Review of Lawn Belt Sprinkler Systems

There are many discussions about Lawn Belt irrigation on the internet regarding how well you can implement the system on their lawn or garden. Some people have ample rainfall for the area where they live, but some have an arid climate.

Therefore, they would be keen to know the smartest way to install the sprinkler systems in their house with less trouble and high yield.

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Some reviews give the Lawn Belt sprinkler systems a very high score, but some say it can be a disaster solution for those who implement the system in their living area. Some claimed that it is actually good to go for the belt as it is well made with good quality.

lawn belt review

However, the quality of the U-fittings is sub-standard, which can be really bad to use. The plastic is way too thin, which maybe is caused by bad quality control.

We know that most U-fittings have mold lines on them, making it rather difficult not to cross-thread them if you want to attach drain plugs or sprinkler heads. If you try to fit the lawn belt, it can easily get cracked due to the water pressure, and the drain plugs tend to get split into two easily.

What Did People Say About Lawn Belt Sprinkler Systems?

As a result, most would rather invest in the belt by making their own U-tubes with PVC and only get the lawn belt connectors for PVC. Even some would think that it is actually a great choice for them to choose the Lawn Belt sprinklers systems, but they would still suggest that unless Lawn Belt can come out with quality U-tubes that are less flimsy, or else they will not going to buy it as they think these could be just some pieces of junk.

lawn belt sprinkler systems

One case is a friend who has just installed a 3 sprinkler Lawn Belt for his lawn in front of his house. He has been noticed that even the belt looks great, but he has found that the connections leak a lot no matter how many Teflon tapes he rolls on them.

He uses some non-adhesive silicon and applies it on the connections to stop the leaks, but the connection of the hose has no luck but still dripping. This is the bad part of the system, but he found that the orbit heads are actually quite easy for him to adjust.

He does have tough soil, and at first, he thought this could be very hard for the orbit heads to install on the lawn. However, he found it is a breeze as you can easily install the orbit heads without any trouble.

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The Way Professional View On Lawn Belt Sprinkler Systems

Professional constructors who have experience in-ground sprinkler systems will tell you that all the Lawn Belt sprinkler systems were made up of uPVC pipe, and RainBird and Toro make some components.

And they do not really agree with the high quality that the Lawn Belt claims they are. Some even said that they would not touch this Lawn Belt system at all even the customers are willing to pay them as they claimed these sprinkler systems could be a disaster for them to install.

Many also said that it is an affordable system that you can’t compare with the semi-rigid bustle piping systems and uPVC rigid that has proven very reliable. These sprinkler systems need to be cement or glue to be able to hold the fittings.

This is known as impervious, and strength to disintegration caused by corrosion like the rust can tear Lawn Belt apart with its steel hose clamps.

Therefore, there is no replacement for quality which offers service for many years with minimal service. And Lawn Belt is not going to offer the required service quality or ensure the system’s durability.

You should know that rigid or semi-rigid irrigation systems normally take long hours to install. However, compared to the years of service they offered, the installation period will seem to be just a tick of the clock.

I can say that Lawn Belt may receive a good appeal for people living in areas where there are rains all around the year.

Because if you happen to live somewhere where you do not necessarily have to use a water sprinkler system, then it can be a great idea to use a lawn belt since you do not really want to spend money on a system you rarely use. Alternatively, you can use Rainbird 1800 sprays instead of the cheap orbit heads to accomplish your gardening task.


Latest update:
Lawn belt USA has thickened the U fitting, 2-3 times thicker than the previous one. So the quality is being improved, and you should resolve the above-mentioned issues with this improved version of U fitting.

The major difference between the old and the new U fitting is the new one has a longer belt. The old version is thinner and lighter. The thickness of the new version is twice the old one.

If you have one new Lawn Belt U fitting in your hand, you can try to grip and squeeze it. You will feel it is very rigid and firm. It is not like the old one, which is quite flimsy when you try to squeeze it.

Another improvement of the new U fitting is on the threading. The slight taper that you found in the old version has been corrected with the new one.

Check on the video to see the new U fitting of Lawn Belt USA.


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9 Comments on “Review of Lawn Belt Sprinkler Systems”

  1. Can we provide input on this? We are the manufacturers … the article above needs to be updated as we have thickened the U fitting considerably please update this article as soon as you can – see our video :

    The new fitting is about 2-3 times thicker. It should also be noted that the threading is updated and end connections are tighter and do not leak.

    Thanks for updating this.

    1. I think they are put of business…..
      I have called, left voice mail messages, and have sent them numerous Emails since November 2017 and have not received a response to the day (May 23, 2018).

  2. I have a big yard. I called sprinkler contractors – I got a budget varying from 15000 to 25000. I am not prepared to spend this kind of money even if sprinkler system is great and professional. In my town I can buy a small condo or a house for 25k – to pay that much for sprinkler system is foolishness.

    I am looking at Lawnbelt or Collibri sprinkler systems which would cost far less than the above prices. It may not be the best or perfect solution but way cost effective. Extra money will be placed in stocks or my kids education saving plan.


  3. Quite an insight for reviewing this lawnbelt sprinkler system. I myself not really feel comfortable in using this brand of sprinkler but I have lot of friends who are using it in their garden and I think it shouldn’t be too bad quality.

  4. Very dissappointed. It wasn’t that easy to install, but the kicker is……………..I’m only getting a 5ft. radial spray pattern. Buyers Beware

  5. I installed the Lawn Belt system about 5 years ago to irrigate about half an acre of lawn and garden. I selected Lawn Belt after watching and assisting my neighbor (en engineer) install a traditional rigid piping system. That system took a lot of time, effort gluing and then effort replacing cracked ruptured piping after relatively mild winters every year. I spent a lot of time reading reviews and took the chance. It took me a lot less money and time to install, than my neighbor’s even when I had to install it deeper than the Lawn Belt instructions called for, due to rocky soil. There was some leaking at the connections (so those review comments are accurate). However, my wife was delighted that the timer system worked and she no longer had to go out and water by hand. She was also delighted by the wonderfully green, lush lawn and gardens we ended up with. I am glad to see that Lawn Belt has improved their U-couplers. And I am planning to use them again for the lawns and gardens of a new home we have. Thanks Lawn Belt! Satisfied customer.

  6. I would like to comment about the Lawn Belt system I purchased, but after one month after placing my order, and Lawn Belt processing the transaction, I have yet to receive it! Owner Larry Burke has responded to my emails, but I am still waiting. So far I am regretting my decision to purchase from Lawn Belt.


    1. Similar experience here. Took over 2 weeks for them to get the product to me. Larry (president) said it typically takes 1-2 weeks for them to process your order. My question is “why does it take so long to ‘process’ the order?” I’m one state away. My theory is this is a franchise that has to first order from the mother ship, wait for the product to arrive to them in order to again send from their location (in my case McCall, Idaho). Or, they are so short handed they can’t fill the orders fast enough due to low staffing. I’ve called at least 2 different numbers and both lead to Larry’s voice mail for his cell phone. There is no one there you can just call and talk with. Whenever he called back or I got a hold of him there was road noise. I had to make a 2nd order for adapters because the 50 feet of belt they supply for each 3 head unit is simply not enough. I ordered last week and I’m still waiting for that. I’m skiddish about this product due to the lack of support. Not very confident if it’s only run by one guy and he’s the only person that can answer any questions. Maybe his staff is out sick or on vacation but so far I’m not feeling good. Side note=I was pissed about the inability to access support (during business hours) so yeah I was argumentative. Larry said he’d give me 2 extra adapters but I was still pissed because I had to stall installing the system for the weekend I planned on doing it. So, the usual method of getting sprinkler parts at the local hardware store is out of the question leaving you hanging until they can get their product to you. Quality of the product is yet to be determined. I have 3 days to get a refund under their return policy but I’ll likely have to pay 90 dollars for shipping. and eat the 90 it took to ship it to me. We’ll see…

    2. I have had the exact same problem and finally decided to go with another system.. I am very disappointed in Larry’s response to refunding my money. I’m at the point of taking him to court.

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