How To Attract Dragonflies In Your Garden For Mosquitoes Control

Dragonflies are pure carnivores, and their staple food is through eating small bugs. A dragonfly can eat a lot. For a single dragonfly, every half an hour, it will eat food equal to its body weight. Since they are pure carnivores, they won’t damage plants and flowers.

Therefore, you should attract them to come over as they are beneficial insects since you can have them as the natural pest control for your garden.


The other cool thing about dragonflies is they only hang out in areas that have clean air. Generally, a swampy area has clean air, and that’s the ideal place for dragonflies to inhabit.

If we want to attract dragonflies to our garden, there is something that we need to know.

What colors of plants attract dragonflies?

There is no specific color that dragonflies incline to. Thus the color of the plants is not a major factor for you to attract dragonflies to visit your garden. What you can grow are tall plants and bushes where dragonflies like to live in.

What plants are dragonflies attracted to?

Have a pond alone if your garden won’t attract dragonflies. It would help if you had aquatic plants in the pond. Dragonflies love tall plants and also aquatic plants. Dragonflies will lay eggs on aquatic plants, and the larva will grow on those plants. Once they grow up, they will inhabit tall plants.

dragonfly on lotus flower

You can put submerged and floating plants in the pond. Dragonflies love plants like eelgrass, passionflower, snapdragon, pineapple, wild celery, corkscrew, blue flag iris, parrot feather, seaweed, water lily, and lotus.

For example, you can grow lobelia, seedboxes, or button shrubs in your garden. You can also let the natural grass and bushes grow around the pond so that the dragonflies have more vegetation.

Certain flowers will help attract dragonflies to your garden. You can plant them near water sources, in flower beds, or in your garden to attract dragonflies to visit.

Ideal plants include black-eyed Susan flowers, blanket flowers, cardinal flowers, Asteraceae, bee balm, catnip, coneflowers, golden Alexandria, phlox, Russian sage, salvia, or arrow grass.

Do dragonflies really help to keep mosquitoes away?

Dragonflies are carnivorous, and they eat a lot of small insects. In addition to eating more than 100 mosquitoes every day, some adult dragonflies also eat many other small insects.

If you provide them the right living conditions, dragonflies will make your garden their home, and mosquitoes will be their dinner.

How do you attract dragonflies to eat mosquitoes?

Pond and fountain are ideal water features to attract dragonflies to come to your garden. If you have mosquito issues with your garden, you may consider building a pond or a fountain there to attract dragonflies to breed and help you get rid of mosquitoes.

You don’t need to build a huge and peculiar water feature. A pond with a shallow area with a height of about 60 cm is good enough. Adult male dragonflies tend to build their territories along the edges of ponds.

Dragonflies love sunny and warm weather.  The weather condition that they like is the temperature that is over 65°C.  They will hide in vegetation if the environment is too wet or cold.

Another way to attract dragonflies to eat mosquitoes is by building some poles for them. If you do not yet know, dragonflies actually love to stop on sticks. So if you want to have more dragonflies, you may try to get some bamboo sticks and place them around your garden to make poles for them.

dragonfly on bamboo stick

The bamboo sticks let the dragonflies perch on. If you place many bamboo sticks in different areas of your garden, you will see almost every stick with a dragonfly stop on them. It helps them to target and hunt their prey as well.

How to attract dragonflies to your yard if you don’t have a pond?

What draws dragonflies to your yard is a pond with shrubs and flowers. If you don’t have a pond in your yard, there are still some other ways to think about it.

Stagnant water

Dragonflies are attracted to places with standing water, such as ponds, streams, and wetlands. They often appear on moist grass with many flowers.

If there are ponds or creeks near your land, or the recent rainfall has made your yard wet, this may attract dragonflies to your yard. Dragonflies tend to reproduce in water and feed on insects near the water, such as mosquitoes.


If you suddenly found a flock of dragonflies in your garden, this may be due to weather conditions that have to create an ideal environment for insects to thrive.

For example, the summer of 2010 was a record year for dragonflies in Wisconsin and elsewhere because the early deep snow combined before the wetlands froze in the previous winter. An early warm spring provided abundant food for insects; hot and humid summers created perfect breeding conditions for dragonflies.

You can also set up an inflatable pool for dragonflies to breed. Another idea is to get a wooden barrel and fill the water in there. Then place the wooden barrel in your garden, add plants and shrubs around the wooden barrel.

By attracting them to your yard, you can get the benefits of keeping mosquitoes and some other unwanted insects away. It would be best if you didn’t worry dragonflies will damage your garden.

They are actually beneficial insects, and they don’t bother you at all. They are friendly bugs that you can get to reduce the pest insects, including mosquitoes, and help control the pest population.

Therefore, you should be more than happy when you start seeing dragonflies flying around your garden.

You can watch this video on how a dragonfly catching and eating a mosquito. It’s just amazing!

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How To Attract Dragonflies In Your Garden For Mosquitoes Control