Why Are My Money Plant Leaves Curling And Turning Brown?

Have you ever noticed that your money plant leaves are curling and turning brown? If so, don’t worry – this is a common issue.

We’ll explore why it’s happening and what you can do to fix it. Money plants bring life and vibrancy to any space they inhabit. They look beautiful when healthy but unfortunately, the same cannot be said for unhealthy ones.

Curled up leaves and brown spots can ruin their appeal and make them look like nothing more than wilting foliage. But fear not. With just a few small changes, you can get your money plant looking its best again in no time.

chinese money plant leaves curling


Did you know that over 30% of houseplants are killed by underwatering? It’s true.

Too little water can really damage your money plant, causing the leaves to curl and turn brown. Underwatering happens when there isn’t enough moisture in soil for plants to survive. This could be caused by not watering frequently or deeply enough or having a pot with inadequate drainage which prevents roots from taking up water.

When this happens, the leaves begin to wilt and dry out as they don’t have enough water to stay hydrated. Eventually, if left unchecked, these symptoms will lead to leaf curling and turning brown.

Poor Water Quality

After underwatering, another common cause of curling and brown leaves on money plants is poor water quality. Tap water contains chlorine and other minerals that can be detrimental to the health of your plant. Over time, these chemicals can build up in the soil and damage the roots, causing them to curl and turn brown.

To avoid this problem, try using distilled or filtered water for your plant instead. You should also remove any standing water from its pot after watering it so as not to encourage root rot.

Too Much Sun

It was a sunny day, and the money plant seemed so happy. Its leaves were bright green and stood tall. But, who knew that too much of anything could be bad?

You guessed it – too much sun can cause all sorts of problems for your beloved money plant, including:

  • Curling Leaves
  • Brown Spots on Leaves
  • Wilting Plant
  • Loss of Vibrant Color

Yikes. The once healthy-looking money plant is now starting to look pretty sad, isn’t it? That’s why you should always keep an eye out if you’re giving your little friend lots of sunshine love, ’cause too much just ain’t good.

Low Humidity

If your money plant leaves are curling and turning brown, it could be due to low humidity. Low humidity is caused when the air around the plant becomes dry.

This can happen in areas with no moisture, like in front of an air conditioner or heater. It also happens if you’re not misting your plants often enough.

To help keep your money plant healthy, make sure to mist it every few days. You can also use a humidifier to increase the amount of moisture in the air around it.

Additionally, group plants together which will create more humidity from their combined respiration – just remember that different kinds of plants require different amounts of water so don’t over-water any one kind.

Pest Infestation

Money plant leaves can curl and turn brown for a variety of reasons, one of which is pest infestation. Pests like aphids, scale bugs, and mealybugs are common culprits when it comes to money plants having issues. These pests feed on the sap from the stems and leaves of your money plant, causing them to curl up and die off.

To get rid of these pesky critters, you’ll need to spray insecticidal soap or oil onto the affected areas. Make sure that you follow all directions carefully so as not to harm your precious money plant.


Imagine a garden full of lush, green plants with vibrant leaves and stems. But suddenly, the money plant’s leaves start curling up and turning an ugly brown color. It’s heartbreaking to see something so beautiful turn into a sad sight.

This could be due to several diseases that plague plants like this one. Diseases such as blight or leaf spot can cause these symptoms in money plants, and it’s important to identify what kind of disease before trying any treatments. Fungal infections are common causes of discoloration on money plant leaves – they can spread quickly from one part of the plant to another if not treated properly.

If there is evidence of fungal growth on your money plant, you should act fast by removing affected parts and treating them with fungicide as soon as possible. Taking preventative measures early on can help stop the spread of disease before it gets out of hand.

Nutrient Deficiency

When your money plant leaves start to curl and turn brown, it’s usually a sign that the plant isn’t getting enough nutrients. The most common nutrient deficiency is nitrogen, though other deficiencies in phosphorus or potassium can also be the cause.

Nitrogen helps plants grow strong stems and lush foliage, so if there’s not enough of it in the soil then the leaves will suffer first. If you notice yellowing between leaf veins, this could also mean there’s a lack of iron.

To treat deficiency problems, you should supplement with natural fertilizers like compost tea or fish emulsion. It’s important to follow instructions carefully when using these types of products as too much fertilizer can burn the roots.

Improper Fertilization

Alright, so you have been trying to figure out why your money plant leaves are curling and turning brown. Well, we’ve already looked at the possibility of nutrient deficiency, so now let’s take a look at improper fertilization.

First off, anachronism alert – when it comes to caring for our plants properly, ‘old-school’ isn’t always the best. Here is a list of 4 things that could be causing an issue with your fertilizer:

  • Too much nitrogen in the soil.
  • Fertilizer too close to the stem or roots.
  • Using organic fertilizer without enough microbes present.
  • Not giving your plant enough water after applying fertilizer.

These can all lead to leaf curling and browning on your money plant. So make sure you’re using the right type of fertilizer and following instructions closely if you want healthy looking leaves.

Temperature Fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations can be one of the main reasons why your money plant leaves are curling and turning brown. If you keep your money plants in a spot that gets either too hot or cold, it will cause their leaves to curl up and lose color.

To prevent this from happening, try to find an area for your plants where temperatures stay consistent throughout the day, away from any external heating or cooling sources like air conditioners, vents, radiators, etc. You also want to make sure that you’re using the right soil mix when planting your money plant.

This is important because different types of soils have different levels of drainage and pH balance which affect how much water and nutrients are absorbed by the roots of your plants.

Wrong Soil Mix

Hey there, have you ever noticed your money plant leaves curling and turning brown? It can be really disheartening to see your beloved plant in this condition.

Well, if the soil mix is wrong, it could be a possible reason for why this is happening.

The thing about money plants is that they need special care when it comes to soil mixes. If the ratio between sand, coco peat, organic manure, and perlite isn’t just right, then chances are that your money plant will suffer from bad health.

The best way to avoid this issue is to make sure you’re using the right kind of soil mix – one specifically created for money plants.

Root Rot

The leaves of your money plant are curling and turning brown, which could be a sign of root rot. Root rot can occur when the roots sit in wet soil for too long. This is usually caused by over-watering or poor drainage.

When water builds up around the roots, fungi start to develop and eventually cause damage to the roots. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure that you don’t overwater your money plant. Make sure there’s good drainage so excess water can escape quickly, and only give it enough water that it needs to stay healthy.

Transplant Shock

It’s like a baby on its first car ride after being adopted. You can feel the excitement, but at the same time, you are uncertain of what lies ahead.

Transplant shock is much the same for your money plant leaves; they underwent a big change and it takes some time to adjust.

Your leaves may have been transplanted from one pot to another or even moved to a different spot in your home due to changes in light conditions.

While this might seem like something minor, these types of shifts can cause serious stress on your beloved green friend. The curling and browning of the leaves is an indication that the transplant was too drastic for them to handle.

Leaves Turning Old

Money plant leaves can start to curl and turn brown when they get old. It’s normal for them. However, the tree will produce new and healthier leaves to replace the old ones. It’s a normal part of the aging process.

As a money tree grows older, its bottom leaves will usually be the first to turn brown, even if the tree is healthy. If you notice the top leaves of your money tree turning brown, it could be a sign of something other than natural aging.