How To Grow and Plant Peonies From Seeds

Peonies are flowers that are commonly being used on many special occasions, including wedding ceremonies. People love the flower as it represents all the good stuff.

If you are also a peonies flower lover and would love to know how to grow peonies from seeds, I will share how to do so in this article.

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Before that, we need to know when is the best time to plant them.

Best Time To Plant Peonies

The best time for planting is early Winter. Late October and November are the ideal months for transplanting and adding new varieties to your garden. This will benefit the formation of the root system before the onset of cold winter weather, supplying nutrients to the plants for growing and blooming in the upcoming spring.

If plants are purchased in pots in spring and do not have a good root system, plunge pots into the ground, keep well watered and plant out in final position the following October.

Where To Get The Seeds?

To germinate tree peony seeds, of course, first, you must get yourself some seeds. If you are wonder where you can get them, well, it is not as hard as last time. You can get them from your nearby garden store, or you can buy them online from Amazon or Etsy. The seeds will deliver right in front of your doorstep.

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If you wonder what peony seeds look like, The seed pods and the seed are large. You can see them easily as the shape is unique. You will be able to see them right away on the plant.

peony seed pods

Initially, they are green, and as they ripen, their color will turn to darker brown. After some time, they will crack open. The best time for you to collect the seeds is when they crack open.

Germinating Peony Seeds

Many people are wondering whether it is hard to grow peonies from seed? Well, actually, it is not so hard as long as you are doing it the right way. It is no different from growing cucumber, just that it won’t grow as fast as a cucumber. Normally, you will need to wait for 4-6 years for it to grow and bloom.

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If you are buying the seeds, you will already take them out from the seed pods. However, if you get some peonies seed pods, you can wait for them to dry out, and they will open and release their seeds.

It can be tricky to germinate the seeds, especially if they’ve got the black seed, which means they are dormant. It may take more than 2 years to germinate.

Do You Need to Soak Your Peony Seeds Before Planting?

You can use a technique to break the dormancy down and make the peonies germinate faster.
What you can do is to take some seeds and soak them in hot water.

The hot water should be at about 60-70 degrees. You can soak them for about 5-10 minutes to see if that breaks the seeds’ dormancy. The hot water treatment is quite a common way for certain plant to break down their seed coat.

Another technique you can use is to break the seed coat because the seed coat is very hard.

Water will not be able to get into the seed. You can get a sander and scratch the seed coat down. When you scratch the seed coat, you need to be careful to scratch it gently and slowly to ensure the seed coat won’t do any harm to the seed inside.

It can be quite damaging when you get into the deeper part of the seed where you got the embryo and the food stalk. So make sure you won’t go too far for this. It would help if you stopped when you see some slightly lighter material underneath. Then soak them in hot water as well.

Prepare a container with some tissue paper. Place the tissue papers on the container. Then soak the tissue papers with water to make them moist. Get the seeds out from the hot water after soaking them for 5-10 minutes and place them on the tissue papers inside the container. Cover up the container with the lid.

Put them at the warm location and wait for them to start sprouting. It is good for you to put them into a put and place them outside to get full sunlight.

Can Peonies Grow in Pots?

Peonies can grow in pots without any issue. However, it is ideal for getting a larger pot as peonies need more space to grow. Once you get a pot, you can fill it with potting mix. The ratio of your potting mix should be 1/3 topsoil, 1/3 compost, 1/3 coconut fiber. You can also replace coconut fiber with peat moss.

But do remember that peat moss is very acidic. To dilute the acidic effect, you would want to add a little extra lime to it to raise the pH. The ideal pH to grow peonies is about 6.5-7.0.

Take the seeds and put them into the soil. Use your hand to push the seed down to the soil at about 1.5 inches to 2 inches. Keep the space of each seed at about 3 to 4 inches apart. Pat the soil firm. Water deeply and put the pot in a shaded location so that the pot won’t dry out too quickly.

You will also want to sink the pot in the ground where you can dig a hole and put the pot into the hole of the ground. You need to make sure the plant won’t dry out, and also, it doesn’t freeze when winter is coming.

What you can do is place the plant into the hole and spread the roots out. Carefully fill the hole and when the hole is two-thirds full with earth, give the plant a little shake to distribute the soil around the roots, then continue to fill the hole. Firm the plant in and water the soil.

How Long do Peony Seeds Take to Germinate?

Peony seeds may take 4-12 weeks to germinate. Some people suggest you get the seeds and sow them straight away in your garden. And they will grow their root after few weeks.

However, If you want to have better and healthier plants, you should grow them indoors. When you get the seeds, you can leave them in a container for 6 weeks until they grow their roots, then put them into the refrigerator for another 6 weeks. After that, you can plant them outside. Doing this way, the plants tend to grow healthier and stronger.

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How To Grow and Plant Peonies From Seeds