A Best Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Sprinkler Systems

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Many people are having a problem to get a reliable sprinkler hose. Also, many found that leaky sprinkler hoses are the number one contributing factor to water waste.

If you want your lawn to be lush, green and healthy you need a sprinkler hose that is going to stand the test of time and resist the elements to provide durable and dependable performance.

Who wants to keep replacing their garden hoses every few months? No one that’s who. The first step to purchasing a sprinkler hose is realizing that cheaper is not always the ticket.

While there is a need to cost-conscious for most of us a cost-effective solution may also include a hose that is a little more expensive but made of such durable material that it lasts for five years. Once you’ve come to terms with this realization you can now assess the needs of your lawn or garden and weigh that against the hoses available within your budget.

How to Pick the Right Sprinkler Hose

Choosing the right sprinkler hose depends on the size of your space, the amount of moisture that is required by the plants on your lawn or in your garden, the particular climate in your area and the logistics of your garden or lawn.

Since there are so many choices on the market today and the cheaper ones seem to dominate much care should be taken to avoid wasting time and money on a sprinkler hose that isn’t worth its weight. Features such as fixed head or oscillating head, single shot water projection and mist delivery capability.

Sprinkler Hose
Sprinkler Hose

For example, if you’re looking for a solution that offers optimum coverage in one rotation then oscillating head sprinklers with a 360-degree rotation would be just what you’re looking for.

Oscillating sprinklers consist of tubing with numerous holes that move backward and forwards in a fan like movement that provides full coverage of the designated area. There are impact sprinklers that make wide circular rotations and expel a single stream of water during its rotation.

This method is less effective than the oscillating sprinkler in covering large areas but extremely effective when dealing with a small patch of ground that requires a concentrated blast of water.

Rotating Sprinkler Hose

Rotating sprinklers, very similar to impact sprinklers disperse moisture is a circular pattern via two several arms. They are ideal for use in medium-sized gardens and lawn areas. The flow of water can also be adapted to disperse in more of a misting spray to decrease the amount of water waste.

The last type of hose to consider is the traveling hose. A traveling sprinkler hose resembles miniature tractors that maneuver through the yard or garden. It is ideal for use in yards where the logistics aren’t so cut and dry and have obstructions that make a clear pattern irrigation system impractical.

When deciding on a good sprinkler system you need to consider your needs and the space that you’re working with in order to find a solution that will work with you and not against you. Also, choosing the right sprinkler hose is quite important as it will prevent you to have the water waste or leakage problem.

Should I Install a Sprinkler Timer on My System?

A sprinkler timer is a miniature device, probably not bigger than your hand, that can be programmed to turn on your sprinkler system automatically. In addition, some may have the capability to run more than one timer cycle for various types of plants within the same garden.

When trying to determine whether or not you should install a timer on your system there are several factors to take into consideration. These factors include how the timer will ultimately be used, and whether or not the garden or lawn has plants that require moisture delivered at certain times throughout the day.

There are some pretty sophisticated smart systems out there but one would do well to assess their needs in order to avoid spending a lot of unnecessary money.

Control Water Sprinklers with Sprinkler Timer

A simple sprinkler timer, which is ideal for most residential properties, will allow you to control the time of day that the sprinklers come on and the interval and which the sprinkler oscillates as well as the duration of the watering session.

For many residential and small businesses, this option works the best. However professional landscapers and large industrial sized lawn owners may want a timer that is a little more complex than the start and stops beginners model. These may wish to program several parameters like watering only on certain days or when there is no rain forecasted.

Sprinkler Timer
Sprinkler Timer

The precision with which the timer has to operate requires sophisticated programming. These more sophisticated timers also may require a more powerful power source and professional installation to pull everything together.

Smart technology sprinkler timers can even be made to sync with a computer increasing its capabilities and even allowing it to detect weather patterns through a computer uplink.

The sprinkler can be programmed to follow water conservation protocols improving the overall efficiency of the unit. With so many possibilities it is so easy to get caught up and carried away.

Before Buying Sprinkler Timer

It is therefore imperative that you conduct a full analysis of your individual needs so that you can purchase a timer that caters only to your needs. If you are a tech enthusiast the fascination will result in time and money wasted on services that you will probably never use. Logic must dominate so that you can stay on track when deciding whether or not to expand your sprinkler system by adding a sprinkler timer.

You can also consider making your garden to become a water fountain by installing the solar water fountain. Since it is using solar to generate power, it will not increase your electricity bill while you are still able to enjoy the harmony scene with the solar water fountain with the installation of sprinkler timer.

Are Rainforest Sprinklers the New Revolution in Garden?

What are rainforest sprinklers? Rainforest garden sprinklers are the name that is used to describe an innovative sprinkler that uses a fine mist-like spray to saturate your garden. Its ability to mimic the fine mist or dew of the rain forest causes it to be extremely effective.

These innovative sprinklers are famed for their water conservation through the low usage requirements. But what makes them so revolutionary?

Rainforest Sprinklers as Garden Sprinklers

The garden sprinkler itself is made from 100% recycled components, plastic, that possess unique qualities that actually help to conserve water; one of the companies trade secrets apparently.

The sprinkler system is capable of delivering controlled coverage of an area encompassing 1900 square feet and is designed to perform beautifully even under low water pressure conditions.

Because of its ability to work well under low and high water pressures, it is excellent for professional growers that require power to deliver irrigation to acres of land or the novice gardener that is nursing a patch of garden in the back yard. Rainforest garden sprinklers promote strong ecology friendly ideology which makes it an essential tool in the green movement.

More About Rainforest Sprinklers

Rainforest Sprinklers
Rainforest Sprinklers

It’s creator, Mark Loran, a plant enthusiast himself, designed the system as a way to contribute to the beautification of the planet without indiscriminately wasting precious natural resources. The sprinkler itself uses one-third less water than it’s the oscillating counterpart.

The gentle mist that it emits targets the root base while protecting seedlings and delicate foliage and it contributes to less evaporation and runoff because the stream is so fine that it is more like dew than an actual spray. The design is simplistic yet revolutionary in that is has only one major moving component, that is the actual sprinkler head.

The design is rugged and durable making it excellent for private use as well as use in commercial applications. Because of its natural resistance to clogging it works great in areas where there is hard water, no need to worry about calcium and lime build up.

The garden sprinkler itself is a marvel, its design user and ecology friendly and its application highly efficient. It provides the perfect way to turn your garden into an exotic rainforest, encouraging lush green growth and protecting tender shouts and new plants.

So if you’re looking for a cost-effective and earth-friendly solution to keeping your garden lush and green try out the rainforest sprinklers and water smarter not harder.

H2O-6 Gear Drive Orbit Sprinklers Review

For over 40 years Orbit Irrigation has been providing the tools to create gorgeous lush green lawns all over the United States and in 40 countries.

Their commitment to quality and water saving irrigation solutions has resulted in the development of innovative products that not only provide excellent lawn coverage but also provide considerable cost savings and environmentally conscious solutions.

In this article, we will review the effectiveness of one such innovation, the H2O Gear Drive Orbit sprinklers.

Orbit Sprinklers

The H2O Six Gear Drive Sprinkler by Orbit is an innovative six position adjustable spray head that rotates into the varying positions without the use of tools. The built-in diffuser is equipped with three pre-programmed positions that provide a spray that provides up to 30 feet of coverage.

There are also tabs that slide allowing you to rotate the pattern from 25 to a 360-degree angle. Since its introduction on the market consumers have responded well noting one of the biggest selling points as the 360-degree coverage that the system offered.

H2O 6 Gear Drive Orbit Sprinklers
H2O 6 Gear Drive Orbit Sprinklers

Over 95% of the area is covered in one rotation which presents significant cost savings for those with smaller areas because of not having to buy more than one system. The coverage area can also be customized depending on the size of your lawn.

For example, you can set the start and end rotation to cover a 50-degree angle or a 10-degree angle. This feature helps to conserve water by directing the flow to areas requiring the moisture as opposed to watering the sidewalk during a rotation.

Additional Features of Orbit Sprinklers

Additional features that are consumer friendly and approved include the ability for the change of the range of water flow and the type of flow as well.

This feature is especially appealing to environmental conservationists because you can set the flow to mist and create a dew like an effect that saves water by eliminating puddles, reducing runoff and water loss due to evaporation.

The angled head also allows you to position the spray to avoid areas that are devoid of vegetation or foliage such as the gutter, the sidewalk or the fence next door. More water is directed onto the plants and less is lost due to improper positioning as with some stationery units.

In the final analysis, the H2O Orbit sprinklers system is a great money-saving unit that is consumer tested and approved.

How to Choose the Best Sprinkler System Repair Service

Sometimes it can be an exhausting task when you are looking for sprinkler system repair service. Therefore, a reliable sprinkler system is essential for the health of your lawn.

A good system represents a significant investment and should not be easily dismissed if something starts to work outside of normal operating parameters. If you notice that there is excessive leaking around the joints of your piping or the sprinkler head that once oscillated without a hitch are starting to stall you may need to contact a professional.

With so many claiming to be professionals finding the right repair service is not an easy task. Here are some tips on choosing the right service for your needs.

Sprinkler System Repair Service

The internet is a wonderful tool but the numerous choices available can create a lot of pressure and even be overwhelming at times. What should one look for when attempting to choose a repair service? The first thing would be to assess the problem.

If you can’t tell what the problem is it will be near impossible to describe this problem to a professional and then you will be left at their mercy which is not a good feeling at all. Since the issue may not be readily apparent it may require some digging on your part to discover what has gone wrong with your system.

Sprinkler System Repair
Sprinkler System Repair

Doing some preliminary investigation serves a two-fold purpose, it helps you to understand what has failed in your system before seeking for sprinkler system repair and it also gives you the opportunity to help yourself and fix it if it’s something simple.

Whether a repair person comes out for a simple blockage problem or a corroded piping system you will still be charged. If you can aerate the system and blow out the blockage you might very well be able to save yourself some cash.

After you’ve determined or had a pretty good estimation of the problem and come to the realization that it requires the attention of a professional the hunt begins.

Fact is, anyone with a little creative flare can create a website advertising professional services these days. There is no internet police checking licensure and credentials of individuals advertising services on the net. So you are required to use some really keenly honed investigative skills to weed out the jokers.

Qualified Sprinkler System Repair Technicians

Look for technicians that are certified by the Irrigation Association or by the EPA Water Sense Partners. These two certifications show that a certain level of skill has been attained. Next, compare pricing.

There is no need to pay twice as much for a professional that has the same amount of qualifications as his or her lower-priced competition. A high price doesn’t always reflect better service.

You should always call to screen the service, after all, it is your right as a consumer to decipher whether or not these people know what they are talking about.

Ask if they offer a free estimate and probe deeper to ensure that it is truly free and they are not just saying that to win your business and then taking the consultation fee onto the back end.

Above all, take your time when screening potential technicians. When you have found your own best sprinkler system repair service, you will find that is right for you it will have been worth all of the digging.

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