The Beauty of Small Vegetable Gardening

vegetable plants

There’s nothing like small vegetable gardening. You can grow many vegetables in a small space and have the beauty of the greenery as part of your backyard. How to Grow? When you first start to plant your small vegetable garden, you will need to prep the soil. This means removing all of the stones, weeds and debris from the area …

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Maintain Your Gardening Tools – It Pays

gardening tools

One would expect that when prehistoric man first attempted to plant a seed or seedling he dug into the ground with his hands. Finding that to be not only hard on the hands, but also futile, he probably graduated to some sort of sharpened stick. And so the first garden tool was devised. It is believed that the grapevine was …

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Water Gardening – An Exciting Way To Beautify Your Yard

water gardening

Water gardening like several other gardening practices came out of Egypt around 4800 years ago. If you are thinking of adding some beauty to your backyard, consider a pond. Depending on the size and complexity you have the option of hiring a contractor or buying a kit and doing it yourself. As is the case with all types of gardens, …

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Get Raised Garden Beds In The Shapes You Want

raised garden bed

Why a raised garden bed, you may ask? Well, from an aesthetic point of view – they look great! they are easy to keep clean and tidy as well. In fact, I can’t help but point my sunny little face up to the sky with pride in my surroundings! My home… my raised bed… is the pinnacle of every happy …

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The Beauty and Function of Garden Greenhouses

garden greenhouse

You might not remember the old style greenhouses but they were kind of ugly, at least the ones I saw growing up in West Texas. It seemed like they were built out of scrap lumber and covered with plastic that would rip and tear away each winter and flap around in the wind until ripping completely off; or ripping to …

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Great Yard Additions – Arbors, Pergolas & Trellises

New England Arbors

The only place you used to see arbors and pergolas were in the parks and trellises were used by old ladies growing roses or in the movies to give the guy a way to climb up to the girl’s room only to fall off on the way down. Then about 5 years ago people stared to realize that these outdoor …

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Water Sprinkler Pumps For Irrigation

sprinkler pump

If you need a sprinkler pump for your irrigation system, which sprinkler/irrigation pump do you need? A self priming above ground pump or a submersible in a well? This post will help you gather the information you need to choose which is the right one for your needs. If you have a new installation this post can provide you with …

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DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B Cordless Circular Saw Review

DEWALT DC390B Circular Saw

One of the most important tools in carpentering is the saw; it is used to cut woods with the exact measurement. However, for those people who are working as carpenter; cutting thick woods manually takes a long time and requires a strong force to make it perfectly. But in our time, technologies are evolving, people who have knowledge in producing …

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Rain Bird SST600i – Simple to Set Indoor Timer 6-Zone Review

Rain Bird SST600I

A plants lover wants to have a garden that is full of flowers, grass or trees. They need water to make them grow and reproduce as like them. However, if we have grass in our backyard or in front of our house we need a sprinkler to water them every day and we lost too much water during the watering …

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Fiskars 7884 X27 Super Splitting Axe 36-Inch Review

Fiskars X11 Splitting Axe

Axes are used to cut or trim branches or woods. It has different sizes from small to big that depends on how big the object that needs to trim or cut. The proper use of axe is by using your both hands because it requires a strong force to cut or chopped woods. However, you can use one hand to …

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Know About Soil Moisture Meters

soil moisture meter

Soil moisture meters are devices used to measure the percentage of water found in potting or ground soil. They determine whether crops require watering or if their soil is over-saturated and require a drying out period to maintain the health of the plants. They are not expensive and can be found at home and garden shops. Typical readouts on the …

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All About Garden Buildings

garden building

Garden buildings are more common in the United Kingdom, but have great practicality here in the US. They are very practical and add a touch of fun and class to any home. A garden building can be a place to store equipment, a nice carport, a gazebo, a greenhouse, a play area or just about any type of functional and …

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Fill Your Blank Wall with an Indoor Water Wall

indoor water wall

You may have already seen a number of examples of an indoor water wall. In the event that you have not you may want to take a look around. You may find that purchasing a pre-fabricated one is the best way to fill your blank wall with a indoor water wall. There is no better preparation when you want to …

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Hydraulic Hose Fittings Tips and Explanation

hydraulic hose fittings

Many times there are situations when the hose gets too wide and it becomes very difficult to work with it. Though there may be availability of a second hose but without proper fitting it is absolutely of no use. And proper fitting can only be the hydraulic hose fittings of the best quality. A hydraulic hose puts in to work …

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WORX WG303.1- A Powerful Electric Chain Saw

WORX WG303-1 Chain Saw

With advancement in technology we have been introduced to power tools which were either gas powered or electrically powered. This has reduced the manual effort and time to complete a task like cutting and pruning trees using chain saws. People would think that an electric saw is no match to gas powered chain saws, wait till you work with WORX …

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