Flower Meaning Perseverance – Magnolia

The language of flowers refers to people’s language with flowers to express people’s feelings and wishes. For example, rose which is the flower of the most representative is gradually formed under certain historical conditions. It is a form of information exchange recognized by a certain range of people.

While for people who want to express their appreciation to someone who is perseverance and determine, they normally will send the flower of magnolia.

Magnolia is with flower meaning perseverance because it is a hardy and tough flower. It can strongly grow compared to other flowers.

The magnolia is a delicate and fragrant flower. It resembles a girl who was showering in the morning. The petals are purple, and the inside is almost white or pink. The flowers are beautiful, shy, lovely, and full of fragrance. It seems that all beautiful words can be used to describe the blooming magnolia flowers.

More about flower meaning perseverance

For magnolia, other than being the flower that symbolized perseverance, it still has many other different meanings.

In some parts of the world, the magnolia is symbolized acceptance, change, female energy, strength, and wisdom.
For a guy to give magnolia to a girl, It means: “I will always love you”. But it can be different from the rose as sending magnolia is emphasize the love expressed in a determined and affirmative way. It is similar to the magnolia flower that shows the meaning of perseverance.

What Make Magnolia Tough and Perseverance?

Magnolia is a large genus of about 210 flowering plant species in the subfamily Magnolioideae of the family Magnoliaceae.

In Chinese culture, magnolia is the flower of May. The people in China call the magnolia as pole pole.

Magnolias came into existence before bees. This means their flowers were pollinated by beetles who were around about 100 million years ago when magnolias came into being.

Since it is a very old flower species,  that’s why it is strong enough and is perseverance to grow.

The name magnolias are fought to be named after famous 17th-century French botanist, Pierre Magno, who is credited with determining that plants belong to families and not just species.

Due to its large and beautiful flowers, magnolia was widely spread in Europe and America. In America, the people even established a special magnolia society and cultivated a variety of horticultural magnolia flower varieties.

There is a famous magnolia tree outside the White House in Washington that was planted by controversial President, Andrew Jackson, in 1835.

The tree even featured on the $20 note between 1928 and 1988. But sadly it was severely caught back in December of 2017 as it had become damaged and unsafe.

Flower Meaning Perseverance

Understand  The Language of Flowers

If you are someone who is appreciating flowers, you need to understand the language of flowers which forms the core of flower culture.

In flower communication, although flower language is a silent one, its meaning and emotion are more expressed than words.

Don’t just send someone fresh magnolia flowers without understanding the meaning of the flower. You may end up making people misunderstand your intention and the situation can be kind of embarrassing.

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