Raised Garden Beds

Soil For Your Raised Garden Bed

raised garden bed soil

The soil that you find in your local area may be quite suitable to use as a base for improvement but very few of us are fortunate enough to live in a place where it is suitable for the sustained growth of nutrient hungry vegetables. Whether you decide to improve your local soil or import new soil is an individual …

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Suitable Materials For Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

wooden frame

What materials can I use to build my raised garden bed? The design and construction of a raised garden bed is in itself a really simple thing, after all, all we are really building is a retainer for your garden bed. Many vegetable gardeners who use more traditional methods build up their soil into humps or mounds to assist drainage …

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Choose The Right Location For Raised Garden Bed

garden bed on sloped ground

There are a few factors that must be considered when choosing where you are going to put your raised vegetable garden bed. Most of us will be limited to a small number of vegetable garden beds in a suburban backyard, some of us will be luckier and have more available space to cultivate. The size and number of your raised …

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Get Raised Garden Beds In The Shapes You Want

raised garden bed

Why a raised garden bed, you may ask? Well, from an aesthetic point of view – they look great! they are easy to keep clean and tidy as well. In fact, I can’t help but point my sunny little face up to the sky with pride in my surroundings! My home… my raised bed… is the pinnacle of every happy …

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Improve your Raised Garden Bed Soil With Compost

compost heap

Composting at home, school and work has become quite the trend as our world moves to a greener and more environmentally friendly outlook. In many places the available land for waste disposal is slowly being filled up. Some experts speculate that up to a half of all household waste is organic and can be recycled using one of many composting …

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How To Build A Raised Garden Bed

step one

Lets have a look at how to build an easy raised garden bed from the most common material, wood. The garden bed frame we will use for this example is a kit purchased from our local hardware store. I have selected this kit because it is simple to construct, easy to replicate and like many kits about 20% cheaper than …

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