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How do Tractor Traveling Sprinklers Work?

A traveling sprinkler is a mobile tractor sprinkler unit that is designed with a self-leveling platform to prevent it from tipping over as it makes its rounds. It comes equipped with an oscillating sprinkler head that provides saturation to just the right areas.

traveling sprinkler
traveling sprinkler

The technology is based on sensors that can detect soil variations and compensate by increasing or decreasing the water flow to ensure proper saturation. The path by which the traveling sprinkler travels is determined by a programmed cable that is attached to the chassis and not only controls movement but controls timing. The chassis is connected to a water hose and is transported along the path to supply a steady flow of water.

Benefits of Traveling Sprinklers

Traveling sprinklers are especially useful for lawns that have unconventional shapes including detailed contours and obstacles. The sprinkler bears the slight resemblance to a pulley car complete with a chassis and wheels that can handle various types of lawn and garden terrain.

traveling sprinklers
traveling sprinklers

The most popular traveling sprinkler on the market today does not need an electrical outlet nor is it driven by gasoline power; it is the tractor sprinkler and it’s design is revolutionary. This very neat little gadget is powered by the very water that it distributes. Just like connector gears that a child might use to build a race car, the tractor sprinkler uses water power to propel its gears that are connected to an axle that turn’s the wheels on the tractor causing it to scurry about in your lawn or garden distributing an even water supply.

Tractor Traveling Sprinklers

The tractor traveling sprinkler is composed of several parts: the arm assembly, the transmission, wheels (3 in number), a worm gear, a plunger on the end of the sprinkler, a hose connector and a ramp. Water is expelled and the force generated creates enough momentum to force the arms to bend in opposing directions and generate torque or a rotational force. The arms are connected to the worm gear and the momentum engages the gear within the transmission. The rotational force generated turns the tractor’s rear wheels and this makes the traveling sprinkler go.

tractor sprinkler
tractor sprinkler

Traveling sprinklers allow you to customize the settings regarding speed variance and stationery watering settings. Once the settings are programmed the unit moves slowly through the programmed path until it reaches the end of its program. When this occurs the automatic kill switch will be activated to shut the unit off. The incredible simple design makes the sprinkler easy to operate but this in no way detracts from its effectiveness. These handy traveling sprinklers are excellent for the hard to reach area gardens and lawns.

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