Specialty Garden Maintenance Tools That Ease Gardening Jobs

Working in your garden can sometimes require you to use more than your everyday basic garden tools. Some gardening chores may cause you to have to need a tool for a specific job that requires a little more effort, or you may need to be a little more careful while cutting, weeding or pruning in and around young seedling plants without damaging their roots. Something such as say a Circle Hoe. SAY WHAT?

gardening shovel

Yes, I said a Circle Hoe, or what about a DIGGIT. NO, Ms. Eudora has not been out in the sun too long, there really are tools out there with these names and I can assure that they are of great use at times in the garden, as well as a few others I will mention to you. This article will contain a number of the innovative specialty garden tools used by myself and many other garden fanatics to get the job done. Let’s start with the:

Long Handled Garden Tools: This is a set of garden tools that is a must-have for any person (s) who has trouble bending or stooping. The set includes a combination Aerator/Soil Crumbler, Leaf Rake, Trowel, Soil Rake, 3 Tine Cultivator, and a Push/Pull Weeder Hoe all of which fit into a telescoping handle that adjusts from 48 to 79 inches and each tool interchanges with the handle with the push of a button.

Circle Hoe: This round odd shaped garden hoe allows you to easily work between plants that are planted close together. It has dull sides with curved blades that cut away from the plants. The thick blade and heavy handle make light of tough weeding jobs that require you to sit or kneel. With its short handle (about 15 inches) and the circular hoe only about 2 ½ inches in diameter, it cuts weeds and lifts and breaks up the soil with almost no damage to the plant’s roots.

Cape Cod Weeder

Cape Cod Weeder: This tool is about 12 ½ inches in length with a metal shaft and cutting edge. It will allow you to skim the blades under the surface and cut weeds at their roots.

Japanese Hori Hori Weeder Knife: This is one all – in -one garden tool that can be used for just about anything in your garden. It scoops, digs weeds, and cultivates. Be very careful this is one tool that is also extremely sharp.

Diggit: A non- corrosive stainless steel garden tool that is perfect for uprooting long weeds and continuous rooting weeds.

Dutch Disc Weeder: Perfect if you are into container gardening because this small handheld patio knife is designed and crafted to just about every small job in your containers, it a weeder, edger, and digger.

Trake: Two sturdy durable tools in one, it has a pointed trowel at one end and a rake on the other end for cultivating between plants.

Garden Tools For Seniors

Labors of love in the garden under hot sun rays in the summer, cool rainy days in the spring, and even in the damp days of autumn can all wreak a certain amount of havoc on those of us in the senior circuit.

However, a new era of garden tools for seniors has arrived and is becoming immensely popular due to their ability to provide extra comfort while still allowing gardeners to perform important tasks. Before you start any gardening project, you should always know your physical limitations, particularly if you’re a senior.

Even though gardening in itself is a good form of exercise, and I am a staunch personal belief that it’s a healthy activity for body, mind, and soul, I cannot deny that being a garden lover does require a certain amount of physical exertion.

Basically, the new wave gardening tools for seniors are no different than those used by pretty much everyone who gardens except they come with a few extra perks. Garden tools for seniors come with gel-e filled handles and are all the rage when it comes to ease and comfort.

These tools were designed with your hand and wrist actions in mind, making them a lot easier for seniors or any person with a disability or arthritis to continue to enjoy the pleasures of gardening.

Some of the favorite old garden tools have taken on a bold new look and design. They are now lightweight, yet strong, sturdy, and durable. These are no wimpy garden tools! Some even allow you to weed, aerate, trim the grass, edge, till cultivate, plant, and just about everything else without ever bending or stooping.

Left Hand Garden Tools

While gardening is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable hobbies a person could have, working your garden can sometimes become awkward and dangerous if you are left-handed.

A right-handed person takes the ease of using tools for granted, while if you are left-handed, trying to garden with a tool that was intended for a right-handed person is not easy, especially if they are power tools. Specialty garden tools made for specific jobs in a garden are not always known about and can be hard to find.

Since most things are geared for the right hand, this can sometimes make some things more difficult for a lefty and they will not be so good at performing a simple garden task because of the tool.

left-handed gardening tool

Many manufacturers have been for some time, making garden tools geared for a left or right-handed person and some strictly for a left-handed person. To help make gardening a breeze, some left-hand tools also come ergonomically designed with the cushion grips. Listed below are some of the basic left-hand garden tools.

  • Left hand Prunersleft handed pruners
  • Left hand Angle Weederleft handed weeder
  • Left hand Cape Cod Weeder
  • Left hand Dutch Hoeleft hand dutch hoe

Other left-hand garden tools that will be of great use are the:

  • Twisted Trowel – designed for a left or right hand and works well for container gardening twisted trowel
  • A good tool for scraping the soil while getting rid of shallow weeds, also available with a longer handle
  • Left Handed Japanese Hori Hori Knife
  • Left Handed Short Neriji Hoe

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