How Do I Catch and Get Rid of Pesky Mice and Rodents?

I always feel the hairs at the back of my neck and on my arms stand once I hear the tiny yet shrill squeaks of pesky mice. I know that some people keep mice as pets, and others even breed them for this purpose. But even if these creatures are popular pocket pets, I seriously despise mice in my house.

They may be small and appear cute and cuddly, but underneath that fuzzy exterior are minute machines made for destruction. Mice can wreak havoc in gardens and farms because they chew through almost anything, and they destroy crops and flowers, which can cause huge damage and losses to gardeners.

Since mice can be pretty damaging, do not ignore a pest problem once you suspect or notice it. There are many ways to get rid of mice. But what you have to remember is that there really are no humane ways to control mice using lethal means, only less brutal methods. Furthermore, an extensive mice infestation might require professional help. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a reliable pest control company if you have to.

1. Traps

Many kinds of traps are available, such as the following: glue traps, snap traps, electronic traps, and live traps. Using live traps is the most humane method because this will allow you to keep mice alive so that you can release them in the wild or in a forested area that’s far from your home. Snap and electronic traps kill mice.

mouse trap

The latter is the more modern version. Here, the device emits a high voltage that immediately kills a mouse. The glue trap is the least humane of the four options mentioned. Once a mouse is trapped here, it will take many hours to die a slow and painful death.

2. Raise Some Cats

Since I raised two cats in my backyard, the number of mice that appear in my garden has been significantly reduced. Even those squirrels that usually come to visit my garden have to take a detour. This is because every time my cats spotted a mouse, they will pounce on the mouse right away.

We all know that cats are the “natural enemies” of mice, and cats can really take good control of mice. Otherwise, even if you spend a lot of effort catching mice, you can only get half the result, and the effect is very limited.

How can we ensure that the cat will do his job when he saw a mouse?

We need to put our cats “on duty” in the garden 24/7. We need to make sure that the cats do not enter our house for food. We may have them stay outside with shelter.

We only feed them one meal every morning, and that’s it. We never let the cat eat all day long Because the cat will become lazy and sleepy if they are too full. When the cat is half hungry, it is the most energetic way to catch the mouse.

Some of my friends told me they did raise a few cats, but they are just lazy cats and sleeping all day. Then only they found out that they feed their cats three meals a day. Since the cats never feel hungry, they won’t get the motivation to catch the mouse at all. So, feed them one meal a day is very important.

3. Poison

Poisonous substances used to kill mice, rats, and other rodents, like voles, are known as rodenticides. These are often used as bait. When using poison, keep in mind these two issues:

  1. there are many risks when using dangerous elements, and
  2. poisoning animals is inhumane.

Because of these concerns, the US-EPA has provided new guidelines as regards rodenticide use. This involves using ingredients that are less risky to the health of people, pets, and also wildlife. The EPA has also come up with 4 tiers of bait stations, which classify rodenticides according to how resistant these are to kids and pets. This classification also considers how to tamper- and weather-resistant certain rodenticides are.

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4. Coyote Urine

A friend has told me about a smart trick he used to prevent mice from intruding on his garden. The secret weapon is coyote urine. He told me it is very effective to get rid of mice, and also I can get it at a local specialty store or Amazon.

When I go to get the coyote urine at a local specialty store, I found there is really such thing sell in the store. I hurriedly bought it home and sprinkled it along my vegetable field and flower garden.

The instructions say I need to sprinkle it twice a week in the first week. After I sprinkled for the second time, I found that all the crops in my garden are in good shape and there are no more mice bite on the crop. I think the coyote urine works its magic.

5. Other Ways to Control or Get Rid of Mice

Prevention is crucial if you do not want rodent problems in the future. Here are a few ways to avoid a mouse infestation.

  • What you can do is keep areas clean and free from food odors, spills, or scraps, which are very appealing to mice.
  • Seal entryways and caulk holes, and other small openings. Please don’t make it easy for mice to gain entry into your garden.
  • Keep garden bins far from your garden so that mice won’t find your garden right away.
  • Practice IPM or Integrated Pest Management methods. This involves prevention, immediate identification of pest problems, and treatment.
  • Get in touch with a dependable pest control company if an infestation is severe.

As of now, there are many creative DIY mouse traps that many creative peoples are inventing. You can look at these few videos on how they set up the mousetrap and how effective they are in catching the vicious mice.

1. Mousetrap with scrap

2. Top 10 best mouse traps made of plastic pipes

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How Do I Catch and Get Rid of Pesky Mice and Rodents