Irrigate Your Garden or Lawn with Sprinkler Valves

Sprinklers could assist you in ensuring that you always have a green and good-looking garden or lawn. It is such a wonderful device that provides a massive help for you to water your entire garden or lawn with just a little effort that you need to put.

The sprinkler valves happen to be a pretty vital component of the sprinkler system which will control the water flow through the system.

If the sprinkler valves are of bad quality and do not work efficiently, it will cause the sprinkler system not to perform what it should, and it is just not the way for intelligent use of water. To use them efficiently, you will need to have some knowledge of sprinkler valves.

sprinkler valves
sprinkler valves

3 Ways for Sprinkler Valves to Fail:

  1. The sprinkler valves are keep opening and running for 24 hours a day until the source of the water is finally turned off.
  2. There is “weeping” of the sprinkler that keeps leaking out a little volume of water.
  3. They aren’t turn on totally.

Once you know what is causing the sprinkler valves to fail, you can take the necessary steps to fix them. Besides, to prevent the water from backflow, you will need to get a backflow preventer. Next, you will need to take a screwdriver and carefully probe a 6-foot area surrounding the backflow when you have found one.

Make sure to probe slowly and steadily so that you don’t puncture any water pipes. In case you hit something solid, probe around this area with a diameter of 6 inches.

Buy Rain Bird Valve

If you are wondering which sprinkler valve you should buy, then get Rain Bird valves, as I can assure you these are ideal sprinkler valves you can have.

There are Rain Bird spray heads and nozzles rotor sprinklers that you can count on. If your systems are of high pressure, which is over 80 psi, you may buy an upgraded sprinkler valve that is available with dull black color.

They are a nylon plastic composite which is more powerful when compared to a glossy black valve. Should you prefer a high-pressure valve and wonder where to buy it, you may visit a plumbing or sprinkler outlet.

Rain Bird Valves

For flow control handle, if you want to get flows below 3 GPM or are looking for Xerigation dripline application, you can choose plastic residential irrigation valves with the model code of RBY-075-200MX best performance filters & filtration accessories installed upstream.

While for control zone drip kits that feature central controls, Rain Bird can offer you all the necessary components for turning the irrigation on and off. The pressure vacuum breaker can filter and handle pressure regulation by distributing drip to low-volume irrigation zone using emission devices.

Hunter Sprinkler Valves are more Preferable.

Most people prefer to choose Hunter sprinkler valves these days. Even Rain Bird used to be the norm for many years. Due to harsh competition, Hunter has priced their sprinkler valves $1 cheaper than Rain Bird.

Because the quality was very much the same, Hunter gradually becomes the leading valve for people. Besides, Hunter sprinkler valves tend to be easier to install due of the sizes are smaller.

Also, they are easier to repair since there are only four screws on top of the valve. Even Rain Bird has not cut the price to be the same as what Hunter sells, but people still prefer to buy Hunter because of the feature of easy repairing.

You must be careful when you are using the sprinkler valve. If the valve isn’t turning on or shutting off, there are high chances that some dirt may penetrate it. You should take it out and clean each of them.

You could begin by taking out the solenoid (normally a black box with wires herniated) and, after that, look into the plunger below it. The thing can be moved away easily and will be springy.

You need to clean all parts of the sprinkler valve by getting rid of any debris or dirt you notice and then put everything back again. If you have thoroughly cleaned the sprinkler valves, but they still can’t work properly, then there is a possibility that the solenoid or wiring is turning bad or the diaphragm is broken. You may want to get a replacement for this.

If you think fixing sprinkler valves is too complicated and wasting your time, it is best to buy more sprinkler valves as a backup simply. Once any of them are not working properly, you can replace them without doing any repairing.

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Identify the Different Sprinkler Valves Needed for Your Irrigation System

The effectiveness of an irrigation system is directly related to the effectiveness and positioning of the valves within that system.

Sprinkler valves have an integral role in the outworking of the purpose of your system, which is to provide the appropriate amount of moisture to your lawn or garden.

Valves regulate and negotiate the amount of water flow received in any given zone of your irrigation system.  Valves also serve as emergency response switches to shut the system down in preparation for winterization activities.

Not all sprinkler valves accomplish the same function.  Knowing which valves are needed and how to install these will contribute greatly to the success of your irrigation system.

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Shut-Off Sprinkler Valves

shut off valves image source

Let’s begin with the main shut-off valve.  The main shut-off valve does exactly what the name implies. It serves as an emergency switch to shut down the entire system.

The ideal installation point for this valve would be adjacent to the house near the water meter.  The best meter for this job would be equipped with time control and a backflow prevention system that will prevent water from returning into the main supply.

Next, the circuit control valves are valves that control the various circuits within the sprinkler system.  Each circuit requires its own respective sprinkler valves.  These valves are usually housed in one central location for easy access but away from main traffic areas.

As they are commonly known, you should house these manifolds in the front and back of your yard or on the side of the house.

Anti-siphon & In-Line

Sprinkler Valves

Anti-siphon and In-Line valves are the next valves that we will discuss.  Anti-siphon valves control the backflow and protect the water supply from contaminants.

In many areas, the city mandates using these valves to protect the city’s water supply.  You should install the Anti-siphon valve at the highest point in your irrigation system.  In-line valves control water pressure and compensate, ensuring that pressure stays constant within the system.

Angle valves that do the same job as the In-line valves are sometimes favored as part of the irrigation system in place of In-line valves because they navigate sharp turns better than the In-line valves.

Drain Sprinkler Valves

Drain Valves image source

The last valve to consider is the Drain valve.  Drain valves come in either manual or automatic models.  It is encouraged that you use both models within your irrigation system.  The manual valve can be placed at the lowest point within your system to open the system at season end.

The automatic valve can be placed at the low point of each zone to close in response to operating functions within each zone.  Once each zone reaches the near completion of its watering cycle, the valve will open to allow line drainage.

Knowing the right sprinkler valves needed within your system will ensure that your system setup is comprehensive and efficient.

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