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Yard Butler HT-2EZ 2-Wheeled Garden Hose Truck Review

Yard Butler

The Yard Butler HT-2EZ Garden Hose Truck is one of those products that you either love, or hate. First off, when compared to a plastic garden hose reel, the Yard Butler is definitely an improvement, but, if you do a lot of hose work in your garden, you may want to get something just another notch better. For light duty …

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Hydraulic Hose Fittings Tips and Explanation

hydraulic hose fittings

Many times there are situations when the hose gets too wide and it becomes very difficult to work with it. Though there may be availability of a second hose but without proper fitting it is absolutely of no use. And proper fitting can only be the hydraulic hose fittings of the best quality. A hydraulic hose puts in to work …

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Compact and Flat Garden Hose

flat garden hose

Flat garden hose is a more compact one compared to other types of hoses except coiled garden or spring types. It typically made of flexible materials is easily flattened and wound into a tight coil for storage. You can find this type of garden hose is available in many different sizes. How To Measure Flat Garden Hose Length Needed? You …

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Coiled Garden Hose – A Convenient Option

coiled garden hose

Coiled garden hose is a spring like coiled pipe which is a miniature version of the usual type. It is a more convenient option when space is at a premium. The tightly one occupies very little storage space and is great for watering your flower beds and garden lawns. The spring like coil can be extended to reach its full …

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Get The Right Garden Hose For Your Needs

green garden hose

A garden hose plays an important role in making gardening a pleasant and less strenuous task. Imagine watering a huge garden without it. It would be very tiring and cumbersome task. Carrying buckets of water to each and every of the garden and watering every plant the lawns would be a nightmare for everyone. Measuring The Length Before you buy …

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Garden Hose Reel For A Large Garden

Garden Hose Reel

A garden hose reel is a must when you have large garden or acres of lawns with a lengthy garden hose. Without the reel, it can get tangled and using it the next time would involve a lot of time trying to untangle it. With the use of the reel, it becomes easy to roll them up when not in …

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Hydraulic Hose Crimper Buying Tips

hydraulic hose crimper

The work of the hydraulic hose is very much known to all where the hydraulic systems are known to use liquid pressure to create power in such magnitude that it can force the liquid inside the machine. This use of the hydraulic pump makes it necessary that a right length of hose is attached to it. Any mismatched length has …

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Garden Hose Storage – A Host Of Attractive Options

Garden Hose Storage

Garden hose storage need not vex you anymore. There are a host of attractive options that allow you to put away the hose and no one will even know about it. For years this vital gardening equipment has played an important role in the lives of gardeners. Without having it to be used to watering the huge lawns, trees and …

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Suncast PW100 Powerwind Automatic Rewind Garden Hose Reel

Suncast PW100 Powerwind

Suncast PW100 Powerwind is an automated 100 feet long hose. Hence it is an efficient and durable vinyl hose, many users tend to buy the same hose after the first one. It has got many distinct features when comparing to the other hoses. Are you bored with your old manual hose? Is it difficult to roll back your hose after …

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Use Grain Moisture Meter For Your Crops

Grain moisture meter is the high technology device which is really useful to safe the storage and the processing of the grain. It is the excellence way to help you in your grain processing industry especially in harvest time. You will be able to increase your productivity without any serious risks. Generally, most of the devices are designed with features …

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