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Tips on Growing Tomatoes

grow tomatoes

Trying to talk about tomatoes can start a fight. First, there’s the pronunciation argument, and then there’s the, “Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable?” one. Growing tomatoes, on the other hand, is probably a lot easier than you think. You need to decide if you’re growing them in the ground or in a container. If you think you’re …

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3 Steps to Get Your Soil Ready for Planting

soil for planting

It’s that time again. With the weather warming up, a sense of excitement about gardening always sets in. Whether you’re a first-time gardener or you’re returning to your garden after winter, let’s talk about simple ways to prepare your soil for the gardening season. 3 Steps to Get Your Soil Ready for Planting. Clean Up Your Yard Before you think …

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Understand Soil and Weed

lawn soil

About Soil Soil is a natural resource which nourishes and nurtures varied living beings. However, soil, because of constant cultivation, year over year, has reached a point of self destruction. Soil does not remain constant and paralyzed in its composition. It is constantly moving and recreating itself aided by minerals, water, oxygen and decomposing plant and animal matter. Healthy soil …

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The Benefits of Green Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Simple Reverse Omosis schematic

If you are concerned about lowering the sodium in your diet, then you are the ideal candidate for using a green reverse osmosis (RO) system in your home. Did you know that when you have a quality filtration system, it can improve the taste of any mixed drink or even coffee? Green reverse osmosis (RO) is a technology that utilizes …

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Rice: From The Paddy Fields To Your Plate

paddy field

Groceries and supermarkets have made food shopping so easy that we often don’t think about where our food comes from.  Meat, vegetables, grains, and other goodies just seem to appear magically in our markets and we reap the benefits.  But something even as simple as rice undergoes a complicated process in order to get to our grocery stores.  The process …

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DIY Vegetable Garden

vegetable garden

Gardening can be a relaxing and fulfilling pastime. Growing a vegetable garden can ensure self-sustainability and save a few dollars on grocery shopping by being able to supply yourself with your own delicious veggies. Bonus? You’ll know that your veggies are free for any pesky chemicals or pesticides that are often found in vegetables bought from the grocery store. It …

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How to Grow Your Own Vegetables


Something To Do Many people begin gardening and specifically, growing their own produce, as a hobby, which then leads onto other great benefits. Benefits include healthier eating (if you have grown them chemical free) and an opportunity for the whole family to get involved in this gardening basic. Growing your own vegetables can also help reduce your shopping bill, always …

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5 Significant Facts About Farm Water Conservation

farm water

The U.S. agricultural industry, particularly farming, consumes a vast amount of the nation’s available fresh water and therefore demands that strict attention be paid to this use. The most recent U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) survey on water use estimates that withdrawals for irrigation accounted for 37% of all water use in the country; 67% if use for thermoelectric cooling are …

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Innovative New Farming Methods To Boost Production

green wheat farming

The challenge of growing enough food to feed the planet is not a problem that belongs to just one country. Food comes from all around the world to sit on our tables, and we in return ship our food products to far off countries. Take a look at some of the things scientists are doing to make sure that we’ll …

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Growing Peanuts The Right Way

growing peanuts

Peanuts are actually part of the legume family native to South America, Mexico, and Central America. They are also known as earthnuts, jack nuts, goobers, goober peas, pinders, manila nuts, pindas, and monkey nuts. The peanut’s popularity is apparent in its variety of forms. Peanuts are often presented as peanut butter, salted peanuts, peanut butter sandwiches, candy bars, peanut brittle, …

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