How to Grow and Care for a Fairy Castle Cactus

Caring for plants has become a hobby for a lot of garden enthusiasts today. Succulents such as cacti are now increasingly becoming more popular in a lot of different gardens.

And one of the more popular cacti in most American homes is the fairy castle cactus because it actually resembles the spires that you can only see in the castles of fairytale movies. In that regard, how do you grow and take care of a fairy castle cactus?

When growing a fairy castle cactus, the essential part that you should learn and keep in mind is that it is almost reliant on the sun for its nutrients. It also needs its soil to be well-drained. The fairy castle cactus is a pretty easy plant to care for and is ideal for beginner cacti enthusiasts.

There is no need to be an advanced or experienced cacti enthusiast to actually care for a fairy castle cactus because it isn’t the most difficult thing to do. But, at the same time, you must get to know the basics of caring for this cactus, or else you would end up having a hard time. And once you got the fundamentals covered, it’s going to be a smooth ride for you. As such, read on to learn more about taking care of the fairy castle cactus.

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Common problems with the fairy castle cactus

Before we get to know more about how to care for a fairy castle cactus, you must understand the common problems and issues regarding this plant to best prepare yourself right away before you even get to learn how to grow one.

In relation to that, here are the common problems that fairy castle cacti face:

1. Giving it a lot of water
When it comes to succulents, you need to know first that these plants are used to hot and arid places that don’t have a lot of water. Surviving in such conditions has allowed them to stay healthy even with minimal water.

That’s why you have to understand that you don’t need to give your fairy castle cactus as much water as most other plants do, or else this can lead to problems such as rots in its stem, leaves, and roots. In that regard, make sure that you only give your cacti the right amount of water while also getting rid of parts that are beginning to rot.

2. Pest infestation
It is not rare for you to encounter pests in any plant that you take care of. The same goes for the fairy castle cactus because it will encounter pests like the scale bug from time to time. You can detect the presence of this pest if you see that your cactus has brown spots all over.

This can be problematic because it will make the plant ugly to look at and unhealthy to the point that it wouldn’t survive for long, especially when the pest infection gets too serious.

3. Fungi
Similar to how you can detect pests in your cacti, fungal infection can also cause the brown spots found on the plants. This can happen when the fairy castle cactus is staying in a pot that is too moist because you gave it too much water.

So, the best way to combat pests and fungal infection are by making sure that you only give your cacti the right amount of water. A natural insecticide such as neem oil may also be a good option for getting rid of pests and fungi.

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How much sun does a fairy castle cactus need?

The fairy castle cactus needs a lot of sunlight to thrive well, even when you place it indoors. When the plant gets all of the ample sunlight it needs, it can survive well enough to produce nutrients and stay in top shape.

In that regard, when you are caring for a fairy castle cactus, you must place it in a spot that gets a ton of sunlight the entire day so that you won’t have to encounter problems regarding the plant’s lack of sunlight.

If you are leaving it outdoors, make sure that it is placed in an area with no shade but is still covered well enough to get more water than it can handle whenever it is raining. However, if you live in a particularly cold region, you might want to keep it away from the outdoors because too much cold can kill the fairy castle cactus, considering that this succulent is used to dry and arid areas.

It is probably best to allow the fairy castle cactus to stay indoors to ensure that it doesn’t get exposed to the cold weather and rainwater outside. When keeping the cactus indoors, find a spot that gets a lot of sunlight, such as by the window but make sure that the window is not too ventilated or that the spot is away from a fan or an air-conditioner because cold air can actually be detrimental to the fairy castle cactus’s health.

How much water should my fairy castle cactus get?

Even though the fairy castle cactus has evolved to adapt in harsh areas for most plants, it still needs water to survive. But the most important thing you need to factor in here is that you shouldn’t water it as often as you would when it comes to other plants because the fairy castle cactus can survive on little water.

On top of that, giving too much water to the fairy castle cactus will lead to health problems in the future, and you don’t want that to happen to your plant.

It would help if you were using a pot with enough drainage holes that are also big enough to allow water to pass through easily. As soon as water pours out of the holes, stop watering the soil as the cactus will have enough water for its roots to drink at this point.

Unlike most plants, you need to apply the water directly to the soil of the fairy castle cactus. Also, the soil must dry out completely before you can resume irrigation once more. You don’t have to keep the soil as moist as possible as this can lead to over-watering on the part of your cactus.

Best way to take care of a fairy castle cactus

When taking care of a fairy castle cactus, two things are important. First of all, because it needs a lot of sunlight, the cactus should be kept in an area where it gets exposed to the sun the entire day. And the second is that you should plant it in a pot that can efficiently drain the soil so that the soil won’t get too flooded and the cactus won’t get too much water than what it can handle.

The best pot to use for a fairy castle cactus is a standard cactus clay pot that has drainage holes large and plenty enough for water to pass through efficiently. Use a soil mixture that combines standard potting soil and sand to mimic the conditions that this cactus often sees in its natural habitat. And when watering it, make sure that the water passes through the drainage well and that the soil should be completely dry before you water it again.

When the winter strikes, you can decrease the water you give to your cactus by about half because it doesn’t need a lot of water to survive during such a season. Also, giving the usual water to your fairy castle cactus during the winter can lead to health problems because it will take more time for the soil to dry out completely whenever the weather is too cold.

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Find a sunny location indoors if you are in a cold climate area, but you can place it outdoors so long as the conditions aren’t too cold for the cactus. The fairy castle cactus needs to be in a spot that will allow it to get as much sunlight as it needs without getting exposed to cold air or drafts.

If the cactus has grown too big for its pot or if you simply want to re-pot it, you should re-pot it in a pot that allows it to have as much space as it needs. That’s because the fairy castle cactus’s roots require a ton of soil space.

After all, most cacti are naturally used to huge spaces in the wild, especially considering that the soil is arid areas are not too rich in nutrients.

Why does the fairy castle cactus turn brown?

You may notice that brown spots can be seen on your fairy castle cactus. The main cause of such brown spots are actually pests such as scale bugs, which can easily propagate on your cacti and other plants. Your cacti will turn brown in certain spots because these insects will suck out the nutrients out of those spots. If you want to keep scale bugs away from your cacti, you can use neem oil as a natural insecticide.

Another common reason for your fairy castle cactus turning brown is fungi. Fungi can easily grow on your cactus whenever the conditions become moist enough for the fungi to propagate. That’s why we cannot stress how important it is for you to make sure that you regulate the water you give to your fairy castle cacti, or else the plants may end up with health problems that can easily lead to their quick death.

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How to Grow and Care for a Fairy Castle Cactus