Elegant Looking Suncast Deck Box

Suncast Deck Box

With increased instruments and equipments that we use in day to day life there is always shortage in storage spaces. It is always fruitful to have instruments and equipments stored in a place which is accessible and near the place of use. What better way than to have a box on the patio which blends with the looks of the …

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The Toro ECxtra 6-Zone Sprinkler Timer

Toro ECxtra 6-Zone Sprinkler Timer

Toro has long been regarded as one of the best names in the business in regards to lawn care. There automatic sprinkler timers continue to add to their legacy and the Toro ECxtra 6-Zone Sprinkler Timer is regularly found to be one of the best Toro sprinkler timers on the market. It is reasonably prices and well reviewed just about …

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Typical Lawn Care Problems

lawn care

The lawn around your house has a place of pride in the entire household and a well-kept lawn is talking point in many parties. If you really want your lawn to be recognized in your neighborhood, please read on. The poor quality of lawns results from bad maintenance rather than a disease of the lawn. Over fertilization, over watering, mowing …

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Compact and Flat Garden Hose

flat garden hose

Flat garden hose is a more compact one compared to other types of hoses except coiled garden or spring types. It typically made of flexible materials is easily flattened and wound into a tight coil for storage. You can find this type of garden hose is available in many different sizes. How To Measure Flat Garden Hose Length Needed? You …

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Coiled Garden Hose – A Convenient Option

coiled garden hose

Coiled garden hose is a spring like coiled pipe which is a miniature version of the usual type. It is a more convenient option when space is at a premium. The tightly one occupies very little storage space and is great for watering your flower beds and garden lawns. The spring like coil can be extended to reach its full …

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Get The Right Garden Hose For Your Needs

green garden hose

A garden hose plays an important role in making gardening a pleasant and less strenuous task. Imagine watering a huge garden without it. It would be very tiring and cumbersome task. Carrying buckets of water to each and every of the garden and watering every plant the lawns would be a nightmare for everyone. Measuring The Length Before you buy …

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Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Sun Joe SPX3000

Cleaning your garden have never been easy like this. The latest fully featured machine is ready to take the responsibility of all the cleaning processes. Sun Joe SPX3000 is going on a stable way. It don’t mind any similar product which it meets on the way. It is a high pressured washer machine. You don’t need to bother with your …

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Cosco Shifter Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly Review

Cosco Shifter Hand Truck

Cart or hand truck is the helping tool in carrying large boxes or large objects that we can’t carry by our own bear hands. Occasionally, this is also health risk especially for those elderly persons because our own bones gets brittle and brittle as we get older and older so carrying heavy things are not advisable for them. It is …

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IrrigationCaddy – The Mobile Wifi Sprinkler Timer


IrrigationCaddy is a company dedicated to selling the newest technology in the lawn sprinkler/irrigation business. The company always provides the newest technology to hit the irrigation industry since the impact rotor. With the introduced of IrrigationCaddy, now everyone can have the ability to finally control their irrigation system from their computer, mobile device, “smart device,” or web browser from anywhere …

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Garden Hose Reel For A Large Garden

Garden Hose Reel

A garden hose reel is a must when you have large garden or acres of lawns with a lengthy garden hose. Without the reel, it can get tangled and using it the next time would involve a lot of time trying to untangle it. With the use of the reel, it becomes easy to roll them up when not in …

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Identify Different Types of Lawn Mowers

lawn mower

The most pleasing color for the eyes is the color green; however, that is not the reason people indulge in lawns. Lawns are now a habitual feature of most gardens, landscape areas, and homes around the world sport an immaculate lawn in front. Mix to Accomodate Different Climates Depending on the climatic conditions, different kinds of grass are grown; sometimes …

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How To Get More Storage Space

garage storage space

Are you running out of room? Do you cringe when looking at your closets, your bedroom, and your lawn equipment piled up out in the garage? Does it even fit in the garage anymore? Have you ever stuffed clutter in your mailbox before guests arrived? (Maybe that’s extreme, maybe not!) Does it seem that no matter how many times you …

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Deciding What Garden Shed Size is Right for You

garden shed

One of the first questions we get asked when someone calls to inquire about one of our fine shed models is, “How do I know what size shed I should get?” It’s an understandable dilemma. You don’t want to get too much storage shed space, but you certainly don’t want to find yourself with too little space, either. When it …

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Vegetable Gardening Guide

organic vegetable

This is a vegetable gardening guide just for you. If you are planning to create a vegetable garden, you must acquaint yourself with a few facts. These are: * Where can you place your vegetable garden? * How are you going to plan your garden and how will you carry out the plan? * What are the tools that you …

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How to Boost Summer Vegetable Gardening


Are you ready to boost your summer vegetable gardening? Read on for tips and tricks. The summer is approaching and you have that feeling inside that it’s time to start gardening. You have been thinking about it but haven’t had any solid plans made. You may be thinking that you will try this or that or maybe you will do …

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