How To Improve Your Garden Soil Without A Compost Heap

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Ever wondered how one can improve their garden soil without any pile of compost. To have that perfect pile or bin of compost isn’t an easy deal. Do not worry! You can still help in improving your soil where your beautiful plants will receive the important nutrition for it to grow. Continue reading to learn more!

Gardening is known to be the most beneficial hobby that one can exhibit. I do that with my head held high where I proudly showcase my hard work and creation to all my near and dear ones.

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When I see their expression which obviously says it out loud that wish I had something like this, makes me feel like I am on cloud nine. You can call my garden my most prized possession and trust me when I say this, It’s not all roses and petals.

Why gardening requires all the hard work and dedication?

A genuine question though. I have come across many people who just for the sake of saying includes gardening as their hobby. But the question that they should be asking themselves is if they are dedicated enough.

Gardening requires a lot of time and patience. A seedling doesn’t bloom and blossom into a beautiful flower or fruit in a day. It takes time and proper handling to make the plant or seed grow and give you that satisfying result that you have been waiting for.

Most of the people become impatient and ends up ruining the entire process of plant growth like providing more manure or pouring more water. All these small mistakes turn out to be blunder which results in the person losing interest from a beautiful activity like Gardening.

Let’s take a basic example that we all have witnessed in every nook and corner of the world. Plant a tree Day, National Arbor Day (USA), Greenery Day(Japan), even Earth Day have different names but severs the same purpose where everyone plants a seed or a sapling as a tribute to Mother Earth.

Now, have we ever found every single person who has planted the tree taking care of the same as he/she should have? No! This is where dedication plays an important role. One cannot simply forget what they have planted.

With the drastic change in the climatic condition and environment, Gardening or even planting one tree per person has become very significant. If you look around, you will see the number of tresses left.

Due to deforestation, the beautiful greenery has been whipped out of the planet. And, if this continues, there wouldn’t be much time left where breathing fresh will be challenging.

Bottled Air

We are already aware of what is happening in certain countries. Last year, there was bottled air, Yes, A Bottled Air! was sold in many countries example Delhi, the capital of India because the air around was unbreathable with no visibility. Imagine, going to work with an oxygen mask or a bottle of air because you can’t breathe the normal air.

With the increase in air, water, soil and land pollution, planting trees remains the only solution that we are to try to save the planet from turning out to be non-existent.

Back to Agricultural Fields

There are many people who have gone back to their age-old family business and started taking care of their agricultural fields. So, you know how much your contribution by enhancing and expertise in gardening will contribute to the world and its existence.

Dedication certainly is the key component here. However, gardening can help you with a lot of health benefits like healthy heart, stress relief, better sleep and yes, financial health. One cannot simply forget that.

Gardening can also help you modify a small place like your workstation. You can plant something to make your workplace look lively and positive. The same formula is being applied by several companies these days where more and more plants are been introduced in the décor for several benefits.

We all would agree that work can become stressful at times. Having a plant around can always help you relieve your stress and calm your mind. Just like yoga does for you. Gardening can be both inexpensive and expensive.

Pick Up DIY Project

For the inexpensive part, you can simply pick up a DIY project at home. Turning an old container to a beautiful pot and then planting seeds can be as simple as mentioned here. Similarly, if you are looking out for a huge space to make a garden for yourself, you may have to incur some cost.

Again, you can start anywhere you want. It’s the determination that matters. Be it in your kitchen or office desk, there’s no stopping to it. Climber plants can also be taken for starters which survives both on soil and water and looks beautiful as it curves its way in its natural form.

When we speak about gardening, it would be unfair to miss out on the most important fact that is improving the soil quality. This is where composting and organic fertilizers come into the picture which is another essential for your plants.

Is Compost good for your garden?

Unlike Chemical Fertilizer, compost is all natural and organic. This is a process which requires decomposing of organic matter like leaves, eggshells, vegetable scraps, etc.

Popularly renowned as Black Gold for gardeners, it is a very easy process that can provide your plants all the required nutrients that will be responsible for its growth. It is essential if you are looking to have a healthy garden with good soil quality.

How to make your own Compost?

A bag of compost is easily available in the market. However, instead of going for the commercial bag, try making your own. Every day we have a lot of vegetables scrapes leftovers that can be used easily for creating your own compost. This will help you in knowing about the substances that you are feeding your plant.

There is no recipe available for making your own compost. However, you will have to adhere to the ratio of the ingredients that you put in. It should be 3:1 i.e. 3 parts Browns which includes leaves, hay, newspaper, cardboard, etc. and 1-part Greens which includes the vegetable scraps from your kitchen, coffee grounds, etc.

This way, you will be utilizing the leftovers and making the best use of it.

To learn more about How to create your own compost, watch the video.

Similarly, you can make a compost tea where you soak a small amount of compost in water. Then, you can add a food source for the microorganisms and air which is helpful in providing a healthy condition for the microbes to reproduce. This will also help your plants receive the important nutrients.

Watch this video for more information about Compost tea for your plants.

Compost without Manure:

Manure is another source that can be used for your compost. However, many people today avoid this. Especially when we speak about the vegan diet, manure can be contaminated or adulterated. Hence, even if you want to proceed forward without it, its good to go.

To know more about it, follow the video.

Things to remember which using compost for your plants:

  • The topsoil contains 5% organic matter. Adding more compost can be harmful to your plant.
  • 30% to 50% is the recommended amount of compost to be mixed with the soil blend.
  • 2-3 layers can be added after planting.
  • A compost pile can take 2 months to a years’ time to be ready for application.
  • Add compost to your plant every planting season for better results.

Alternative of Compost heaps: Organic Fertilizer

Now, in case if you do not have the time and liberty to create your own compost, you may try using the following resources as an alternative of compost heaps.

Egg Shell:
A great alternative for your plants which provides calcium to your plants. You may try mixing the crushed eggshells to your soil before transferring your plant. Using them helps in keeping your plants away from pests and slugs.

Orange Peel:
This is the easiest technique that you can try to improve your plants. Cutting and burring the peels in your garden helps your plants in getting the right amount of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium.

Banana Peel:
Like Orange peel, the banana peel also provides the same nutrients along with sodium and Sulphur. Grinding the dried peels into powder and then mixing them with the soil helps your plants in their growth.

Coffee Grounds:
Coffee is one of the most organic fertilizers for your plant. Apart from drinking a freshly brewed coffee, you can use this wonderful resource to enhance your gardening. Simply mix it with soil and that’s all that you need to do for your plants.

Improving your garden without a compost heap is the easiest and the most efficient way to use all those kitchen waste which used to be thrown away. It doesn’t require any extra money or resources, to begin with.

There are several articles on how to make organic fertilizers and ideas circulated in the net that should help you give a kickstart. As we discussed earlier, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to have a beautiful garden which you can call your own creation.

If you are someone new who is doing an ample amount of research before starting to create your own garden, then, I have some advice and tips to share with you. Read on…

Proper Planning

Before you start planting your first seed or sapling, it is important to know the correct time and season for your plant to grow in. Weather also contributes hugely to the growth of your plant. So, do not ignore that information.
Along with that, having a laid-out plan as in the layout, the number of plants, etc. are also important.

Simply do not jump into gardening without these basic checks.

Choose your plants

Decide upon the plants that you will like to include in your garden. Also, do a thorough check on the climatic region that they grow beautifully. There are several plants which require a different set of climatic condition to grow that you might not be able to provide

Gardening tools

Using the right tool for gardening will always make gardening easy and fun at the same time. It is important for you as a starter to learn the usage of the tools and then use them as when required.

Improve the soil quality

Use the organic matter which we discussed earlier to improve your soil quality resulting in a healthy plant in your garden.

Once these basics are being taken care of, you can start with your shopping right away.

Aquaponics Gardening:

Another conventional method of gardening that requires fishes and water instead of soil is gaining its popularity in today’s time.

Not all of us are blessed with a garden or a plot to convert. For those who have been thinking of burying their dreams, can opt for this method instead.

In this type of gardening, you do not need to worry about dehydration of your plants, adding fertilizer or heavy lifting. This is indeed a win-win gardening technique for you where you can raise both plants and fish indoor without any hassle.

It’s suitable for all indoor places like schools, departmental stores, restaurants, etc. You can also use it as an interior decorating resource to beautify your space or aquarium.

So, how do you do it?

Well, this is what you require for Aquaponics gardening. Plants and fishes requiring the same temperature and pH. For example, combing freshwater fish and leafy crops will give you the best output that you desire.

To learn more on how to set up your own aquaponics, follow this video:

These are the list of important information that you need to follow which trying out this conventional method.

  • Getting the right tank
  • Good quality water supply
  • The balance between your plants and fishes/animals
  • Overfeeding
  • Right amount or number of fishes for your tank as per the number of plants you’ve decided to grow
  • Adding or replacing water
  • Good pump

Apart from these, once you learn the basics of this type of gardening, you will be able to display a beautiful creation to all your friends that would certainly make you proud just like mine did.

Overall, be it any type of gardening that you might opt in to, it is important that you take care of your plants and follow every necessary instruction. You can also use gardening as a method to plant your own vegetables for consumption which will be purely organic without any added preservative or chemical.

Besides these, you can also try different arts in gardening once you excel the basics.

  • Bonsai
  • Landscape designing
  • Different types of the garden like a walled garden
  • And many more…

You can either choose gardening to be a hobby or can make a career out of it. Now, it’s your choice. What do you want?

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how to improve your garden soil wihout a compost heap


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