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AmazeVegeGarden.com is set up to provide answers to even the most basic questions about planting and caring for lawn and garden. The site is dedicated to providing quality information on the lawn, garden watering systems, raised bed gardening, garden designs as well as all the relevant tools and equipment that are needed. Here you will find informative tips, reviews, and much more.

Who We Are?

We are a bunch of experienced gardening enthusiasts who is in love with plants and most of us been gardening and growing plants for over 15 years. At that time, We have learned a lot, both through trial and error experience and by studying gardening and watering. We have also loved how fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs add that extra zing to all our cooking. In fact, We’d have to say that cooking without fresh vegetables and herbs is like painting without the color red on your palette!

We’ve always loved to garden. we would daydream about our plants when we were supposed to be working. Every morning we would rush out to the garden in our pajamas and investigate. Even though in most cases it was only a few hours since we had last looked at the plants, we would look at them expecting huge amounts of growth. Usually, there was only a small difference overnight, but it was enough for us to notice.

Long Existent of Gardening and Watering

Did you know that gardening and watering can be traced back to ancient Egyptians and the ancient Chinese? Bible references and medieval documents that show planting have thrived for centuries. Our gardening experience isn’t nearly that long, but we do remember our parents’ thatching and doing their chores in their small herb garden, where they grew sage, thyme, chives, and oregano.

Just the basic herbs, but as they came back each spring from their winter dormancy, the new green chive shoots were often spring’s first sign. We loved them in omelets and scrambled farm-fresh eggs.

You may want to grow herbs for several different purposes. Grow culinary herbs to flavor food, fragrance herbs for potpourris, others for teas or tisanes, for medical purposes or even to control garden pests. Your lawn and garden can be a specialized area, or you may want to grow a mixture of herbs for different purposes. They can be interspersed with other types and species of plants or even grown in containers indoors. Many herbs you plant have several uses.

If this site has piqued your interest, now is the time to complete the journey with more information. And you can find all of the information you need right here!

If you too would love to have your own lawn and garden, with your own fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs at hand for your culinary creations, but you aren’t sure where or how to begin, then let us share our knowledge and experience, free of charge.

With the continuous development of the site, we are now also providing useful information about soil moisture meters and related moisture meter products on the market today.

DIY Hydroponics is a fantastic resource for all things to do with hydroponics. Indoor and outdoor hydroponics, passive hydroponics, flood and drain hydroponics, top feed hydroponic systems, and much more are examined in great detail.

DIY Aquaponics examines and promotes the practical use of aquaponics. If you think hydroponics is cool consider taking it a step further by replacing the nutrient reservoir with a tank of live fish. It is completely organic and allows the gardener to produce delicious fresh organic vegetables and fish for the table. Aquaponics is truly the organic gardening method of tomorrow.

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