Grow Rhododendron and Azalea in Cold Northern Climates

Grooming Rhododendrons

Hardy varieties of spring-blooming rhododendron and azalea grow in cold northern climates. Most varieties of rhododendron are not winter hardy in northern climates, but several varieties being tested at the Landscape Arboretum of the University of Minnesota are showing promise for successful growing in higher latitudes. Azaleas, a deciduous variety of rhododendron, are somewhat hardier, and are the variety of …

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Trellises – Your Garden Structure

Leaf Tower

If you have climbing vines then you have to have a great garden trellis. There is nothing better than experiencing the beauty of a trellis whether it be attached to a wall, within a fence or in your yard or garden. Trellises are the perfect solution for tomato plants, cucumbers and other climbing vegetables as well as roses and the …

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Wood Fencing For Beauty Garden

wood fencing

There’s just nothing as beautiful as a wooden fence to finish off a wonderful, natural yard. Wood fences have many different cuts, shapes and sizes and set off your yard as traditionally stunning. Combining wood fences with a natural wood arbor or pergola can create that picture perfect yard you have always dreamed of. After installing your fencing choice, plant …

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Your Essential Greenhouse Watering Equipment

aqua cone

Watering is one of the most important things you will do for your plants and you will need the correct equipment to be able to water effectively and efficiently. We have collected the watering supplies and tools you need to keep your house and patio plants and your garden and yard green, lush, blooming and thriving all season long! From …

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DIY Hydroponics in Four Easy Steps

step one complete

Step One – Growbed and Reservoir Preparing the Growbed and Reservoir At the core of our DIY hydroponics system are two heavy duty plastic tubs, one for the growbed and one for the nutrient reservoir. These plastic tubs dont necessarily need to be new but if you do source second hand tubs make sure you know their history and what …

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Different Types of Bird Feeders For Your Garden

zen temple birdfeeder

Bird Feeders are such wonderful ways to attract beautiful birds where you can see them up close and personal. They also ensure that some species have the much needed food source they need to survive the cold winter months or long flights when certain species migrate. We have an extensive selection of bird feeders to fit every use and budget, …

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How a Flood and Drain Hydroponics System Works

hydroponic media

There are a number of different methods of hydroponics and each one operates a little differently from the others. Virtually all methods of hydroponics provide better results than growing in soil if well tended but some techniques are higher maintainence than others. We have selected the flood and drain method for our do it yourself hydroponics system because the system …

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How to Start Seedlings For Your Hydroponic System

starting seedlings 1

Starting seedlings for hydroponics is easy and can be achieved with a minimal investment in time and money. You will need a tub of ice cream, a knife or scalpel, rockwool seedling cubes either cut from a slab or purchased already cut to size and of course some seeds of the plants you would like to grow. For our example …

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Shopping List For Your DIY Hydroponics

growbed and reservoir

The vast majority of the components required to build our DIY hydroponics system can be found at your local supermarket, plant nursery, pet store or hardware shop. The plastic tubs, aquarium pump, timer and plastic pipes are readily available however the inlet and outlet for the growbed, nutrient and hydroponic media are best purchased from a hydroponics supply shop. Heres …

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Soil For Your Raised Garden Bed

raised garden bed soil

The soil that you find in your local area may be quite suitable to use as a base for improvement but very few of us are fortunate enough to live in a place where it is suitable for the sustained growth of nutrient hungry vegetables. Whether you decide to improve your local soil or import new soil is an individual …

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Suitable Materials For Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

wooden frame

What materials can I use to build my raised garden bed? The design and construction of a raised garden bed is in itself a really simple thing, after all, all we are really building is a retainer for your garden bed. Many vegetable gardeners who use more traditional methods build up their soil into humps or mounds to assist drainage …

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Choose The Right Location For Raised Garden Bed

garden bed on sloped ground

There are a few factors that must be considered when choosing where you are going to put your raised vegetable garden bed. Most of us will be limited to a small number of vegetable garden beds in a suburban backyard, some of us will be luckier and have more available space to cultivate. The size and number of your raised …

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Thatching Your Lawn

lawn thatching

Lawn thatch is nothing but dead grass which forms a layer between the soil and new growth. It can comprise of roots, debris which when it becomes excessive can actually strangle and retard the growth of new grass. Since thatch cannot hold moisture, the soil becomes dry and unfertile. Thatch becomes a store house for insects and diseases. Thatch growth …

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The Proper Cleaning and Maintenance of Interior Water Features

water feature

As you might expect, your main concern in the cleaning and maintenance of interior water features will be the moss and algae which are bound to show up on the fountain bowls, bases and the pumps feeding water to them. This proliferation of green slime is more pronounced for exterior fountain décor than for interior ones because bright sunlight promotes …

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Understand Soil and Weed

lawn soil

About Soil Soil is a natural resource which nourishes and nurtures varied living beings. However, soil, because of constant cultivation, year over year, has reached a point of self destruction. Soil does not remain constant and paralyzed in its composition. It is constantly moving and recreating itself aided by minerals, water, oxygen and decomposing plant and animal matter. Healthy soil …

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