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DIY Hydroponics in Four Easy Steps

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Step One – Growbed and Reservoir Preparing the Growbed and Reservoir At the core of our DIY hydroponics system are two heavy duty plastic tubs, one for the growbed and one for the nutrient reservoir. These plastic tubs dont necessarily need to be new but if you do source second hand tubs make sure you know their history and what …

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How a Flood and Drain Hydroponics System Works

hydroponic media

There are a number of different methods of hydroponics and each one operates a little differently from the others. Virtually all methods of hydroponics provide better results than growing in soil if well tended but some techniques are higher maintainence than others. We have selected the flood and drain method for our do it yourself hydroponics system because the system …

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How to Start Seedlings For Your Hydroponic System

starting seedlings 1

Starting seedlings for hydroponics is easy and can be achieved with a minimal investment in time and money. You will need a tub of ice cream, a knife or scalpel, rockwool seedling cubes either cut from a slab or purchased already cut to size and of course some seeds of the plants you would like to grow. For our example …

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Shopping List For Your DIY Hydroponics

growbed and reservoir

The vast majority of the components required to build our DIY hydroponics system can be found at your local supermarket, plant nursery, pet store or hardware shop. The plastic tubs, aquarium pump, timer and plastic pipes are readily available however the inlet and outlet for the growbed, nutrient and hydroponic media are best purchased from a hydroponics supply shop. Heres …

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