How To Propagate and Grow Succulents From Cuttings

Many people are afraid of succulent plants for whatever reason. Anyway, these plants are actually gorgeous, and they happened to be very easy to propagate. When you want to do this, all you need to do is take a pruner, reach over to the plume area( don’t cut it off the base), and cut it off there. Once they are being cut off, they will start to bleed a little white sap.

When you hold the cutting succulent, you should hold it away so the white sap won’t drip on you. You then just set them out to dry, and you can also put them on a paper bag if you want to keep them a little cleaner.

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After that, you need to wait till they are calloused, which is usually takes about two to three weeks. Once the calloused are done, you can put them in potting soil and see them grow.

My Experience With The Succulent Propagation

I am going to share with you how I propagate my succulent. I am about halfway through the process, and everything is going really well as expected.

At first, when I got the succulent plant, it was not doing so great. So what I did with it is that I tried to pick off the leaves and start to propagate them. I take excellent care of it and hope it will grow a new fresh plant very soon.

The succulents that I have used to have many leaves on them, and they used to be really tall. But after some time, it just started to get more sporadic and not so consistent. It got leaves, but they’re not very consistent, and so I think it is just a good time for me to pick off the leaves and propagate the picked off.

I actually picked off a bunch of leaves from a bunch of different plants. The first thing that I did was pluck off the leaves that I want to propagate.

Then, the next step that I did was to let the connection point of the leaves dry out and callus over. I found some leaves can dry out very fast in just two or three days. However, most of the leaves took about two to three weeks to dry out completely.

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At this stage, you can trim off the top of the plant if you want to and let it callus over until it is formed a little scab. If it is dried out, then you can put it in a fresh pot of soil. As far as the stem you trimmed it off, just let it be water like you would in a normal cycle. Let it be places where you plucked off the leaves, and they will start to grow new plants.

Once they have dried out and calloused over, I start to lay them on some soil. What I did was just laid them on the soil and then wait. You need to pay attention to that you need to make sure the soil is damp, and you might have to water it once a week. But remember, don’t overwater it!

I wait until I saw some little tiny roots start to grow. That means the propagating process is working. The root will be pink in color, and I remain calm and continue waiting until an actual new plant starts to grow.

During the propagation, some of the succulents are growing roots, but some are not. Some go faster than others, while some are completely failed.

After new leaves or plants started to grow, I changed my watering method by spraying them every day. They seem to be loving it. I place them next to a west-facing window all day long so that they will just kind of getting ambient light and not direct sunlight.

At the end of the day, it does get probably an hour of direct sunlight in the morning so that they can dry out by the end of the night.

No Mold Grows

For your new succulents, for sure, you don’t want any mold growing just like those that are growing in your garden outside.

It would help if you watered them early to have time for the sun to evaporate any moisture on the leaves. Obviously, the roots are always wet, but the leaves can grow mold. I’m not a professional gardener, but I am pretty sure I have heard that a couple of times.

Sometimes, when it is sunny and hot outside, I will bring my succulents outside just for them to get some nice light. By doing so can also prevent mold from growing on the plant.

Patience is Required During The Process of Propagating

It would help if you were patient with this propagation process. Please don’t freak out about watering your succulents as they really have long roots, and their core can keep enough water for them to consume.

Most of the succulents that I propagate are doing well and grow healthily. For those not doing too well, I need to propagate the leaves at the bottom again. You can pluck them off if you want and then do the same thing with the stump and the stem. You can put it in its own pot and start to propagate.

I did set up a new stand, so it’s right by a north-facing window. Do not put these in direct sunlight, or else the roots will dry out and go black. It would help if you placed your succulent in a north-facing window or in a window that you can pull shades down so that it doesn’t go directly burning by the hot sunlight. Otherwise, the roots of the succulent may dry out.

Before that, I thought it is good for all succulents to get a little bit of sunlight, but I realized that it is actually not the case. At least from my experience, I found that some succulents don’t enjoy direct sunlight at all. So I leave them in a bright north-facing window where they can get bright light all day long instead of direct sunlight.

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How To Propagate and Grow Succulents From Cuttings

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