How do I Properly Install a Lawn Irrigation System?

Lawn Irrigation System

Installing a traditional lawn irrigation system need not be a daunting task if only instructions are followed and the steps are planned carefully to ensure that you are setting up your system to the specifications of your particular garden or lawn.

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Tips on Irrigation Design for Landscape and Gardening

irrigation design

No landscape or garden is complete without a proper irrigation design system and a certain amount of planning is required to implement a system that is both cost event and contributes to water conservation initiatives.

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Is Hunter Sprinkler Head the Right One for Your Garden?

Hunter sprinkler

Hunter has long been hailed as a market leader in irrigation products and accessories. With a full line of irrigation supplies, products and accessories they remain the industry giants regarding craftsmanship and quality. The wide variety provided can accommodate the needs of the private residential gardener as well as the professional lawn care contractor.

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Best Garden Watering Systems for Perennial Garden

garden watering systems

A perennial garden can be a jewel that sparkles and transforms an entire space if tended well with the appropriate garden watering systems. Many novice gardeners will choose perennials because of their reliability.

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Solid Brass Garden Hose Fittings On Machined Brass Fittings

Garden Hose Fittings

What is a garden hose fitting and what is the advantage of buying the solid brass fitting over the machined brass fitting. The quality of the actual hose is only maximized by the strength and quality construction of the actual fitting. A garden hose fitting is a coupling or nozzle that controls the flow of water coming from the hose.

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Use Drip Irrigation Systems On Traditional Sprinkler Systems

drip irrigation system

The technology of drip irrigation has proven to be the most effective and efficient way to water plants. Unlike sprinkler systems that prove to be between 75-85% efficient drip irrigation systems are 90% efficient and result in less water waste than conventional systems.

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Where To Get the Best Deal on Drip Irrigation Supplies?

drip irrigation

What is drip irrigation? It is the slow and systematic application of water to a plants root. The delivery system utilizes a prong that is inserted directly within the root zone so that water is not wasted by being dispensed to non essential areas in the soil.

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Choose Professional Automatic Watering System Installation

automatic watering system

An underground irrigation system is a great way to care for your lawn and outdoor plants and it also offers a more convenient alternative to standing for hours under the hot sun with a garden hose in your hand trying to cover every corner of your property.

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How to Choose the Best Automatic Plant Watering System?

Automatic Plant Watering System

Since the dawn of the “go green” initiative and movement many people have become plant enthusiasts over night. In an effort to develop a oneness with nature they purchase a variety of plants to fill their homes. While the thought is admirable the work that is required for the upkeep of all those plants can be tedious. Automatic plant watering systems were designed to dispense with manual watering.

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570 Fixed Toro Sprinkler Head is Best to Reach Lawn Area

Toro Sprinkler Head

The 570 fixed pop-up sprinkler head by Toro is the perfect tool for those hard to reach lawn areas. It’s design and ability to emit a misting spray provides optimal coverage while saving water. It works with most any existing irrigation system and is very simple to set up following the detailed and comprehensive manufacturer’s instructions.

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Why Most Golf Courses Choose Toro Irrigation Systems?

Toro Irrigation Systems

Toro has been creating irrigation solutions since 1914 transforming the way that residential and professional gardeners care for their lawns and gardens. As a global leader in irrigation technology and equipment for the care of sports turf Toro has become a household name around the globe.

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Identify the Different Sprinkler Valves Needed for Your Irrigation System

Sprinkler Valves

The effectiveness of an irrigation system is directly related to the effectiveness and positioning of the valves within that system. Sprinkler valves have an integral role in the outworking of your systems purpose, that is to provide the appropriate amount of moisture to your lawn or garden.

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