The Flowery Meanings, Languages and Sentiments – A to Z

Flowers have always held a certain mystique. They hold different meanings and honor, whether painted on a wall in an ancient tomb or etched onto a Grecian urn.

purple orchid flower

Flower Meanings – A

Abandon Grape
Abandonment Anemone, Japanese Anemone
Absence Wormwood
Absolute achievement Gold rose
Accept a faithful heart Weigela
Acceptance Lilac
Accommodating disposition Valerian
Accomplishment Laurel
Achievement in the arts Laurel
Activity Thyme
Adieu Sweet pea, pea
Administration, wise Pear
Admiration Carnation(especially red or yellow), heather
Adoration Sunflower
Adversity Wallflower
Advice Rhubarb
Affection Marigold, pear, wormwood
Affection, conjugal Geranium
Affection, generous and devoted Honeysuckle
Affection, lively and pure Pink carnation
Afterthought Aster
Age, winter of Guelder rose, viburnum
Aggressiveness Lavender cotton
Ambition Ivy, mountain laurel
Ambition, female White hollyhock
Amiability Jasmine
Antidote Plumbago
Ardor fleur-de-lis/iris
Artifice Clematis
Arts Acanthus
Aspiration Foxtail Lily, cheddar pinks
Aspiring Bellflower
Assignation Scarlet pimpernel
Athletic victory Sweet woodruff
Attachment, ardent Lavender, larkspur
Attachment, early Thornless rose
Attractive Foamflower, sea holly
Attractive to the opposite sex Lemon verbena
Austerity Thistle
Availability Wild or hardy geranium
Aversion China or single pinks


Flower Meanings – B

Baby, newborn English daisy
Baby’s hands Japanese maple
Bantering Southernwood
Bashfulness Peony
Bashful modesty Sensitive plant
“Be careful, do not hurt me!” Sensitive plant
Be not weary Mugwort
Beautiful eyes Variegated tulip
Beautiful, long Begonia
Beauty Camellia, pink carnation, cinnamon, daylily, delphinium,
lilac, maple, orchid, peony, roses, pink rosebud
Beauty, capricious Lady’s slipper orchid, musk rose
Beauty, lasting/unfading Carnation, wallflower, stock
Beauty, magnificent Calla lily
Beauty, neglected Throat wort
Beauty always new China rose, damask rose
Beauty and youth – Rosebud
Beauty in retirement Aster
Beauty, splendid Amaryllis
Beer Hops
Beginning anew Rue
Beginning, at the very Parsley and rue together
Belief Garden anemone
A Belle Orchid
Beloved daughter Cinquefoil
Beneficence Marshmallow
Benevolence Princess tree, sweet shrub
Benevolent justice Pear
Best qualities Cream rose
Best wishes Basil
Betrothal Red carnation
“Beware, I am fanciful.” Begonia
Beware of the excess Saffron crocus
Birth Dittany
Bitterness Russian olive, wormwood
Bluntness Borage
Blushes Sweet marjoram
Boastfulness Hydrangea
Boldness Pine, pinks
Bonds of love Carnation, honeysuckle
Bravery Thyme
Bridal favor Ivy geranium
Bridal festivities Orange
Brouhaha Rhubarb

hybrid dendrobium orchid

Flower Meanings – C

Candor White violet
Capability Coneflower
Cares Calendula/Pot marigold
Carousing Grape
Challenge Coral bells
Change Scarlet pimpernel
Charity Tulip
Charm Rose, especially red
Charm feminine Gardenia
Chastity Orange blossom
Cheerfulness Buttercup, chrysanthemum (especially yellow),
English daisy, lemon mint
Cheerful always Coreopsis
Cheers my soul Quince
Cheers the heart Ajuga/bugle
Childhood Sweet William, geranium
Childishness Buttercup
Chivalry Flowering cherry, daffodil, monkshood
Christian faith Passionflower
Christmas joy Holly berries
Cleanliness Soapwort
Cleansing Hyssop
Clear vision Rue
Cleverness Strawberry begonia
Coldness Chaste bush
Comfort Chamomile, geranium, especially red,
scented and scarlet, mugwort, pear
Comforting Ginger
Compassion Bee balm, elderberry, sweet shrub
Complaisance Reed
Complexion, brilliant Damask rose
Conceit Spirea
Conception aid Mugwort
Confession of love Moss rosebud
Confidence Lilac polyanthus
Confidence in heaven Flowering reed
Congratulations Rose
Conjugal affection Geranium
Conjugal love Linden
Consolation Scarlet geranium, sweet marjoram,
corn poppy, snowdrop
Constancy Bellflower, wild or hardy geranium, ivy,
calendula/pot marigold
Contentment Camellia
Conviviality Cone
Coquetry Yellow lily
Coquette Daylily
Cordiality Sweet woodruff
Counterfeit Mock orange/philadelphus
Courage Borage, plum, thyme, garlic chives, garlic
Courtesy Sweet marjoram
Creative force Red and white rose
Creativity Oregano
Cruelty Nettle
Cure Yarrow
Cure for heartache Yarrow
Cure for melancholy Lenten rose/hellebore


Flower Meanings – D

Dainty pleasures Coral bells
Danger Rhododendron
Dangerous love Tuberose
Dangerous pride Blackberry
Daughter, beloved Cinquefoil
Daughter’s sweetness, Wisteria
Dauntlessness Statice
Dazzling but dangerous Snapdragon
A deadly foe is near Monkshood
“Death is preferable to dishonor!” Withered white rose
Deceit Geranium, monkshood
Decision Foxglove
Declaration of love Tulip, especially red
Decrease of love on better acquaintances Yellow rose
Delay Hardy geranium
Delicacy Cornflower
Dusty Miller, lily-of-the-valley
Delicate pleasures Sweet pea
Departure White pinks, sweet pea, pea
Desertion Columbine
Desire Red rose
Devoted affection Honeysuckle
Devotion Lavender, hosta, hydrangea, champagne rose, rosemary
Dexterity Sweet William
Diffidence Cyclamen
Dignity Silver King artemisia, dahlia, pinks, lavender rose
Directness Borage
Discretion Maidenhair fern, lemon blossom
Disdain Yellow carnation, rue
Dispels melancholy Yarrow
Disquietude Marigold
Distinction Cardinal flower, acidanthera/peacock orchid
Distinction/highest mark of Yellow rose
Distrust Cyclamen, lavender
Do not abuse Saffron crocus
Do not forget me! Forget-me-not
Docility Rushes
Domestic happiness Grape, holly
Domestic virtue Sage
Dreaminess Pink tulip
Dreams Sweet phlox
Drunk and blowsy Valerian
Durability Oak
Duty through the hardship Purple-leaf plum


Flower Meanings – E

Early attachment Thornless rose
Early friendship Red periwinkle
Early youth Primrose
Earthly delights Jerusalem sage
Education, good Cherry, clover
Effervescence Champagne rose
Egotism Narcissus
Elegance Bleeding heart, Carolina jasmine, locust, maple
Eloquence Crepe myrtle, iris, Mexican or velvet sage
Embarrassment Nigella
Encouragement Galax, goldenrod
Endurance Pine
Endurance in love Calendula/pot marigold
Energy Red salvia
Energy in adversity Chamomile
Ennui Moss
Enthusiasm Monte Cristo aster, bouvardia, corn poppy
Envy Wild or hardy geranium
Esteem Sage, especially pineapple
Esteem but not love Spiderwort
Eternal life Sweet woodruff
Evanescent loveliness of life Morning glory
Evening joy Moth orchid
Evil prevented Lavender cotton
Excellence Camellia
Excess Gilded rose
Expectation Anemone
Expected meeting Nutmeg scented geranium
Eyes, beautiful Variegated tulip

Flower Meanings – F

Faith Garden anemone, mustard seed
Faithfulness Dogwood, verbena, violet, especially blue
Falsehood Yellow lily
Fame Tulip poplar, Tulip
Fame speaks him great and good Apple
Family union Pink verbena
Fantastic extravagance Scarlet poppy
Farewell Spruce
Farsighted outlook Queen-of-the-prairie
Fascination Carnation, especially red or yellow, fern, pinks
Fashionable Queen’s rocket
Fastidiousness Sensitive plant
Feasting Parsley
Fecundity Fig, orange
Felicity Bachelor’s button/cornflower, dusty-iller,
impatiens/balsam, sweet sultan
Female ambition White hollyhock
Female fidelity Speedwell/veronica
Feminine charm Gardenia
Feminine modesty Calla lily
Feminine softness Peach
Femininity Shell-ink rose
Fertility Plum, verbena
Fertility and abundance Pomegranate
Festivity Parsley, baby’s breath
Fickleness Pink larkspur
Fidelity Bleeding heart, ivy, myrtle, rhubarb, rosemary
Fidelity, female Speedwell, veronica
Fidelity in adversity Wallflower
Fidelity in love Lemon
Finesse Sweet William
First emotions of love Purple lilac
First love White azalea
Fitness Sweet flag
Flamboyant Cattleya orchid
Flame Fleur-de-lis/iris
Flee away Pennyroyal
Fleeting quality of life Grass
Flirt Daylily, feverfew
Folly Columbine, geranium, especially Scarlett
Foolishness Pomegranate
Foppishness Pomegranate
For once, may pride befriend me! Tiger flower
Force Fennel
Foresight Lily, strawberry
Forever shine Red salvia
Forgetfulness Opium poppy
Forgive and forget Yellow rose
Forgiveness Creeping Jennie, gooseneck loosestrife
Forsaken Willow
Freshness Green rose
Friendliness Wheat
Friendship Galax, gerbera daisy, ivy, Peruvian lily/alstroemeria,
pine, pussy willow, rose, especially yellow, willow
Friendship (early) Red periwinkle
Friendship (warm) Pine
Fruitfulness Hollyhock, lily
Fulfillment Raspberry
Fun Lemon balm
Future promise Buds, strawberry


Flower Meanings – G

Gaiety Primrose, yellow lily, baby’s breath
Gallantry Sweet William
Games Hyacinth
Generosity Gladiolus, globeflower, orange
Genius Planetree
Gentle-heartedness Raspberry
Gentleness Lamb’s ears, pink rosebud
Gifts of the Holy Spirit Columbine
Girl’s Day Flower (Japan) Peach
Gladness Sweet cicely
Gladness, youthful Crocus
Glory Laurel
Good fortune Goldenrod, coral rose, vervain
Good luck Bayberry, clover, garlic, white heather
Good luck in the new year Rosemary
Good nature Forsythia
Good news Guelder rose
Good taste Single dahlia
Goodwill Holly
Government, good Pear
Grace Carolina jasmine, rose, especially pink, rue,
pink rosebud
Grace, airy Asparagus fern
Graceful Sea holly
Gracefulness Daffodil, white geranium
Gratitude Bellflower, dahlia, globeflower/Trollius,
parsley, purple-leaf sage, statice
Gratitude to parents White dahlia
Great joy and delight Caladium
Grief Calendula/pot marigold, thistle
Grow thin Fennel

Flower Meanings – H

Hands full of cash Peony
Happiness Lavender, sweet marjoram, plum
Happy outcome Orang
Happy years Tulip
Hard work Coral bells, clover
Hardiness Plum
Harmony Red rose
Hatred Basil
Haughtiness Amaryllis, double larkspur, sunflower
Pity my passion! Jonquil
Haven Queen Anne’s lace
Healing Lemon balm
Healing properties Bachelor’s button
Heals wounds Yarrow
Health Bachelor’s button, geranium, especially red,
calendula/pot marigold, pear, Green rose, yarrow
Health, good Feverfew, shell-ink rose
Health, ruddy Peach
A heart untouched by love White rosebud
The heart Anthurium/flamingo flower
The heart’s mystery Crimson polyanthus
Heartache, cure for Yarrow
Heedlessness Almond
Helpfulness Blue spirea
Helpless and delicate Wisteria
High-souled Scarlet lily
Home Myrtle
Home sweet home Comfrey
Homeyness Lemon mint
Hope Almond, forget-me-not, pear, spring starflower
Hope, innocent Red rosebud
Hope in adversity Spruce
A hopeful future Pomegranate
Hospitality Oak, pineapple mint, pineapple sage
Humility Allium/flowering onion, violet
Humor Cockscomb

Flower Meanings – I

I admire your accomplishments Coral rose
I am dazzled by your charms Ranunculus
I am happy that you love me! Yellow dahlia
I am humble but proud! Ragwort
I am in despair! Withered white rose
I am not ambitious for myself, but you Foxglove
I am worthy of you White rose
I am your captive! Peach
I await your favors Orchid
I cannot give thee up! Columbine
I cling to thee Wisteria
I cling to you both in the sunshine and shade Virginia creeper
I desire a return of affection Jonquil
I have a desire to please Wild or hardy geranium
I die if neglected! Laurustinus/viburnum
I do not believe you! Yellow carnation
I engage you for the next dance Ivy geranium
I have lost all Pincushion flower/scabiosa
I love you Red rose, red chrysanthemum
I love you in secret Gardenia
I return your love! Violet
I share your sentiments Double aster, English daisy
I think of you! Blue salvia
I think of you constantly Variegated dahlia
I understand you -light Colored cyclamen
I will not economize Red cyclamen
I will think of it Single aster, a wreath of daisies
Ill-timed wit Wood sorrel
I’ll return Queen Anne’s lace
I’ll still be waiting Astilbe
Imagination Lupine, pink tulip
Immortality Globe amaranth, peach rose, spruce
Impatience Balsam
Inconstancy Evening primrose
Independence Nigella, oak, thistle
Indifference Candytuft, chaste bush
Industry Clover
Industriousness Dusty miller
Infidelity prevented- Caraway
Ingenuity Clematis, penciled or skeleton geranium,
white pinks
Ingratitude Buttercups
Innocence Daisy, English daisy, freesia, primrose
Innocence, spotless White violet
Innocence, youthful White lilac
Innocent hope Red rosebud
Insincerity Cherry, foxglove
Inspiration Angelica
Instability Dahlia
Instruction Bayberry
Intellect Walnut
Intellectual excellence Sumac
Intoxication Grape
Irresistible Dill


Flower Meanings – J

Jealousy Marigold, especially French, yellow rose
Joviality Chrysanthemum
Joy Chrysanthemum, calendula/pot marigold,
sweet marjoram, myrtle, oregano, rose,
especially red or red/white bicolor, sorrel
Joys to come Wood sorrel
Jubilation Guilder rose/viburnum
Justice Black-eyed Susan
Justice, benevolent Pear

Flower Meanings – K

Keep my secret White rose
Keys Maple
Kindliness Blue hyacinth
Kindness Elderberry, sweet marjoram
Kiss me twice before I rise Nigella

Flower Meanings – L

Lasting beauty Stock
Lasting pleasure Everlasting pea
Liberty Green rose
Life Cone, pine cone
Life, long Chrysanthemum, euonymous
Light-heartedness Shamrock
Little-oy flower Anthurium/flamingo flower
Living for love White carnation
Longevity Fig, peach, pine, plum, oak, pear, coral rose
Love Azalea, cinnamon, lemon balm, lilac,
myrtle, orchid, periwinkle, pinks, rose,
especially red, pink tulip, blue-violet
Love, ambassador of Cabbage rose
Love, ardent Impatiens/balsam, red tulip
Love, ardent and pure Carnation
Love, bonds of Carnation, honeysuckle
Love, brotherly Mock orange
Love, confession of Moss rosebud
Love, conjugal Linden
Love, consuming Tulip
Love, dangerous Tuberose
Love, deep and pure Carnation
Love, filial Virgin’s bower/clematis
Love, first White azalea
Love, first emotions of Purple lilac
Love, hopelessness Yellow tulip
Love, living for White carnation
 Love lost White tulip
Love, maternal Wood sorrel, pink carnation, moss
Love slighted Yellow chrysanthemum
Love, true Forget-me-not
Love, unrequited Begonia
Love wedded Ivy
Love, woman’s Carnation, cheddar pinks
Love letters Agapanthus/lily-of-the-Nile
Love undiminished by adversity White dogwood
Loveliness Gentian
Loveliness perfected Camellia
Lover’s charm Almond
Love’s oracle Dandelion
Loving thoughts Pansy
Loyalty Bamboo, pine, sunflower, blue-violet
Luck White clover, lavender, red rose, shamrock
Lust Orchid
Luxury Cymbidium orchid


Flower Meanings – M

Magnificence Cymbidium orchid
Majesty Lily
Marriage Myrtle, orange, plum, verbena
Marriage, happy Amaryllis, carnation, cherry blossom, clematis
Married bliss Myrtle
Martyrdom Red rose
Maternal affection Cinquefoil
Matronly grace Cattleya orchid
Mature charms Cattleya orchid
Mature elegance Pomegranate
May you be pleased, and your sorrows mine! Rose
Meeting, appointed Everlasting pea
Meeting, expected Nutmeg scented geranium
Meet me! Sweet pea
Melancholy Dead leaves, geranium
Melancholy, cure for Lenten rose/hellebore
Memory Sweet William, tulip
Memory, tender Sweet pea
Mental beauty Clematis
Mental powers Savory
Merit, the reward of Laurel
Merriment Cherry-red rose
A merry heart Salad burnet
Message Iris
Mirth Crocus, hops, sweet marjoram
Miscarriage prevented Tansy
Misery Calendula/pot marigold
Misrepresentation Dahlia
Mitigates grief Sage
Mobility White pinks, pine
Moderation Azalea
Modesty Cosmos, lilac, violet
Modesty, feminine Calla lily
Most lovable Ajuga/bugle
Music Oats, reed
My bane, my antidote white poppy
My compliments Iris
My gratitude exceeds your care Dahlia
My love will never die Double pinks

Flower Meanings – N

Newborn baby English daisy
Needing protection Gerbera daisy
Never forget Scots thistle
Never too late to amend Japanese rose/kerria
Newlyweds Pinks
No!! Pinks
Nobility Lowering cherry, orchid
Noblest, among the Tulip poplar
Nuisance Ragweed
A nymph Nerine

Flower Meanings – O

Obedience Obedient plant
Oblivion Poppy
Opposition Slime fungus
Optimism Chrysanthemum
Our souls are united – phlox
rose flower
Lady Ryder of Warsaw rich crimson red roses – modern British shrub by Harkness

Flower Meanings – P

Panache Calla lily
Par excellence Sweet pea
Parental affection Sorrel
Participation Double dahlia
Passion Red or laced carnation, myrtle, red rose
Patience Allium/flowering onion, chamomile,
oxeye daisy, willow
Patriotism Nasturtium
Peace Gardenia, myrtle, olive
Penitence. Yew
Perfect goodness Strawberry
The perfect lover Tulip
Perfection Rose, especially cream
Perpetual concord Apple
Perplexity Nigella
Perseverance Magnolia, plum, yew
Personal achievement Laurel
Pilgrimage Plantain
Play Hyacinth
Pleasant Ginger
Pleasantries Peruvian lily/alstroemeria
Pleasure, lasting Everlasting pea
Pleasure without alloy Turtlehead
Pleasures, worldly Astilbe
Pleasures of hope Crocus
Pleasures of memory Periwinkle
Plenty Grape
Pliancy, strength through Bamboo
Poetry Eglantine rose
Poking fun Pokeweed
Pomp Dahlia
Popularity Kalanchoe
Popular, highly Begonia
Posterity Pomegranate
Power Silver King Artemesia, oak
Pray for me White verbena
Prayer Blueberry
Precaution Goldenrod
Preference -Scented geranium Goldenrod
Preferred Dead nettle
Presumption Snapdragon
Pride Amaryllis, tiger-lily, red rose, pink carnation
Pride, dangerous Blackberry
Pride of newly-acquired fortune – Auricula/primula
Pride of ownership Jerusalem sage
Pride of riches Polyanthus/primula
Profits in business Pea
Progeny, numerous Orchid
Promise Iris
The promise of good things to come Buds
Promptness Stock
Proposal of love Phlox
Prosperity Grape, nigella, oak, wheat
Protection blueberry, garlic, garlic chives, red geranium, juniper,
Queen Anne’s lace, Saint-John’s-Wort
Protection for travelers Wormwood
Protection from danger Heather
Providence Trefoil
Pure and guileless White verbena
Pure heart Baby’s breath
Pure love of a virgin Cosmos
Purity Gardenia, white lilac, lily, lily-of-the-valley,
white rosebud
Purity of sentiment White violet
Pursuit Lavender cotton
Garden with the flourishing lavender

Flower Meanings – Q

Queen of coquettes Rocket

Flower Meanings – R

Rarity Lavender rose
Rashness Butterfly bush
Recall Silver-leaf geranium
Reckless Mandevilla
Recollections, pleasant White periwinkle
Reconciliation Olive
Recovery from illness Pussy willow
Refinement Gardenia, orchid
Refusal Japanese anemone, striped carnation,
striped or white pinks
Regard Daffodil
Rejected suitor Ice plant
Rejection Yellow carnation
Rejoice and comfort the heart Sweet cicely
Rejoicing Sweet woodruff
Rejuvenation Lemon balm
Relief Lemon balm
Religious Passionflower
Remembrance Forget-me-not, hydrangea, calendula/pot marigold,
rosemary, statice
Remorse Bramble, red or black raspberry
Rendezvous Chickweed, scarlet pimpernel
Repentance Rue
Reserve Maple
Resoluteness Sumac
Resolved to win Columbine
Respect Daffodil, pea, white rose
Responsibility Lemon verbena
Rest Hops
Resurrection Lily
Retirement Tulip poplar
Return of a friend is desired Delphinium, balloon flower/platycodon,
bellflower/campanula together
Return of happiness Lily-of-the-valley
The reward of literary merit Tea olive
The reward of merit Laurel
The reward of virtue Rose
Rich in charms Buttercup
Riches Corn/wheat
Richness Cream rose
Righteousness Gentian
Risqué Protea
Rivalry Rocket
Role reversal Perilla
Romance Azalea
Royalty Pomegranate

(The following flower meanings are taken from the glossary of the book “Tussie-ussies, The Language of Flowers” by Geraldine Adamich Laufer, which I highly recommend for its insightfulness and beautiful photography. This flower guide includes the meanings of different flowers and the symbolic meanings of flowers.)

Pink hyacinths blooming in the garden in spring. Selective focus.

Flower Meanings – S

Sadness Dead leaves
Safe Ginger
Safety Broom, traveler’s joy
Scholarship Coral bells, orchids, especially cymbidium
Self-esteem Narcissus
Self-love Narcissus
Sensibility Sensitive plant
Sentimental recollections -Aster, Silver King Artemisia
Separation Carolina jasmine
Serenity Willow
Showy Lisianthus
Shyness Peony, rose-colored rose
Silence White rose
Silliness Cockscomb
Simplicity Daisy, English daisy, violet
Sincerity Fern, satin flower, anemone, honesty
Skill Purple coneflower
Sleekness Glossy abelia
Sleep Hops, poppy, especially white
Softness Lamb’s ears
Softness, feminine Peach
Solitude Globeflower
Soothes the tremblings and passions of the heart Lavender
Soothing Dill
Sorrow Primrose, purple rose, yarrow, yew
Speak your mind Borage
Spectacular Mexican sage
Spiritual energy Pine
Splendor Cardinal flower, Turk’s-cap lily
Sport Hyacinth, especially blue
Steadfastness Oak, bamboo
Stoicism Box
Stratagem Walnut
Strength Fennel, garlic, lovage, oak, thyme
Strength of character Gladiolus
Strength of mind Walnut
Strengthens the memory Rosemary
Studious pursuit Olive
Stupidity Scarlet geranium
Submission Grass
Success Laurel, lavender
The sun Pot marigold
Superstition St. John’s Wort
Support Lamb’s ears
Surprise Truffle, lamb’s ears
Suspicion Mushroom
Sweet dreams Phlox
Sweetness Delphinium, lilac, magnolia, pinks, sweet violet
The sweetness of character derived
from good works
Cherry, cherry-red rose
Sympathy Lemon balm, sea statice, thrift
Flower heads of Honeysuckle in bloom. Climber plant in gardens.

Flower Meanings – T

Talent Oregano
Taste Fuchsia, pinks
Temptation Apple, quince
Tenacity Ivy
The testes Pinecone
Thank you Daisy fleabane
Thanks Parsley
Thinness Fennel
Thoughts Pansy
Thoughts, happy Heartsease, Johnny-jump-up
Thoughts of absent friends Zinnia
Thoughts of heaven Viburnum
Thrift Sea thrift
Thriving Blackberry lily
Timidity Four-lock, Violet
Tiredness prevents Mugwort
A token of affection Oxeye daisy, Viburnum
Thoughtlessness Mandevilla
Too young to love White rosebud
Tranquility Stonecrop/Sedum
Transient happiness Spiderwort
Transient impressions Withered white rose
Transport of joy Gardenia, Jasmine
Travel Mugwort
Travelers luck Sea holly
Tree of life Arborvitae
Triteness Quince
Trinity Three-leaf clover
Truthfulness Ivy
Trustworthiness Honesty
Truth Anemone, bittersweet, white chrysanthemum, oak

Flower Meanings – U

Unceasing remembrance – Silver King Artemesia
Unchanged for eternity Clematis
Unchanging friendship Arborvitae
Unexpected meeting Lemon-scented geranium
Unfaithfulness Yellow rose
Unfortunate attachment Pincushion flower
Unity White or red rose, allium/flowering onion
Uprightness Bamboo
Usefulness Grape Hyacinth


Flower Meanings – V

Vanity Rocket
Variety Aster, Rosa Mundi
The varying course of life Magnolia and red flowers together
Vengeance Scot’s thistle
Victory Red rose, Spirea
Vigilance Spring starflower
Vigorous life Pine
Virtue Lemon mint, oak, rue, sage, especially pineapple
Virtuous, sweet Bee balm
Vision Rue
Vitality Champagne rose
Voluptuousness Cyclamen, tuberose, moss rose
Voraciousness Lupine
Vulgar minded African marigold

grow roses

Flower Meanings – W

Wait for me Evening primrose
Wantonness Butterfly bush
War Yarrow
Wards off evil Lavender cotton
Warm friendship Pine
Warm-hearted Cyclamen, especially white
Warming Ginger
Warmth Feverfew, peppermint
The warmth of feeling Mint
The warmth of sentiment Spearmint
Wealth Tiger lily
Wearisomeness helps against Chamomile
Wedded love Ivy
Wedding Stephanotis
Welcome Pineapple, pineapple mint, safflower, spurge
Welcome fair stranger Wisteria
Welcome-home-husband-however-drunk-ye-be Stonecrop
Welcome to a new home Juniper
Well-being Delphinium
Whimsy Bells-f-reland
Widowhood Pincushion flower
Will you accompany me to the East? Stephanotis
Wisdom Rosemary, sage, blue salvia
Wise administration Pear
A wish Foxglove
Wishes, best Basil
Wishes come true Dandelion, heather
Wishes granted Gooseneck loosestrife
Wit, ill-timed Wood sorrel
The womb Fig
Womb plant Creeping jenny
Work, hard Coral bells, clover
Worldly goods Wheat
Worldly pleasures Astilbe
Worth beyond beauty Sweet alyssum
Worthy of all praise Fennel

Flower Meanings – Y

You are a prophet St.-John’s-Wort
You are childish! Geranium
You are dazzling but dangerous Snapdragon
You are delicious! Strawberry
You are lovely Pink rosebud
You are rich in attractions Ranunculus
You are unjust! Gentian
You cannot deceive me Japanese lily
You light up my life! Feverfew
You occupy my thoughts Pansy, purple violet
You pierce my heart Gladiolus
You will always be lovely Double pinks
A young girl Pink rosebud
Your ignorance of love is sweet! Rosebud
Your image is engraved on my heart! Euonymus
Your looks freeze me! Ice plant
Your presence revives me! Rosemary
Your qualities, like your charms, are unequaled! Peach rose
Your smile bewitches me! Scarlet geranium
Your whims are quite unbearable. Bee balm
Your wiles are irresistible – Bergamot
Youth Lilac, rosebud
Youth, early Primrose
Youthful gladness Crocus
Youthful innocence White lilac

Flower Meanings – Z

Zeal Elderberry
Zest Lemon

Flowering Languages

When it comes to giving form to love – or hatred – nothing quite says it like flowers, writes Pamela Jane.

Poor old St Valentine – martyred in ancient Rome and, except for his name, apparently had nothing to do with the beautiful tradition of sending messages of love and admiration on February 14 every year.

One authority says the custom of sending Valentines began accidentally on that day because it coincided with a popular festival of feasting, dancing, and sacrificing goats.

Beautiful pink summer roses in the botanical garden

Happy coincidence! St Valentine’s Day, a rather less bloody affair now, has grown in popularity to a worldwide celebration when millions of people reveal their feelings openly (or secretly) for somebody else.

It has become a profitable day, too, for newsagents selling cards, post offices selling stamps, newspapers printing weird and wonderful messages, and, of course, for florists who regard February 14 as one of their best days.

Flowers have been important for centuries in celebrations of all kinds, so it is not surprising that special meanings have developed around some of them.

You really should know – sending or receiving – how you might interpret your floral message.

Roses are the most traditional Valentine flowers, but different colors send different messages.

Red means pure and lovely, pink signifies grace, white says, “I am worthy of you,” and a combination of red and white means unity. Yellow roses suggest sunshine and ecstasy, though some believe they also indicate a dwindling affection.

The splendid waterlily says purity of heart, and the huge and fragrant summer magnolias bring a message of splendid beauty, love of nature, and magnificence.

White lilies are wonderful in flower arrangements, and their message is one of mystique, purity, and patriotism. Red lilies are a declaration of love.

Similarly, a red chrysanthemum says simply, “I love you.” A stem of heliotrope indicates that love is eternal, and cream honeysuckle illustrates the bonds of love.

Some Valentines might prefer to receive a bunch of forget-me-nots for faithfulness or ivy for fidelity and marriage.

To praise your loved one’s beauty, choose colored daisies and china roses. For more sensitive souls, hibiscus depicts a delicate beauty, while stock means everlasting beauty. A small sunflower spells adoration and wisteria says, “I cling to thee.”

Less committed Valentines might consider sending marigolds, marjoram, rosemary, and heartsease for a message of happiness and remembrance, or salad burnet for gaiety and a sprig of wattle for friendship.

Personally, I hope the man in this house will find a small bunch of crepe myrtle to tell me I am “extremely eloquent!”

No, thanks

For all the charm and beauty of flowers, they are not always romantic in what they represent. With flowers alone, it is possible to be positively rude and unpleasant.

Larkspurs, for example, signify infidelity and wantonness, and faithlessness is indicated with a bunch of white daisies.

Florists use a lot of dramatic lotus flowers, but their message renounces love.

Try sending a nasty neighbor a bunch of tansies, which means “I declare war against you.” Yellow carnations express total disdain. French marigolds signal extreme jealousy, and a small handful of lobelia is a message of malevolence.

Morning glory is for affectation, hydrangeas for heartless boasters, a capricious beauty deserves musk roses, and lavender says “distrust.”

You might consider sending a spray of stephanotis to a pompous boss – it means “you boast too much.” Another peculiar interpretation, however, says it asks, “Will you accompany me to the East?” Be careful.

Keeping Flowers Fresh

Summer heat and humidity can be lethal for flowers in vases. Picking or buying a pretty bunch one day and having to throw them away the next is frustrating and expensive. Fortunately, you can help them to live longer.

Always pick flowers in the cool of the evening or early morning. Keep them shaded as you pick and lie them flat.

Freshly picked flowers will last longer if their stems are recut underwater. Use a sharp knife – not scissors or secateurs – and slice at an angle. This gives a bigger surface through which they can absorb water.

The stems of some flowers quickly become soggy in a vase. If you spot this, recut it every two or three days.

Submerged leaves will turn the water sour – so off with them.

Many florists offer sachets of chemicals to put in the water. A little bleach or lemonade can help if you prefer not to use preservatives.

The old-fashioned remedies of dropping in a spoonful of sugar, two aspirins, or a copper coin are useless.

Christmas bush (Ceratopetalum gummiferum) is still blooming and lasts well if picked early in the day. Put the stems into water immediately, then recut. Keep the vase out of sunlight and draughts, and the flowers” should last at least 10 days. Even when they dry out, they are attractive.

You should put wattle stems into boiling water immediately after cutting. Leave until the water is cold, then put them into a clean, cold water vase with half a teaspoon of alum (from a chemist).

Agapanthus, those tall, elegant purple or white lilies which grow in clumps, last for ages if individual blooms are picked off as they die. The juicy, fat stems need trimming every second day to keep them fresh.

Ochna requires little treatment, and the bright red waxy calyx can be mixed cheerfully with other flowers.

Hydrangeas are always spectacular at this time of year – and they can fill a lot of space. Slit the ends of the stems about 2cm and submerge them in boiling water for five minutes. Alternatively, scorch them over a flame.

You can give dahlias the same treatment except that you should scald stems for 30 minutes. Daisies last better if their ends are burnt and the vase water replaced daily.


You should pick Roses early. Crush the base of each stem as you pick it and soak in the water right up to the base of the flower for a couple of hours or even overnight.

Carnations last well in a vase of lemonade.

Gladioli and lily spikes can be picked when the first flower opens and will last several weeks. Remove flowers as they die and snap off the top buds.

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