10 Methods How to Get Rid of Snails and Slugs Naturally

Snails and slugs feed on a variety of plants, leave, vegetables and fruits. This can cause a lot of damage to the garden. They like to come to visit your garden because they love all the edible greens.

If you are getting frustrated with these insects and wish to know how to get rid of them without damaging your garden, you can look at the 10 methods that I would like to share with you here, and you can try them out yourself.

1. Water Your Plant Early in the Morning

To prevent snails and slugs, you need to water your plants early in the morning. Snails and slugs love moist and humid environments. Therefore, by watering your plants early in the day, the sun will dry your plants out. They will get much drier and can become not appealing to snails in the late evening when they are active.

plant watering

2. Beer Trap Method

To eliminate snails and slugs, you can make use of some beer. You can use any beer and pour some of them into a container. The container will act as a trap to catch the snails and slugs.

The snails and slugs are very attracted to beer. So what you can do is to dig a little hole in any part of your garden where you expect slugs and then keep this little container at ground level. So that the snails and slugs are attracted, and when they come towards the beer, it’s easy for them to get into this trap.

The next morning you will see many snails and slugs that have been trapped in the trap. You can then eliminate them and repeat the process. Just do it for a few days by filling the container with beer, and your trap is all set again.

You will see some more the next day, and eventually, the number of snails and slugs in your garden should come down.

3. Use Chicken Eggshells

You can get some chicken eggshells and dry them. Once they are dry, you can crush them and scatter them around your plants. When slugs crawl over, the eggshells will stick on them and cut them up.


You have to make sure that you crush the eggshells in small enough pieces. Then, put a thick layer of them around the base of the plant, so the slug has no option but to go around them. They will have to drag themselves across a few inches of eggshells to reach the plants. It really does discourage them from getting close to your plants.

4. Out at Night with a Flashlight

You can eliminate slugs by go out at night with a flashlight. You can pick them up, put them in a bag and throw them away.

You can find snails around leafy greens because they love leafy greens like radish, spinach, cabbage, and leafy vegetables. You will see a lot of slugs at night since it is their most active moment.

If you hand-pick them every night for a few nights, the number of slugs and snails in your garden should reduce considerably.

5. Remove Hiding Places

If there are many hiding places in your garden, you need to remove as many as you can. You will need to keep your grass short, remove any debris or buckets under where snails and slugs can shelter. Make sure to trim your plants in the garden, as any greenery can become a haven for them.

6. Using Bait Packets

Another way to eliminate snails and slugs is to use bait packets. They are readily available to you in the garden store.

If your product contains iron phosphate, then it’s okay. But if the packets that you get contains anything called metaldehyde, then it’s not safe for you and the garden. You should avoid using it in your garden.

What you do want to see is something called iron phosphate. It is just a mixture of iron and phosphorus, which is actually good for your garden. It is listed as safe and is approved for organic gardening use.

However, I still do not recommend you to use these kinds of products because they might have undesirable residues that can be left once the product disintegrates. This is an effective technique if you have a large area of the garden that you need to cover or a large snail or slug population that you need to take care of.

7. Using Copper

You can also make use of copper to eliminate slugs and snails. Some people are not keen on using this method simply because it’s too much works to do. But if you have copper strips around your planting, containers, or raised beds, what happens is that the slime that is generated by the slugs and the snails react with copper, and it deters snails and slugs away.

So it’s known to keep them away, but it’s just too much work.

8. Encourage Beneficial Wildlife Coming Over

You can make your garden attract local wildlife to pay a visit. They will help you to control unwanted pests in your garden. Wildlife like birds and frogs will eat snails and slugs. So you may let the frogs come into your garden pond and feed the birds in your garden.

9. Wood Ash Barrier

You may prepare wood ash and place it around your plants. Snails don’t like it at all. Once they reach the wood ash, they will immediately hiding inside their shell and excreted a lot of slimes. They may slowly run away and will not get close to the plants surrounded by wood ash.

wood ash

10. Make a Cold Coffee Spray

The caffeine in coffee is fatal to snails. So, you can prepare a cold coffee spray and use it to kill the snail.

You can make a pot of coffee and let it cool. Pour the coffee into a spray bottle and spray to kill the snail you discovered in the garden. Spray until it is drenched.

Those were the techniques of eliminating slugs and snails in your garden. You may try them out, and for sure, one of the abovementioned methods will be able to help you with your pest issues.

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How to get rid of Snails and Slugs Naturally