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5 Steps To Have a Yard That Will Make The Neighbors Jealous

garden yards

In every neighborhood there seems to be that one yard that is the envy of every homeowner on the block. With what appears to be little effort, it’s the yard that’s perfectly landscaped and ready for a magazine to take its picture on any given day. You may have driven by and wondered, “How do they do it?”   1. …

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How To Have The Perfect Lawn Year Round

amazing lawn

Do you have a lawn that you take great pride in? Anyone who owns a home knows that it is important to keep it looking nice. When a lawn looks nice it makes the house look nice. The big problem some people have though is that their lawn seem to look much better during certain times of the year. Now …

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Landscaping Services for Commercial Sites


Many service firms provide landscaping services for office parks, restaurants, retail establishments, and residential complexes. Generally it is cost effective to hire a professional firm rather than to employ workers to plant and/or maintain vegetation.  Most companies recognize the benefits of green plants to both their workers and their customers: Plants make a building look well cared for and more …

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Fall Garden Cleanup

fall garden

You enjoyed sipping your iced tea in the garden all spring and summer and now you are reaching for your hot teas more often. The weather is cooling, the leaves are falling and it is time to turn your attention from the anticipation of your garden’s springtime blooms and fruitful harvest to the cleanup that takes place each autumn. Fall …

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How To Save On Energy Expenses With Landscaping

garden landscaping

Homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce their home’s energy consumption. Did you know you can actually reduce the amount of energy your home uses by making some strategic landscaping decisions. Trees Reduce Energy Consumption You probably have systems installed in your home to help keep it cool during the hot weather months. Air conditioners can use a lot …

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Get Rid Of The Grass And Grow Your Own


Using your garden to grow your own fruit and vegetables can be a very rewarding experience. In financially challenging times, people are increasingly turning over an area of their garden to grow their own produce. There are some points to consider when choosing to dedicate an area of your garden for this purpose. Have you thought about raised beds? Fruit …

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The Best Flowers for a Front Yard


Whether you live in sunny California or windy Chicago there are things you can do to make your front yard stand out and look beautiful. Not every front yard is the same, depending on soil, space; light, sun or shade; climate, wet or dry; and temperature, hot or cold. There are things you can do to make your front yard …

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Breathtaking Home Improvements with Landscaping Supplies


Everyone desires to have a nice and beautiful home. For this reason, people go a long way in improving on both the exterior and interior appearance of their home. When it comes to making home improvements, the options to choose from are just limitless. While most people will give more attention to the interior look, they tend to forget that …

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Landscaping for Ecology

green landscaping

Picking your Site Picking a lot/ home with the basic character you want, and incorporating as many existing features as appropriate, conserves energy, money and native habitat. Native plants take a long time to reach maturity, so care should be taken in clearing. If in doubt leave it. It can always be removed later. Soil Treatment Your soil will retain …

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Spring Grass Turf Maintenance Tips

mowing lawn

With spring now here, people’s thoughts are turning towards the garden.  Time to roll up your sleeves, get the tools out and get your garden ready for the BBQ season.  Of course, the lawn plays a large part in how your garden looks and spring is an important season for your grass turf.  By following the tips below you can …

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