How Often Should You Water Snake Plant?

Planting anything new or odd in your garden be a challenge, especially when you fall in love with the longleaf snake plant. A plant that looks like leaves growing straight out of the ground can make an amazing addition to the species you are growing in your garden. Many people that add these to their gardens wonder if you can water them with the same frequency as their other plants.

watering snake plant

Depending on the season you are currently in, it would help if you watered your snake plants every 2 to 8 weeks, with summer months requiring more frequent waterings than winter. Snake plants will hibernate during colder seasons to save energy, growing a lot slower and changing color to match with the season.

Knowing how often you should be watering your snake plants is just the start, with many of the plants heavily dependent on the weather you are living in. Colder countries will experience different growths of snake plants than more tropical and hot countries. Learning how to judge when the plants need water or when they have received too much water is an important skill that you should learn to apply.

How Often To Water Snake Plant In Each Season

It would be best to water your snake plants every2 to 8 weeks, which is a confusing time frame to apply when it’s also raining or snowing. Many people think that they should wait until the seasons change to water their snake plants, usually forgetting that their plants may be indoor or that they may be going through a local drought.

watering snake plant

You need to remember two main reasons when giving water to your snake plants, each one heavily affecting the type of growth that your snake plants will be experiencing. Sometimes you may need to water regularly to ensure that the snake plant is growing healthier and faster than it would naturally.


Many people assume that spring is the main season in which plants grow, and it is not wrong. However, once spring has come and gone, many plants will grow even faster.

The fresh sun and seasonal rain showers during summer in most countries are a growth booster that will see your snake plants rapidly growing. Some snake plants won’t enjoy these seasonal showers, as they are kept inside but will still feel the blistering sun on them.

When your snake plant is indoors, or your area is going through a slight drought, you should water it every 2 weeks, allowing it to receive the proper amount of nutrients. If you see the leaves of the snake plant changing color away from its natural look, you should be spacing out the watering by another week or two.


Winter in most countries where the snake plant is growing will be a place that experiences now shallow temperatures. Usually staying moderately temperate even in the coldest of nights, these countries are tropical and have defined how the plant grows in winters. Usually with a slowdown in growth, but not a complete stop, as these countries will experience less rain during their winter seasons.

It would be best to water your snake plants every 5 weeks or more as the plant will slow down its growth during the winter season. This is a natural part of the snake plant cycle and will allow it to conserve its energy when the seasons switch over to spring and summer. It is always good to switch the plant to a new location or pot just before it starts growing for spring, usually at the end of winter.

How Often To Water Snake Plant Cuttings In Soil?

Suppose you are planning on creating a garden filled with snake plants. You will need to plant cuttings and offshoots. Propagating snake plants is a natural part of the plant’s growth.

However, it requires the snake plant to reach a larger size that may dominate your garden. Usually, this leads to people planting small cuttings in their garden or pots to have more of the plant grow.

After 3 days, you should start watering the plant every few days. Once the plant has rooted properly, you should wait for the shoots to come out. This ensures that the roots can safely grow, and once the plant starts looking like a normal snake plant, you can start watering the cuttings with the schedule you know well with the normal snake plants.

Once your snake plant cuttings are the right size, either in the pot or ground, you can plant them all closer together, creating a thick covering of a plant that will make your garden look a lot lusher. Many times, snake plants are included in gardens that want to look more tropical, owing to the plants naturally making a more humid temperament for the garden.

How Often To Water Snake Plant When Place Outdoor Or Indoor?

Many snake plant owners do not have massive gardens or easy access to a greenhouse, which is why they are taking care of their snake plants inside their houses. This presents a problem as the plant will need your constant attention and love, especially as your heating dries out the air in your home.

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You should always be watering your snake plants on the same schedule. Whether inside or outside, you should water the snake plant every 2 to 8 weeks. As the air dries out and the temperatures increase, you should be increasing the amount of water you are giving to the plant.

As a general tip, snake plants like to have around 4 hours of sun each day, allowing it to get softer sun in the early mornings or later afternoons will see it flourish. Usually, indoor plants are kept on a windowsill where the plant comfortably grows without any challenges.

How Do You Know When Your Snake Plant Needs Water?

When you are not giving the snake plant enough water, you will know in various ways, one of the most obvious ways is that the ground will start cracking. However, you may not see all of the ground and will need to look for other visual signs the plant needs to be watered with more frequency.

The best and only sign that you will see that your snake plant needs water will be when the leaves start to wrinkle. This is because the leaves are very water-filled, and when the plant is not receiving enough water, they will start to dry out. When you see this, you should increase the amount of water you give to your plant and shorten the times between watering.

However, you mustn’t overwater the plant once you see this happening, as the plant can absorb too much water and become extremely unhealthy. Many snake plant owners make this mistake when they own their first plant, as they forget that while the snake plant looks like a normal tropical plant, it is part of a genus of plants that can easily survive through most droughts.

How Long Can Snake Plants Live Without Water?

While snake plants do love water, sometimes you may want to go on vacation, be going through a drought that causes restrictions, or even forget that you have the plant in the corner of your garden.

Many snake plants are planted specifically because people live in areas where water supplies can be tough, and they cannot give water to the plant on a regular schedule.

A snake plant can go without water for up to a maximum of 8 weeks in the spring. During longer, drier parts of the year, it can survive much longer. The only requirement is that the plant has gone into its hibernation stage. Many plant owners have seen snake plants sprouting in their gardens after years of not a single drop of rain.

Snake plants are rather resilient, and while they will shrivel up and look dead, they can still grow after long extended periods of drought. This has made the plant a loved addition for more drought-stricken areas of the world as it has proven that it can survive through some of the toughest conditions on earth.


Snake plants are perfect for gardens or homes where you know it can be challenging to give the plant water every time it needs it. Some of the best uses of snake plants have been in gardens where it can be quite hot. However, if you want to keep your plant looking healthy and green, you must water it regularly.

Just be sure you check your snake plant for something slithering around it, which is not a regular part of the plant!


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How Often Should You Water Snake Plant

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