Making a Sustainable Home and Garden Design

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Think Green, Save Money, Reduce Your carbon footprint with sustainable home and garden design!

This is neither a pipe dream nor a tree hugger mantra.

For every gardener and even a homeowner who dislikes gardening, going green makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

Higher Utility Costs Every Year

Look at your energy bills from the various utilities – are water and power costs going down or up?

You can’t do anything about the rise in costs – other than using less of either and if you are already practicing good energy management and using the bare minimum, you will still be subject to energy and water bill increases.

That leaves only one alternative.  Make your home, including the garden, as energy efficient and as sustainable as possible.

When you seriously examine the possibilities of alternative and passive energy sources, you will quickly see that not only will you save money, but also be able to potentially make money; in addition to reducing your own carbon footprint

Additionally, you will be less dependent on the utilities and any problems they may have in sourcing fuels for their power stations.


Unless you have the rights to have a bore to draw up water, you will not be able to become independent of the town water supply, but you can use it more efficiently and recycle greywater to both reduce your bills and conserve water at the same time.

The good practices such as mulching, drip irrigation systems will make the garden more water conservative and still allow you to enjoy it while keeping the plants healthy and happy.

Being Real About Renewable Energy
It does cost – but it is an investment that will have a fiscal return – and not everyone can go the whole distance straight off and make a home and garden fully sustainable with renewable energy and sustainable building materials and the like.

But, everyone can make a start and the garden is the first place to begin – as it is quite inexpensive to achieve significant difference and savings.

Making the house more energy efficient is where higher investment is required – and it is well worth talking to your mortgage lender to see if you can borrow to at least make a start.

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The Benefits of Making A Home Sustainable and Green

  1. Increase in the value of the property
  2. Reduction of energy bills
  3. Potential money earner
  4. The more energy costs rise, the quicker you will recoup your costs of installing solar panels
  5. Healthier living (if you work at cleaner interior air)
  6. Boosting environmental sustainability by reducing the impact of your carbon footprint

What Can Be Done To Make A Home More Sustainable and Green?

  • Solar panels for outdoor lighting
  • Solar heating installation
  • Solar panels for electricity in the home
  • Double glazing for windows
  • Wall and ceiling insulation
  • Indoor plants for cleaner air
  • Wind turbines (where allowable)
  • Construction with recycled materials

Of course, all these ideas depend on where you live, the size of your property – as well as the budget!

Where To Begin To Make a House More Eco-Friendly?

There are many resources on the internet to at least begin a search which will open up the parameters and provide good, reliable information.

Additionally, a green building consultant or any green architect will advise on both green home plans and ways to make your residence more energy-efficient.

New Home Builders
For those who are going to build a home or renovate the current home, NOW is the time to consider what eco-friendly options you can incorporate.

The Good News is that whatever you do choose it will make a contribution to a cleaner planet and, especially in regard to energy efficiency choices you will significantly reduce your utility bills and the consumption of fossil fuels.

The Better News is that you will not only save running costs but so much so that you recoup any initial costs of installation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to either reduce your power bills by 70% or even produce enough of your own electricity that you have excess to sell back to the grid!  Many homeowners around the world are achieving these goals.

In the section of our site we will provide the beginning of some things that are worth your time considering, and, where possible, we will provide links that will help you assess where you can begin to think about sustainable home and garden design ideas.

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