Root Pouch Grow Bags – UV Stabilize, Non-Degradable and Reusable

Fabric container has a lot of benefits compared to the old traditional plastic container. Many people thought all fabric grow bags are equal and can grow the plants the same way as other grow bags. This is just not true as there is something different between them.

Grow bags like Root Pouch can offer you additional features that you would want to have. Root Pouch grow bags are made of recycled water bottles. They’re BPA-free, UV stabilized, and they don’t leak toxins.

They have mixed natural fiber in with their PET(polyethylene terephthalate). With such a mixture of material, the bag has the drawing power to bring water towards it. So the plant doesn’t have to rely 100% on the drip system.

Root Puch has the reputation and knowledge to manufacture quality grow bags. Their third-generation grow bag is kept on developing with the new technology where they are now making a new product with synthetics and natural fibers.

Root Pouch is the only company in this world that manufactured its own fabric for its fabric containers. With this, the company has full control over the materials they use to make the products. They can manufacture fabric containers that fit the customer’s demands.

One of the notable things about this bag is that it is the only grow bag that the FDA approves to grow food. So we can ensure it is very safe for us to use it to grow fruits and vegetables.

3 to 4 Year Bag

The company does release a grow bag known as a 3 to 4 years bag. That means that it’ll start the biodegradable parts of this bag in 3 to 4 years.

It then allows the roots to squeeze and breakthrough because they start to biodegrade.

When the little root tips get to the fabric, they can’t get through, and they can’t squeeze, they just get trapped there, so they send another root. With this, you will get a beautiful root structure.

They harvest trees in three to four years and take them down to the ground. After they’ve already formed a perfect dense fibrous root structure, then when the third year hits, they start breaking down.

Types of Bag Available

There are 5 main types of Root Pouch grow bags available. They are categorized in different colors.

Boxer Line

Root pouch grow bags - Boxer Line

You can get Boxer Fabric for different sizes to range from 1 gallon up to 600 gallons. You can get either with and without handles.

Black Thickest Fabric

Black Thickest Fabric

If you want to get the most durable semi-degradable root pouch, then this black line fabric bag is the one you should go for.

Like Boxer Line, the size of this bag ranges from 1 gallon up to 600 gallons. It is also available with or without handles.

Grey Thick Fabric

root pouch Grey Thick Fabric bag

This is the most versatile semi-degradable Root Pouch you can get. It featured a 250 g/m2 natural fiber blend, and it is a semi-degradable root pouch. The size of this bag ranges from 1 gallon up to 25 gallons. You can get it with or without handles.

This bag is built with higher content of natural fiber in it. It is ideal to be used for in-ground growing.

Charcoal Thin Fabric

Charcoal Thin Fabric

This Charcoal Thin Fabric is a 150 g/m2 natural fiber blend and Semi-degradable bag. The size of this bag ranges from 1 gallon up to 7 gallons. It is ideal to be used in grow rooms or for indoor growing.

The bag is skinny and very lightweight. It can help in root control and root pruning.

Black Thin Fabric

Black Thin Fabric

This is the thinnest fabric bag manufactured by Root Pouch. It is a 90 g/m2 natural fiber blend and semi-degradable for 12-15 months.

Most people are using this bag for propagation purposes. The bag forms a square bottom. When turned inside out, it forms a round bottom like traditional pots. The available size for the Black Thin Fabric bag is from 1 pint to 3 pints. There are no handles for this bag since it is just a small bag.

Making Use of Root Pouch Grow Bags

When using Root Puch grow bags, the ones that do by air pruning will get a lovely little root, and it works great if it’s above ground. But when you want them to go in the ground, you don’t want a root to go through looking for air because there’s no air in the ground.

Just like if you were doing a potting pot. You don’t want a grow bag or fabric working on air pruning because there’s no air in there.

The Root Pouch does not only have the natural fiber mixed in, but its texture won’t allow the roots to squeeze through. They’re just trapped.

The bag is injected with natural fiber, and it will absorb the water that is being used in the ground, and at the same time, it also helps to bring water into the container for the consumption of the plants.

Natural fiber can act as insulation for the roots of the plants. It can help to keep them cool during summer and keep them warm during winter.

What happens when you take the root patch out of the ground?

When the plant inside the grow bag has grown to the size you need to transplant them somewhere else, you can ship everything off the bag with the tree. You will have all the roots remain intact, and you will have no plant shot from the bag.

What does the next grower do with that when it arrives?

When they arrive at the new grower, he has to loosen the bag and take out the plant. He won’t have the nightmares of trying to rip off a fabric bag.


Many growers face problems where they are struggling to transfer the plants from the bag to the ground. After all, the roots were growing through this whole cycle because the plant roots are trying to air prune.

But for this Root Pouch grow bag, the roots are just left rock solid. They are not breaking through until you want them to. After the third or fourth year, you can rip it off quite easily, and when it does, it takes off all the little root tips with it. So it’s like prunes it, and right behind it is that nodule of carbohydrates, and it just explodes into the new environment.

For other grow bags, a lot of times when the things not to fault other bags, but when you rip off the bag, the nodule and everything is coming on with it because it’s caught inside the bag.

Once you have finished using the grow bag, you can fold it down flat and keep it for storage. If you found the bag is dirty, you can throw it into the washing machine to wash it clean. Then pack it away until you start up your spring garden again.

I like to use them because they allow air to go into the roots, as they need a little bit of air. The roots will grow to the fabric. The warm, dry air on the outside will kill those roots off. New younger roots that are more efficient at taking up nutrients and water will then start growing from the base of the plant.

I have set it up using a 95 liter or 25-gallon root pouch. Generally, I use them to grow citrus, tangerine, lime,  or lemon from small containers.

If you want a good grow bag for propagating your plants, why not give it a shot? You’ll get up and be far happier with the result you will get with this grow bag.

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