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Using Fake Plants in the Home

fake plants

Are you one of those people that have an instant revulsion to fake flowers? Does your skin crawl at the merest thought of an artificial tree? This is quite a common reaction, because when it comes to plants, flowers and trees, most of us prefer the real deal. The thing is, there are some occasions, or rather situations, where fake …

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The Secret Behind Indoor Gardens

indoor garden

House plants can be placed anywhere in your home including the living room, hallway, bedroom, kitchen and even bathrooms. Potted plants come with very many benefits which include providing colour and freshness to your decor as well as serving as a screen to hide unpleasant aspects of your home. They can also be used to separate the living areas. There …

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7 Hard To Kill Houseplants

Peace Lilies

Most people love to have plants around the house. They add a splash of colour and life to any household; but, they can be difficult to look after, especially as we lead increasingly busy lifestyles. Some plants, however, seem designed by nature to live with those of us who are perhaps not quite as green-fingered as we may like to …

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Apartment Landscaping – Indoor Gardens


When living in an urban environment, having your very own back yard is something that is not always possible so perhaps indoor gardens and plants are more of an alternative for those luxury city central apartments. The key to having a successful indoor “landscaping” is to choose the correct plants and trees suited for your apartment. Placement of your plants …

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