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Install Lawn Sprinkler System Without Tear Up Your Front Yard

Who really has time today to drag around a heavy hose to water their lawn. Therefore, a lawn sprinkler system is able to resolve this issue. The manual way of irrigating your lawn is tedious, back breaking and not efficient. You usually end up wasting more water in the gutters of the street than you do in the root stock of the plant and not to mention the water that is wasted due to evaporation and run off. It can be a messy and unforgiving job that no one really wants to do. Well now you don’t have to succumb to that unnecessary evil anymore.

Lawn Sprinkler System

There is a new revolutionary product that although being a PVC sprinkler system promises to eliminate the need for trenching and complicated diagrams. This new innovative product is called the Lawn Belt and it is designed to be incredibly user friendly installing in only a few hours instead of weeks. The kit provided comes complete with very comprehensive directions for a user friendly set up experience that does not require any complex connections, gluing or detailed maintenance. The system is also cold resistant which eliminates the need for concern about the piping freezing in winter.

Installing Lawn Sprinkler System

To install the lawn sprinkler system all you need to do is dig small two to three inch furrows in your lawn to place the piping. Because of its slim design it stays hidden and is permanent so that it endures all year round without the need for replacement parts. If you have existing pipe that you would like to use to expand the system there are no worries because the Lawn Belt lawn sprinkler system is compatible with PVC, poly and even micro irrigation set ups. The Lawn Belt is also compatible with some of the top names in irrigation sprinkler heads such as Orbit, Rainbird and Hunter. The conduit does not require any maintenance because it drains itself and because of the belts unique design it can be installed just a few inches into the ground.

A lawn sprinkler system is the smartest and most efficient way to maintain a lush and beautiful lawn. Gone are the days of dragging a heavy garden hose around in the hot sun hoping to achieve the most coverage before you melt and become a part of the pavement. This neat innovative lawn sprinkler system is efficient, simple and user friendly – the right tool for the job.

Which Lawn Sprinkler System is Best for You?

As a new homeowner, you have decided that a lawn sprinkler system would be a great asset. With a number of models on the market, it is a good idea to know what features are available, and which ones would provide you with the system that meets your needs. Here’s a few things to keep in mind as you decide which lawn sprinkler system would be the best fit for your situation.

Amount of Sprinkler Heads That You Need

sprinkler head
sprinkler head

First, evaluate how many sprinkler heads will be needed to adequately cover your lawn. Various systems come with a minimum of six sprinklers. Depending on the range of distribution covered by the particular lawn sprinkler systems, you may require a system that allows for easy addition of sprinkler heads. To get an idea of how many heads you would need, check the specs on what distance each head would cover and match that figure with the number of square feet your lawn encompasses.

Secondly, what type of current will your sprinkler system require in order to function at optimum levels? It is important that you do not add too heavy a load to your existing power supply. If it appears that the system will place an inappropriate burden on your current electrical system, opt for a lawn sprinkler system that can be operated by a separate power source. A qualified electrician can advise you of whether this is the best option for you, or if it would be more efficient to upgrade your current power source.

Remotely Control Your Lawn

Next, consider the advantages of a lawn system that can be activated remotely rather than manually. An immediate bonus of this sort of system is that you can pre-schedule periods for the sprinklers to activate and also specify a duration. If you are frequently working late or out of town, this might be a valuable tool for you to use as part of your lawn care plan.

Last, make sure that whatever lawn sprinkler system you purchase can be upgraded and expanded as the need arises, without having to install a whole new system. While this option may cost you a little more on the front end, it will certainly save you money and time in the long run.

A lawn sprinkler system is a great way to conveniently see to your lawn care. By making sure you have everything you need, and allowing for expansion at a later date, you are sure to get maximum benefit from the system you choose.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Water Sprinkler System?

A lush green landscape or a healthy garden with rich foliage and vegetation doesn’t happen by accident. It takes pruning, maintenance and an efficient water sprinkler system to maintain your beautiful handiwork. Installing an irrigation system is a much better alternative to manually watering your lawn or garden. Can you imagine dragging a heavy hose around a half acre lot under the hot sun for an hour or two? Today with the cost effective irrigation systems available manual watering is really obsolete.

Benefits of Installing Water Sprinkler System

Although many may like the idea of an automatic system that will keep their lawn green and garden healthy the idea of installation leaves them cold. However sprinkler systems are designed not only for ease of use but also ease of installation. The set up time of a standard drip irrigation system is a few hours as opposed to the weeks that it would take with older traditional sprinkler systems.

Besides the convenience of installing and enjoying a water sprinkler system to automatically hydrate your lawn or garden there are the cost ramifications that should be taken into consideration. There are several cost savings benefits associated with the reduction of water waste. Efficiency that is experienced as a result of having the ability to program a timed watering cycle is immeasurable.

Convenient For Having a Water Sprinkler System

Water Sprinkler System

If you are a busy professional or just don’t have the time to remember to turn on the sprinkler system you can add a controller to your system to enhance its effectiveness. The controller will not only enable you to program a timed cycle but it can also be set to run several cycles allowing you to cater to the various needs of different plants within your garden or as part of your lawn. This will ensure not only that your area is regularly hydrated but all of the plants, shrubs and vegetation will be cared for according to individual needs. This is significant due to the fact that not all plants within an ecosystem will require the same amount of moisture and using a hose it is near impossible to sufficiently compensate for those special needs.

Finally there is the issue of water conservation. Conserving water and employing more eco-friendly methods to care for daily tasks has become of utmost importance today. Water sprinkler systems are designed to be efficient preventing water waste by only distributing the minimal water required to hydrate the plant while not wasting water in non-essential areas like the sidewalk or gutters.

Water sprinkler system tend to have many advantages and can provide you with significant cost savings and convenience for years to come.

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