are serpentine tines that come with a lifetime guarantee. They do not bounce like other tines and they are reversible.

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