Install Lawn Sprinkler System Without Tear Up Your Front Yard

Who really has time today to drag around a heavy hose to water their lawn. Therefore, a lawn sprinkler system is able to resolve this issue.

Lawn Sprinkler System

The manual way of irrigating your lawn is tedious, backbreaking and not efficient. You usually end up wasting more water in the gutters of the street than you do in the rootstock of the plant and not to mention the water that is wasted due to evaporation and runoff. It can be a messy and unforgiving job that no one really wants to do. Well, now you don’t have to succumb to that unnecessary evil anymore.

There is a new revolutionary product that although being a PVC sprinkler system promises to eliminate the need for trenching and complicated diagrams. This new innovative product is called the Lawn Belt and it is designed to be incredibly user-friendly installing in only a few hours instead of weeks.

The kit provided comes complete with very comprehensive directions for a user-friendly setup experience that does not require any complex connections, gluing or detailed maintenance. The system is also cold resistant which eliminates the need for concern about the piping freezing in winter.

Installing Lawn Sprinkler System

To install the lawn sprinkler system all you need to do is dig small two to three-inch furrows in your lawn to place the piping. Because of its slim design, it stays hidden and is permanent so that it endures all year round without the need for replacement parts.

If you have an existing pipe that you would like to use to expand the system there are no worries because the Lawn Belt lawn sprinkler system is compatible with PVC, poly and even micro irrigation setups.

The Lawn Belt is also compatible with some of the top names in irrigation sprinkler heads such as Orbit, Rainbird, and Hunter. The conduit does not require any maintenance because it drains itself and because of the belts unique design it can be installed just a few inches into the ground.

A lawn sprinkler system is the smartest and most efficient way to maintain a lush and beautiful lawn. Gone are the days of dragging a heavy garden hose around in the hot sun hoping to achieve the most coverage before you melt and become a part of the pavement. This neat innovative lawn sprinkler system is efficient, simple and user-friendly – the right tool for the job.

Which Lawn Sprinkler System is Best for You?

As a new homeowner, you have decided that a lawn sprinkler system would be a great asset. With a number of models on the market, it is a good idea to know what features are available, and which ones would provide you with the system that meets your needs.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide which lawn sprinkler system would be the best fit for your situation.


What are the Benefits of Installing a Water Sprinkler System?

A lush green landscape or a healthy garden with rich foliage and vegetation doesn’t happen by accident. It takes pruning, maintenance, and an efficient water sprinkler system to maintain your beautiful handiwork. Installing an irrigation system is a much better alternative to manually watering your lawn or garden.

Can you imagine dragging a heavy hose around a half acre lot under the hot sun for an hour or two? Today with the cost-effective irrigation systems available manual watering is really obsolete.

Benefits of Installing Water Sprinkler System

Although many may like the idea of an automatic system that will keep their lawn green and garden healthy the idea of installation leaves them cold. However, sprinkler systems are designed not only for ease of use but also ease of installation.

The setup time of a standard drip irrigation system is a few hours as opposed to the weeks that it would take with older traditional sprinkler systems.

Besides the convenience of installing and enjoying a water sprinkler system to automatically hydrate your lawn or garden there are the cost ramifications that should be taken into consideration.

There are several cost-saving benefits associated with the reduction of water waste. Efficiency that is experienced as a result of having the ability to program a timed watering cycle is immeasurable.

Convenient For Having a Water Sprinkler System

Water Sprinkler System

If you are a busy professional or just don’t have the time to remember to turn on the sprinkler system you can add a controller to your system to enhance its effectiveness.

The controller will not only enable you to program a timed cycle but it can also be set to run several cycles allowing you to cater to the various needs of different plants within your garden or as part of your lawn.

This will ensure not only that your area is regularly hydrated but all of the plants, shrubs, and vegetation will be cared for according to individual needs.

This is significant due to the fact that not all plants within an ecosystem will require the same amount of moisture and using a hose it is near impossible to sufficiently compensate for those special needs.

Finally, there is the issue of water conservation. Conserving water and employing more eco-friendly methods to care for daily tasks has become of utmost importance today.

Water sprinkler systems are designed to be efficient preventing water waste by only distributing the minimal water required to hydrate the plant while not wasting water in non-essential areas like the sidewalk or gutters.

Water sprinkler system tends to have many advantages and can provide you with significant cost savings and convenience for years to come.

The Truth About Professionally Installed Lawn Sprinklers

Owning a home can bring great joy to individuals and families, but with homeownership also comes great responsibility. Maintaining a house and the property upon which it sits can be a full-time job, and it can be difficult keeping up with all of the duties necessary in ensuring that a home is in the best possible shape.

Lawn maintenance is just one aspect of home care, but it is very important. A home’s yard and lawn often serve as a natural welcome mat for friends and other guests, and when a lawn is not cared for, it can become unsightly rather quickly.

Since so many people live incredibly busy lives these days, it is recommended that they install permanent lawn sprinklers so that the irrigation of a yard can be fully automated.

While some people have concerns about the costs associated with sprinkler systems, and others worry about sprinkler systems’ efficiency, modern systems can actually save homeowners time and money while helping to maintain a lawn perfectly without wasting precious resources.

lawn sprinkler
lawn sprinkler

What’s People Major Concern

As can be expected, those who have never used a lawn sprinkler system are often the people with the most concerns about installing such a system. Chief among their concerns are issues of cost. While a system is certainly a significant investment, most systems are ultimately much less expensive than what homeowners imagine.

Additionally, professionally-installed lawn sprinklers that are set up to run efficiently can save money on water bills thanks to less overall usage when compared to manual irrigation techniques.

Finally, a sprinkler system will usually increase the value of a homeowner’s property, plus it will make the yard look and feel more attractive, adding additional value to the home. At the end of the day, a professionally-installed sprinkler system is a terrific investment that can actually save homeowners money.

Another concern shared by many homeowners when it comes to irrigation systems is the ease with which the systems can be operated. Many people simply do not have the time or patience to deal with learning how to operate a complicated system.

Thankfully, most irrigation systems for home lawns are set up so that users can operate them with a minimum of effort. In most cases, these systems are designed so that the homeowner can set the controls one time. Then, he or she can simply let the sprinklers do the work.

Additionally, most of the companies that install lawn sprinklers offer training for homeowners upon installation so that users understand exactly how to get the most out of their installed sprinklers.

There are people who never set foot on their lawns, and then there are individuals who use their lawns constantly for a number of purposes. These homeowners sometimes have concerns about the ability of the sprinklers to withstand lawn-based activities and lawn mowing operations.

The idea of damaging an intricate system in any way causes them to think of nothing but dollar signs and time devoted to repairs and maintenance. Fortunately, most professionally-installed sprinkler systems are designed so that lawns can be used vigorously by homeowners and their families without the threat of damage.

The sprinklers sit beneath the ground when not in use, and they are engineered so that nothing can harm them when they are in their dormant state.

Very Useful For Those Who Always Traveling

Sometimes homeowners decide to go on extended vacations, or they must leave home for long periods of time for other reasons. In these cases, they can become concerned about the operations of their sprinkler systems while they are not around to monitor them.

Shutting a system off would mean that a lawn would not get irrigated, while leaving it on could mean that the lawn would get over-irrigated. The good news is that modern systems are designed to operate intelligently, even when homeowners are away from their properties.

Most of these systems have sensors that can tell when precipitation has occurred. When rainfall has been recorded, the sprinkler systems shut off and do not water the lawn.

Also, modern systems are designed to operate as programmed so that homeowners always know what their sprinklers are doing. Some sprinkler systems even let users adjust settings from their computers over the internet for maximum control and customization.

There are many concerns that homeowners have about professionally-installed lawn sprinklers, but most of those concerns can be allayed by the amazing abilities of modern sprinkler systems.

These systems are designed to be easy to use, plus they operate very intelligently on their own. Moreover, modern sprinkler systems can save the typical homeowner a significant amount of time and money.

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DIY Lawn Sprinkler System – Auto Lawn Sprinklers

If you are still using regular sprinklers and garden hoses to water the lawn of your backyard garden, then you are wasting water. These old fashioned methods of watering your plants distribute water unevenly leaving some plants overwatered and some not getting enough.

Making a DIY lawn sprinkler system will solve this problem. It will help you save water and can cut down your water bill significantly. Below is some important information that you should know regarding this great innovation which you will find very useful.

auto lawn sprinkler
auto lawn sprinkler

As have been previously mentioned, conventional ways of watering plants wastewater by distributing it unevenly in different areas in your garden. On the other hand, a DIY lawn sprinkler system releases the precise amount of water in the exact areas of the garden.

This means that all the plants in your garden get evenly watered. And not only will you miss out on a schedule of watering your plants because of automated timers, but you also get to have water when and where it is needed.

The basic components of an irrigation system are the sprinkler heads, the underground piping, and the hand valves or timers. The best material to use would be PVC but it can be difficult to install and the fittings can be quite expensive.

Using an old garden hose can save you money. Though a PVC pipe may last longer, a hose has its advantages. You do not have to make deep and very straight trenches as when using PVC and the fittings are much cheaper.

A brand new hose also costs cheap and is readily available in hardware stores. You can also ask your neighbors if they have some that they are not using anymore.

Installing the sprinkler system yourself is also quite easy. The internet provides much information and support when it comes to installing the system all by yourself. There are also readymade kits but it can cost you a lot of money.

Doing just a little research can make you save water, time, and money. Learning how to make a DIY lawn sprinkler system certainly has some very convincing advantages. So start now and start enjoying all the benefits it will give you.

Other than a DIY lawn sprinkler system, you can also a DIY automatic watering system for your potted plant.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that installing an irrigation system is easy because you don’t need to dig deep. My parents are old and sometimes they don’t have the energy to water their garden. I will look for an irrigation system installation company so that my parents won’t have to deal with watering the plants.

  2. I really love the idea of having a lush and very green lawn. My wife and I want to improve the curb appeal of our lawn next year so we’re happy when we pull into the driveway. We need a new sprinkler system to get that lush lawn because we have had to water manually for a long time.

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