Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Cleaning your garden has never been easy like this. The latest fully-featured machine is ready to take responsibility for all the cleaning processes. Sun Joe SPX3000 is going on a stable way.

It doesn’t mind any similar product which it meets on the way. It is a high pressured washer machine. You don’t need to bother with your old cleaning machine. Developers have done their best to make this production good.

It has a cool design and can be driven to anywhere using its wheels. Also, this amazing machine generates a high power to do the cleaning process efficiently.

You do not need to have any prior experience to work with this machine. Just refer the user guide coming with the machine. Let’s see how it rocks in the ongoing market…..

Sun Joe SPX3000
Sun Joe SPX3000

Features and Specification

Powerful motor

Sun Joe SPX3000 has a built-in powerful motor. So it gives high pressure to the outcoming water. You can easily clean any surface within a few minutes. It is possible to clean grease stains, rust, caked mud, and any other heavy stains.

Can you imagine how powerful is this machine is? Someone may think that it will increase electricity consumption also. That is the wrong idea. Developers have used advanced techniques to economize electricity consumption.

A dual detergent tank system

There are two tanks which can be filled up to 9 liters. You can use two different detergents in these two tanks. There is a switch to interchange the appropriate tank.

First, you have to look at the task that you have to do. Then you can select one of the tanks which are capable of doing the relevant task. It is a great function developed in Sun Joe spx3000 which cannot be seen in any other cleaning machine.

Different quick spray tips

Spray tip on the top of the pressure gun can be changed according to the user requirement. There are four types (0) of water spay gun tips and one soap spray tip. You can decide the task type (light, medium, hard) and choose the tip type.

Total stop system

Total stop system is a built-in function in the machine to save the electric power. It works great. When the trigger is not engaged in the cleaning process, the machine will be shut off automatically.

Wheel system

It is impossible to lift a heavy machine like this. Also, you will not be able to move this machine alone. Developers have built a wheel system on the base of the machine. So now it is too easy to move it anywhere. Even a woman can handle this cool machine easily.

Long power code and hose

In this machine, you can see a 20 feet long high-pressure hose and a 35 feet long power code. So now you will able to place the machine somewhere and work far away from the machine.


  • Amperage – 14.5 amp
  • Assembled Depth – 15.6 inches
  • Assembled Height – 33.9 inches
  • Assembled Width – 13.5 inches
  • Cord Length – 35 feet
  • Cord lock – Yes
  • Detergent tank – Yes
  • Foldable handle – No
  • GFCI Plug – Yes
  • Hose Diameter – 0.591 inches
  • Hose Length – 20 feet
  • Hose thread – 0.25 inches
  • Maximum Flow Rate – 1.76 gallons per min.
  • Maximum Pressure – 2030 PSI
  • Number of tips included – 5
  • Power Type – Electric
  • Product Weight – 31 lbs
  • Pump Type – Pressure
  • Start Type – Electric
  • Water Capability – Cold Water
  • Water Inlet Temperature – 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Wheels – Yes


  • Very lightweight product to handle.
  • It is powered up with a powerful motor.
  • The dual detergent tank system is implemented to increase the efficiency of the machine.
  • Long wire code and rubber hose let you work far away from the machine.
  • Wheel system built on base helps to move the machine smoothly.
  • Total stop system will shut off your machine automatically when the trigger is not engaged in order to save electricity.
  • 5 types of quick spray tips can be used according to the job type.
  • A user guide will give you the full description of the machine.


  • Rubber hose can be damaged easily.
  • There is no water reservoir. So you will have to connect the machine with tap always.
  • No battery power included.

Ultimately, Sun Joe SPX3000 has proved that it is the best product in the ongoing pressure machine market. That’s true. With these type of sophisticated features, it will go on a long journey to success. It is more suitable for users who are looking for a cheap but fully featured product. So now it’s your time. Buy it today. You will automatically save your money and time.

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