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Garden Trellises Add Support in Style

Garden Trellis

Used to grow everything from grapes, to beans, to flowers, to purely ornamental vines, garden trellises expand your garden up off the ground and into the air. Garden trellises can be free standing or attached to a fence, wall or building. Although many plant supports are called trellises, a real trellis exists solely to support a vertically-growing plant and to …

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Garden Obelisks

Garden Obelisk

Beneficial for urban gardeners who want to save space, the use of garden obelisks is an ideal way to grow vining crops in the vegetable garden. Plant a dozen pole beans around the base of an obelisk and watch the vines twine around it as they reach for the sky. Grow melons on taller garden obelisks, their perfectly shaped, unblemished …

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Trellises – Your Garden Structure

Leaf Tower

If you have climbing vines then you have to have a great garden trellis. There is nothing better than experiencing the beauty of a trellis whether it be attached to a wall, within a fence or in your yard or garden. Trellises are the perfect solution for tomato plants, cucumbers and other climbing vegetables as well as roses and the …

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Different Types of Bird Feeders For Your Garden

zen temple birdfeeder

Bird Feeders are such wonderful ways to attract beautiful birds where you can see them up close and personal. They also ensure that some species have the much needed food source they need to survive the cold winter months or long flights when certain species migrate. We have an extensive selection of bird feeders to fit every use and budget, …

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Great Yard Additions – Arbors, Pergolas & Trellises

New England Arbors

The only place you used to see arbors and pergolas were in the parks and trellises were used by old ladies growing roses or in the movies to give the guy a way to climb up to the girl’s room only to fall off on the way down. Then about 5 years ago people stared to realize that these outdoor …

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Fill Your Blank Wall with an Indoor Water Wall

indoor water wall

You may have already seen a number of examples of an indoor water wall. In the event that you have not you may want to take a look around. You may find that purchasing a pre-fabricated one is the best way to fill your blank wall with a indoor water wall. There is no better preparation when you want to …

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The Resilience of Wrought Iron Garden Decor

rooster wrought iron

There is something very regal and fine when it comes to wrought iron. It brings with it the thought of the old world when blacksmiths of the day heated the metal and turned it into wonderful useful décor. The only thing that has changed is the method the pieces are made as beauty of any kind is always useful. Add …

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Garden Decor Makes Homes Happier

garden bird bath

The yard and garden area you get when purchasing a new home is never what you envision, no matter how nice it might be. There are always changes to be made and many are quick and easy. In the beginning we are so consumed with the interior of the home that we often miss what can be done on the …

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Garden Furniture – The Great Debate

garden furniture

When it comes to garden furniture there are a number of things you need to take into account to find the right set for your garden, this article looks into those factors to help you make the right choice. What are the choices? Garden Furniture generally comes in four main types of material: Wood Glass / Metal Plastic Wicker / …

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5 Reasons to Add a Conservatory to Your Home

conservatory design

Do you long for a space where you can relax and retreat in your home? Are you in search of a room that offers garden views and makes the most of natural light? If so conservatories are well worth considering. Here are 5 reasons why they can be a valuable addition to any home: 1. A space for reflection A conservatory …

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